To My Readers: Taking a Day Off

1 05 2008

Greetings all,

I’m taking the day off from work/blogging to make some repairs to my dance regalia, and see a doctor to figure out what the hell’s wrong with my left hip flexor.

Figure 1: These have caused permanent nerve damage in my shoulder

For readers old and new, feel free to enjoy/loathe these classic entries till the next post comes tomorrow:

Everytime we say goodbye, I cry a little…





35 responses

1 05 2008

you suck.

1 05 2008

wellbetter, well rested. Everyone needs a day off.

I will take a day off from your blog and do what they pay me to do. Screw people out of thier money.

1 05 2008
Sister Toldja

I am now convinced, yet again, that I am psychic. Yesterday I was thinking how great the “Hip-Hop Scholars” post was, and wanted to suggest that you re-post it on a day that you couldn’t or didn’t want to write something new. Today- no new post. Why can’t I ever use my witchcraft to make me rich?

1 05 2008

Dear Writer,

hmmp you suck.. now my day will remain boring on this fine sneezey morning at work GREAT!!!…but i guess your “entitled” to you meeeessellly day off.

That is all.


Mrs. Epps


1 05 2008

It’s May Day, May Day! Chris down!

Maybe you’ll meet a willing Ethiopian at the doctor’s office.

1 05 2008

be well!

1 05 2008

Fell better and take it easy. We’ll leave the light on for you.

1 05 2008

Damnit. That should be *feel*.

1 05 2008

@Lolo –

Haha. It actually is May Day.

1 05 2008
Mrs. Kennedy

Thats the sound of my heart breaking. . .

1 05 2008
Mrs. Kennedy


1 05 2008

@Lindsay, I know. Heee, but you’re supposed to hear that like it’s Kat Williams saying it.
(I know, he’s terrible, etc. but still, I die when he does Pimp Down.)

1 05 2008

everyone needs some r and r and aB

1 05 2008

I’m not happy about this, but I guess you do deserve a day off….and be sure you get that hip thing taken care of, hip replacement is no fun, ask Prince

1 05 2008

Good morning, and to those on the east coast good afternoon!

1 05 2008
scraper scraper

noooooooooooooooooooooooo…the tragedy. feel better

1 05 2008

I don’t know you but I wondered how you manage to maintain this site AND have time left over for all the things you say you do. Enjoy your day off — but your next post better make up for it!

1 05 2008

Hope everything is okay and you’re feeling better soon!

Reading your blog truly makes my day, and I often talk about you like we actually freakin know each other. (SMH @ myself)

Maybe I can use this day off for actual face-to-face human interaction? No fatties or Ethiopaians need apply.

1 05 2008

sorry to hear you’re out of commission Chris. feel better & take care. your body is your temple and you only get one. 🙂

1 05 2008

Why did I think “dance regalia” meant something dirty until I scrolled down to look at the picture? 😛

1 05 2008

“Why did I think “dance regalia” meant something dirty until I scrolled down to look at the picture? ”

Did you get Chris confused with the 15 year old stripper named Sable? 🙂

1 05 2008

Every time I read your angry rantings, I fall a little more in love with you. Sure I’m guilty of a few of the things you seam to hate in life, but it really doesn’t stop me from coming back.
So I’m a little disappointed you are taking a break. But I hope you come back soon… hopefully healthier… and a little angrier too.

1 05 2008

Good thing I wasn’t at work yesterday and didn’t get to read the post about Ethiopians. So for me, its like you were never gone. I hope you feel better. When’s the next Pow Wow?

I haven’t read the comments on Ethiopians yet, but did anyone explain just how they got a nationwide monopoly on the parking garage industry?

1 05 2008

Enjoy your break Chris. I think I will go enjoy the white supremacy posts.

1 05 2008

Dear Chris,
Thank you for taking a day off. I miss you but am grateful for the break.

1 05 2008

feel better…i won’t be laughing as much today…

1 05 2008

Don’t lie Chris — you’re really not a good liar anyway.

We know the real reason you’re injured. And it’s not your hip. Next time spend a little less time on that* picture.


1 05 2008

Christ do you impress me, how do you get this many comments and you are taking a day off?

Where did you get your readers from? Do not tell me you are hiring India call centre workers to write comments.

1 05 2008
Admiral Furious


I hope yo hip falls off and yo back blows up.

1 05 2008

Aww man I seriously miss you for one day. And I got 5 times as much work done today as yesterday. You’re messing up my livlihood here(it can’t possibly be my fault not working hard).
Hope you feel better

1 05 2008

what’d i tell you about anal sex with a guy w/ a bent penis.


1 05 2008

too funny I was able to finish yesterday’s work, being that I got minimal done yesterday. Thank you for taking a day off. Hope all is well!

2 05 2008
3 05 2008

well it’s saturday now…
i worked like a mofo last 2 days of the week..
people lose it when a bank holiday is coming and try to clear all the shit off their desks onto yours…
i triumphed over those suckers and i go back on tuesday to an empty desk – yippie ky yay!

hope you feel better..

not sure about the colours of those feathers… a bit too wong foo for the heterosexual male.. ethio/somali girls may dig it though…
*borat voice* high five…

7 05 2008
lola gets

Wow, youre a dancer! Ive been to a few of the pow-wows held in this area (yeah, I know, theyre not “real”) and Ive wondered if there are any places to take lessons in traditional Native American dancing in the DC/MD/VA area? I used to study dance in college, and Id love to try my hand at Native American dance.


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