Reverse Racism

18 08 2008

America was founded on divisions of race. It can be argued that the story of the country became largely white vs. red after the French and Indian War. After the Revolution and over time as frontiers turned into settled country, those established parts of the country – particularly in the south – were focused on white vs. black. Then the ‘immigrants’ came in. Whitey was constantly defending himself from the onslaught of various minorities (in the words of the immortal Dave Chappelle – “niggers, jews, a-rabs, homosexuals, mexicans, and all them different kinds of chinks…”) attempting to stake a claim in the American dream.

Figure 1: Let’s face it. This is all they were really scared of.

While white people have enjoyed and even relished in the role of Oppressor for the past few centuries, two phenomena are beginning to take its place. One is the ever recognizable white guilt, which spawns everything from white women who are willing only to date black men, to the pre-2008 Clintons, to Wiggers. There is, however, a growing community of white people who are fed up with white guilt but stop well short of being white supremacists (who have never subscribed to white guilt). The most interesting thing about this group is that a growing number of non-whites, particularly asians, are joining their ranks.

This is the community of people who attempt to negate the cascading effects of hundreds of years of slavery and institutionalized racism by trying to convince black people (and everyone else) that they also face ‘discrimination’ and have a similar history of oppression. This is why it’s so popular these days for white people to claim Irish ancestry – the Irish are perhaps the only group of white people in America that were ever systematically stigmatized by the dominant society. I refer to these people as Mark 2’s, which is what I’d assume U.S. Marines would call idiots running around yelling “ME TOO!” when other people discuss racism.

The typical Mark 2 will usually cite some trite instance where black (or white) people made them uncomfortable and compare that to the lingering effects of several centuries of slavery, Jim Crow, gentrification, modern day institutionalized racism, and semi-conscious stigmatization that black people have to deal with EVERY SINGLE MOTHERFUCKING DAY OF THEIR LIVES. For the visual learner:

Figure 2: Inside the mind of the Mark 2

Yes, white people will point out the time when they walked onto a nearly all-black basketball court and got funny looks from people, and actually think that’s comparable to, say, black unemployment being fueled by deliberate strangulation of public transportation (which poor people need to get to interviews and to work) funding in poor black neighborhoods. Asian people will reflect on a time when a white dude made slanty eyes and yelled “ME SO SOLLY!” and thinks that’s just as damaging as the Superpredator stereotype. Fucking awesome.

The next Indian (red dot, not feather) asshole to approach me and say “shut the fuck up – black people aren’t the only people that get discriminated against in this country” is going to watch in horror as I make a peace pipe (feather, not red dot) out of his trachea. I wonder what a rape victim thinks when some chick who got her ass pinched by a lecherous boss walks up to her and says “You know, you’re not the only one that’s had a guy force himself on you.”

I need a fucking therapist.