What This Blog Isn’t

Anyone looking to find a trite, predictable, stereotypical listing of crap black people hate will be severely disappointed by this blog. If you are one of those folks, then I apologize in advance for having to bring you to the shocking realization that, yes, black people hate more than mayonnaise and the Klan. In fact, I happen to love mayo, and my first blog even offers a backhanded-but-sincere compliment to the KKK. If you have a problem with this, you are more than welcome to email someone who cares.

This blog is also not intended to be anything original. I can already imagine the droves of (probably white) people who will lambast me for simply copying the ideas of other stuff[ethnicity]people[like|love|hate|loathe].[com|org|biz|tv] sites. So before you waste your time emailing me and depreciating my delete key, I’ll give you the answer you’re looking for (or not):

I don’t give a shit.

The point of this blog isn’t to be original. The point of this blog is to keep me from losing my mind.

To put it briefly, StuffBlackPeopleHate is one of the only outlets I have to rant and rave about the things that piss me off as a black man (other things piss me off too, but none moreso in frequency than those that relate to my blackness. The intensity-of-anger prize goes to things related to my Indian-ness, but I digress.) If I do not get these issues off my chest, then there is a small chance that I will become clinically insane.

So please shut the hell up about my originality, and pray for my immortal soul.

70 responses

3 03 2008

“things that piss me off as a black man” …
😉 u know i kid.

4 03 2008
Wanda Rizzuto

You mean other black people hate mayo too? I thought I was the only one.

7 03 2008
To My Readers: Gone Fishin’ Till 3/13 « Stuff Black People Hate

[…] What This Blog Isn’t […]

17 03 2008
So, What’s In a Name? at Racialicious - the intersection of race and pop culture

[…] thought of Wanna’s comment when I was reading the Stuff Black People Hate Blog.**** In Admiral Furious’ latest post, he takes on what he calls “Stupid Names:” […]

17 03 2008

Please PLEASE please post something about West Indians / Caribbean Blacks – and their first gen children living in the US.

18 03 2008

The next entry NEEDS to be on “Meaningless Award Ceremonies” or “Patting Ourselves on the Back”. Of course this could also be on stuffeducatedblackpeoplelike depending on the view.

BTW, great blog.

28 03 2008
Kofi Jamal

Great blog. I’ve sat here for 10 minutes reading and re-reading your posts. It’s classic material.

Even if I dont’ agree, and I agree with a lot of it, it’s still a blast. Keep on rockin’!!!

28 03 2008

Love your razor sharp wit and well place anger. Diggin the pic in your Native American dress. I’m jealous as you were raised to know both your NA and AA heritage. Shoot I’m STILL learning about my NA heritage (Houma Nation in Houma, LA) and pissed off because I didn’t get to grow up with it. Oh well I’m working on making up for lost time.

Keep on hatin’ this blog is great!

11 04 2008
douchebag arena

i love you. *_*

25 04 2008

your left handed! thats cool!

26 04 2008

i usually get bored of blogs and delete them from my list of reads after a while..
this one is going to stand the test of time…
big up chris…

and @ uhuru.. what is the beef with west indians?

26 04 2008

I’m curious about that too (and I am a child of West Indian descent).

30 04 2008

I thought i was the only black person who hated mayo.

9 05 2008

YT stole something else from a brotha. Stuff white people hate.


14 05 2008


*hate me cause I’m light

6 06 2008

Another “what this blog isn’t”:


7 06 2008

Great Blog. I have been reading it a lot. Great Job.

13 06 2008

shit ..i drank shuga wata and ate manaise samich

13 06 2008

i have a general sense of discontent with the status quo in our society…
ok i loathe most people for their utter ignorance and lack of thought beyond their own nose….simply put, most people fall far short of their god given grace.

read as

however. i would like to take this time and space to highlight a few things i do indeed LOVE.

1. i LOVE not starving to death, dying of malaria, or some other easily treatable disease simply because “my people” cant get their shit together. black people were according to all known scientific evidence the first homo sapiens around, predating others by TENS OF THOUSANDS of years…why the fuck are we still clubbing each other like seals? why didnt any appreciable form of technology arrive until the white man showed up….and bam all the sudden beepers , blunts, 40s, bigscreens, and SUV’s??? i cant figure this out.

2. i love not getting killed in the same type of tribal warfare that has been raging across the african continent for eons. the same tribal warfare that landed our forefathers in slave chains well before the white man came to purchase them from their BLACK oppressors. yes blacks were slaves to blacks and sold to whites by their own kind, watch blood diamond peeps, the shit is real…..and it was alot more hardcore in the time of shaka-zulu.

3. i love the fact that all black people have some inherent reverse-racist fear and hatred of white people, when the white man is after all responsible for shit like the late ODB’s welfare, BET, and affirmative blacktion…you need to watch out for that shady 300 pound nigga riding an undersized pink bicycle name ‘tookie’.

4. i love the fact that everyone is so wrapped up in the black vs. female vs. latino vs. everyfuckin’body political shitstorm that the fail to see that barrack is indeed not the ‘qualified’ negro representative we all want and need, but instead a republican funded smoke-screen intended to tear apart the the traditionally black supported democratic party so another douche-bag republican can economically ass fuck us all with 8 more years of war profiteering.

nominate OPRAH for PREZ you dumb fucks. a truly qualified BLACK person who ACTUALLY IS a woman…too.

O yeah, i love that all us niggas are so offended by the word, yet use it so liberally as a term of endearment. WTF? it means black. get over it. when was the last time you saw a white get all pussified and teary-eyed because someone called him a honky?? fucking never……

and i love this site. rock on niggaz…

oh . PS. if you are afircan-american and youre reading this……consider the fact you are probably at least 1/3 white. bob marley was half white. just an interesting tidbit….

18 06 2008

Black people hate mayo? So THAT’s why there are like 2 black people in Canada.

20 06 2008
Keysha E.

I have never had Mayo I wont touch the shit … it stanks and it’s white and goowy! YUCK MUCK

20 06 2008

AHAHAHAHAHA If Black people like potato salad and tartar sauce, then they like mayo.

25 06 2008

I dont like Mayo but I Love good potato salad.. I could pass on that tarter sauce too… speaking of which sweet pickles are disgusting!!!

11 07 2008

Mayo is the ish. I cant eat a sandwich without it.

11 07 2008

Finally, someone who hates stuff just like I do, and uses a term that only a truly angry person knows how to use: fcktard. Seriously, some situations and people can only truly be captured by this term.

I look forward to reading more from you and participating on your site with comments. You are hilarious and right on point. Goodness, the music video post was amazing and I love to read others comments, too.

But as a warning: I’m gonna have to stop reading you once you get taken over by white readers whose ever-present hunger for culture leads them here. I’m out, once I start reading comments like, “As a 45 year old white woman, I think [completely off point opinion] . . . ” or “Why does color even matter? White, Black, brown or yellow, we’re all the same.” I’m waaayyy over trying to defend Blackness in Black spaces. So please, keep blogging strong while there’s still time.

18 07 2008

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for writing Stuff Black People Hate!

I stumbled upon your blog because I was curious if there was an alternative to Stuff White People Like…a blog that I could not only laugh at but relate to as well. What you are talking about are topics my siblings and I been discussing since the 1980’s but were always told, “You’re crazy! That stuff doesn’t even make sense! Why do you hate so much?! Huh?”

As much as I thought Stuff White People Like was funny (for a hot minute), the topics you touch upon are what is real, true and even funny in our diverse walks of Black American life.

1 08 2008

Just wanted to say thanks for your blog. I’m a white guy with pathetically little exposure to black culture or black friends, and with a keen awareness of the subtle racism that exists in nearly all of us. I wish more white people would read your blog; it would go a long way towards understanding and mutual respect.

2 08 2008

dont be a kiss ass, honky….

9 08 2008

If I ever write a blog called Stuff White People Hate, the first item will be white people who say things like “the subtle racism that exists in nearly all of us”. We need to be aware of our white PRIVILEGE, and take political action to change it (pfft yeah right. The people have so much influence in America.) We don’t need to “understand black culture”. We certainly don’t need black friends for the purpose of it. We just need a more equal society, for everyone, so that it’s inconsequential to blacks if whites understand or befriend them or not.

13 08 2008

do black people hate being hated by white people? stuff white people hate: getting mugged. my roommate was mugged last night. enjoy the 8 dollars you got off him.

13 08 2008

Why do white people always think that a.) black people are surprised that they hate us, and b.) we give a shit?


18 08 2008
Mayo is DEFINATELY disgusting!

I LOVE ur blog! Its time I can read some REAL shit. VERY funny and truthful. No one knows how it is to be us but reading your blog helps (well, just a little bit)…

19 08 2008

“Why do white people always think that a.) black people are surprised that they hate us, and b.) we give a shit?”

My brain stopped working when I saw that question, defense mechanism I’ve built up in response to the (seemingly) genuine shock white people display at natural responses to bullshit. Breaking down how much nobody cares would take too much time, and would ultimately negate my point.

19 08 2008

Spoonie G, for Gods sake take a African history course or read a book on the subject then come back to the fold. I don’t even know where to start on your comments…so I wont, all I know is that they were pretty much supported by heirlooms of ignorance that I can understand…but you don’t seem to. I’ll spare you. As for this comment:

“oh . PS. if you are afircan-american and youre reading this……consider the fact you are probably at least 1/3 white. bob marley was half white. just an interesting tidbit….”

how the fuck do you think a lot of african americans have white blood in them to begin with?! was the shit consentual? were slave women not considered property and subject to the trauma and degredation of rape from a master who considers her 3/5 human to begin with?! I’m not saying all black people have white blood that is the product of massa’s desires, just that youre example of bob marley, whose mixed race was a product of a consentual relationship is NOT a valid support for your comment.

i’m not saying there’s anything wrong with having white blood, but when you ask people to consider that shit, maybe you should consider the reasons some have it in the first place.

good God almighty please dont let me develop hypertension off a blog.

21 08 2008

Cari, do white people hate getting mugged by black people? stuff black people hate: dumb asses like you. blacks were enslaved by white people, enjoy the hundreds of years of free labor you got off them, ass

24 08 2008
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1 09 2008

just so you know..white people hate white people too.
i had more friends when i lived in black neighborhoods than white ones..
i’m white, and i find most white people to be some of the whiniest,two faced weak sons of b**tches.
so …i hate whiny two faced surburban white people who think their sooooo much better than everyone else..
the only race of folks i know who will hire a maid,a cook a nanny and take their dirty cloths to the cleaners so they can spend an entire day volunteering at their kids school..so they can get away from their spoiled rotton kids…..
their the only race of folks i know that if you go to their church or their schools they tell you to calm down and not get to loud…
cause ya know you cant get to excited about anything…
my neighbors remind me of the stepford wives or something…like a bunch of mellow well dressed robots.
no barbeques,no hey how you doing the just hide in their surban houses like their scarred of each other…
sometimes i feel so lonely i wanna move back to my old neighborhood…
miss my old friends….feel sad in this white surburia h*ll whole.

1 09 2008

and ya know what bugs me alot more…white surburban kids who act like gang bangers…the most dangerious thing they probably ever saw was a bad pta meeting…
they just think its sooooooooooo cool to talk about shit they have no idea about.
ya’all would
laugh at the folks who live in my neighborhood… hard to them is waiting more than 5 minutes for their venti mocha whatever….
white suburban folks are impatient and rude…and think everyone is here to serve their precious uppidy asses!
i wanna move when the market changes… i’m afraid if i stay long enough i might become one of them…

1 09 2008

If you hate this world so much, take your STUPID-ASS, hijack a rocket and go live on another planet. If you what to know what true hatred is: just look for that one person who is blind or deaf or even cant walk because they wore born without legs. A person who is 100 pounds over weight will see more hatred in there lifetime than someone with darker or lighter skin tones. That’s something that transcends all races. Because of people like you and everyone else on this board for that matter Just shows how alone I truly am in both mind and body. If this pisses you off good “HATE ME WITH EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT” and my mission will be accomplished. Take all this bullshit with you and “BURN IN HELL” for all I care.

Conveniently sighed
A Lone Soul who: was, is, and always will be alone.

5 09 2008
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5 09 2008
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8 09 2008

Stuff black people like..
1. Cheetos
2. Blaming every problem in the AA community on racism.
3. Govt funding
4. not wearing a belt
5. their roots in Africa

ha ha. it’s funny thinking of things different races like

13 09 2008

Stuff white people like…

1. Grey poupon
2. Telling black people to stop playing the race card (hmmm..white people telling black people to stop playing the race card is becoming just as common as black people playing the race card…)
3. Opressing other groups…its must be a self-esteem issue, no?
5. Fake tans
6. illegal immigrants

haha yeah, it is fun

22 09 2008

i am gonna show this to my friend, guy

27 10 2008

hy, Give something for help those hungry people in Africa or India,
I added this blog about this subject:
in http://tinyurl.com/6bz6t7

15 11 2008

blckas like making bastards, defiling women , and getting something for nothing.

oh, and littering.

15 11 2008

blacks like pretending they can run a city or a country when they cant run a family or local store.

15 11 2008

blacks hate law and order, self discipline, nature, water, building things, writing anything other than childish nonsense, reading, sailing, skiing, finishing school, paying bills, charity.

2 12 2008

You know, right when I thought I had gotten accustomed to a Black president, I came back to revisit SBPH. I saw the white trolls comments, and I laughed out loud. They are SO SCURRED! Their little fake ass insults are playground status now!

So, to all of you angry white trolls out there, let me just say this:


*points at you*



*wipes tear*

3 12 2008
White Boy

Remember one thing, Barack Obama is HALF WHITE!!!
Now that he is going to be the president, he is an African American. I bet when he was younger his Black peers did not treat him like he was Black. I bet they treated him like a HALF BREED.
I hope he does something good for out nation, trust me I’m praying for him.

2 01 2009
Earthlings Are Jaded

Just curious: if you bring a dog to your home against it’s will, beat it, berate it, and keep it muzzled for 3 quarters of the time that it resides at your home, and then, upon loosening its muzzle, it bites you, and continues to bite you every chance it gets…is that dog mean? Vicious? A “bad” dog?

Somewhere in that question is an analogy of the “black racist”. Someone earlier made a great point, about racism vs. prejudice. I think the distinction is worth studying and noting.

P.s. It never ceases to amuse me when a white person tells a black person to “Get over it!” Said the Nazi to the Jew, said the soldier to the Native, said the spider to the fly…

7 01 2009
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15 01 2009

It’s funny that in the past, someone being half-white didn’t even matter; they were still considered black. And now that we have a black president, white people see nothing wrong with constantly ‘reminding’ everyone that ‘BARACK IS HALF-WHITE!’ and that he’s ‘Now only African-American because he’s moving into the white house.’

16 02 2009
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24 02 2009
KKK-kewl kiddz krew

some white people are dumb…some blacks are too
but who gives a fuck right? one thing i hate bout white people man….grow some balls…stand up 4yourselves or else dont cry when u get punkd
oh and how they can talk a lot of shyt over the web….dats a classic
im happy your scared of black people whenever you are….cuz they run this shit can u dig it….aaaayyy…im not racist but DAMN YOUR SO FUCKIN BORING man…talk about the lamest shit like????????????????tree huggin…smoke a blunt relax sometime……im not black polynesian….TONGA SAMOA


3 05 2009

Hey a fellow “Nigdian” NIG-DE-IN…. Yea man. Whats the best comment you got, the “you dont look like the indians on TV?” or.. the classic “So that explains your hair.?” Oh good times good times. Greetings from NY state, not nyC.

19 06 2009

Is it true white people hate everyone and every thing including each other?

19 06 2009
y play

go fuck yerself cuthean

19 06 2009

when we moved out of the city and moved to the suburbs all the white people think your “GANGSTA” just cause your black and the black people here try to be hard or whatever and are mad fake just like the hispanic kids to i miss the city life with normal people of all races

23 06 2009

I thought black people love mayo and other fat foods, at least the ones I know i guess. down here in the small town, florida.

11 07 2009

Like your blog, and I like mayo too. So I guess you don’t eat potato salad! Keep expressing yourself it’s your freedom to do so. Just don’t yell fire when there isn’t one, I might get trampled to death.

17 07 2009

Interesting comments. Sure is a lot of ‘hating’ going on. We’ve made so much progress. 🙂

Fuck it… Hate what you want. Mayo and otherwise.

15 08 2009

Is it true white people hate everyone and every thing including each other?

when i hear someone say something racist about white people im proud it means you are still jealous and remember what a world would of been without us u would be still eating bannanas monkey

btw i aint racist i own a colour tv

15 08 2009

wow what a racist ima hate everyone and everything right now


15 08 2009
same guy different random crap

i seriously wish there was a organisation that wasnt racist sexist facist or anything just a group of straight white males that sat around drunk beer and played pool now i wish there was an organisation like that that would be cool but you probelly couldnt have that group some1 would get shirty when u wouldnt allow them

15 08 2009

look at me i am a individual i am so cool iam this that …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. etc etc

18 08 2009

I like a little mayonnaise, but I hate hot sauce. (I’m black).

27 08 2009
Blonde suburban girl

I hate how blacks claim that it’s “our fault” that they live in filth because their distant ancestors were brought here as slaves… News flash! When European families came to America, most had nothing… Just like blacks once slavery was abolished… And our ancestors were more recent in poverty… I am also Irish, and my gr grandparents lived in NYC and were tortured, poor, had nothing…. But generations later, I’m here and fine cuz u can’t blame the way your ancestors were treated, if whites came here sooner than blacks and had nothing, just like my family did, and were also beat, y are we doing ok, and y is majority of blacks in scum and in ghettos and on welfare??? Where’s the white ghetto?? Hmmm don’t c one, and even if there was one, blacks have us wayyy outnumbered on welfare, yet there’s only 18% country black…. These statistics are scary but true!!! Not rumors! And stop callin eachother nigs, u know where that word came from, whites! Y would u use it to call eachother bro or sister??and speak proper English, it only makes u look dumb and afraid of talking like the smart white man… And y is it every black kid whom stepped into our school beat up kids, and broke into the school, damage property and steal? Ok white people steal too, but not majority??!!! If u want to call eachother nigs, then we should b able to say it too, what only blacks can call other blacks nigs!??? Do u even know what it means? I also trusted and made friends with blacks and my friends and family warned me not too cuz they were the only blacks in the nice suburb I’m in… I trusted the blacks, and one of em made up a rumor I called someone a nig, and I never did, and all the blacks ignored the logic behind it and ganged up on me and beat me down… Oh and two of em forced me down and do sexual acts…. How stupid did I look when my fam n friends said… Told u so! Statistics and black peoples need to fight…. Just ridiculus…. Oh and we did send some blacks back to Africa, called it Liberia or something… And they are in poverty…. So at least ur ancestors hard times paid off for u…. Not that they deserved it but come on now?!!

26 09 2009
Swollen Tester

Blond S.G All your facts are not in.
1 Racism for some hasnt ended. Example: you asked 20 white people for a job because you have a masters degree, good refrences, and job history. However, you get turned down 20 times. A white person with no degree gets the same job. Then you apply again at the other 19 positions again just to see white people out of high school with the jobs you applied for earlier. Listen I know you are angry. You must move on. Dont waist your anger on people because while you are holding anger in your hart for them. They are someplace having fun even if its in filth. Your anger is negative energy waisting away. When i was growing up I always felt sorry for the white people that held anger towards me. I thought to myself its just me. I walk through the mall and anger 50 white people by doing nothing. They were angry and I wasnt. One happy black person and 50 angry white people. I felt like I was taking advantage of these people you know with them being angry and all. Then I realized if 50 people want to shorten their lives over anger towards me and Im only one then I cant feel sorry for them anymore. However, I realize that humans must hate someone. Starting with me is ok. Please relize it will never end with me. P.S. To thyself be true. One more thing. Whites, black, indians, asians, and plenty other races get forced to do things they shouldnt get forced to do and I promise you its not just black people making bad things happen. Think about it blacks are not always thinking of ways to create stronger weapons of mass destruction. Just realize that nothing will ever be equal. Boy=Girl or White=Black or Rich=Poor.
However our state of mind gives happiness regardless boy,girl,black,white,rich,or poor.

4 10 2009

Hey, we white folks hate mayo too!

PS: As far as the clubbing “backside attack” thing goes, its a lose-lose proposition. On one hand, if youre a guy and you need to go to a dark room with drunk chicks gyrating to dumbass beats in order to get some youre a fucking loser. On the other hand, if youre a girl and your idea of a good friday night is getting drunk and gyrating to said beats in a club then youve got something in common with the loser guy: you’ve BOTH got nothing better to do! And if you go down there dressed like a skank youre asking for unannounced ass-visitors. While its true that clubs demonstrate how guys may not be all that far removed from apes, any chick who goes to a club and tries to pretend shes any better than that is a self-decieving, pathetic bitch. What the fuck happenned to going to the theater, or enjoying a leisurely walk, or just enjoying a quiet dinner followed by some hard-core fucking?

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