To My Readers: Farewell

30 08 2008

It’s been a good run, and the last few months of my life have certainly been made very interesting by this blog. For anyone who wants to keep in touch, the Facebook group is here and I’ll be there posting nonsense somewhat regularly.

I’ll also be sending an official announcement of the availability of the book on FB as well.

For anyone that’s interested in some stats about this blog, here they are:

5 Most Viewed Posts

  1. Stupid Names
  2. Beyonce
  3. Straight Hair
  4. Creole Chicks
  5. Master’s Degrees

5 Least Viewed Posts

  1. Leap Year
  2. James Watson
  3. Zema Williams
  4. Fighter Pilots
  5. The Electric Slide

Total Page Views: Approx 740,000

Total Comments: Approx 38,000

Most Commented Post: Slave Food, 839 comments

As for the book, the text will be finished by September 15, and hopefully it won’t take more than a week or two to actually get the thing available in print. While I won’t release the title just yet, I’ll give a sneak preview of the cover art:

Everyone take care, and I’ll see you when I see you.