28 03 2008

Black people hate Europe because yuppie white people claim to love it so much, yet they refuse to live there instead of fucking up our neighborhoods.


Figure 1: Just fucking move there already. I’ll help you pack!

What the hell is the deal with hipster white dudes and fucking goddamn Europe? I’ve heard them praise everything from the ‘ancientness’ of the cities, to better social programs and government, less crime, more attractive women and more charming men, and (my personal favorite) the ‘culture’.

This last one cracks me up because of the irony of it all. There’s nothing funnier than a white dude of mixed Anglo-Russian descent traveling to Prague to reconnect with his ‘roots’. This is almost as funny as black dudes in the US reconnecting with the past by visiting Ethiopia* even though their slave ancestors came from the Ivory Coast.

I suppose black folks are biased. For white people, Europe conjures up images of centuries old churches, tapas on open plazas, cobblestone streets, pristine evergreen forests, boutique wines, and quaint old villages. For me it conjures up images of this, this, this, this, this, and especially this. White people may pretend otherwise, but deep down they know Europe SUCKS, and that’s why they won’t live there. Europe sucks so fucking hard they’d rather live smack in the middle of American ghettos than in Lisbon**.


Figure 2: Me telling Portugal where we stand

Here are some of the things that suck, with teeth and dry tongue, about various European countries:

  1. Spain: pickpockets, pickpockets, and more pickpockets.
  2. France: Socialism. Ew.
  3. England: bad teeth, bad food, and the constant threat of rain. And Hugh Grant
  4. Czech Republic: they will throw you out a window, and they will not give a fuck
  5. Portugal: a country full of dudes whining about their lost empire
  6. Italy: the mob is their fault
  7. Germany: Too easy.
  8. Netherlands: for some reason, the Dutch have declared war on Islam

Europe does have one thing going for it though – they know exactly how to treat their children:


Figure 3: Child-rearing in Madrid

*Ethopia is Prague for black people
**That, and weak European economies aren’t able to absorb skill-less immigrants with useless degrees who are unable/unwilling to work with their hands




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28 03 2008
Johnny O

Chris, Nice picture man. That is priceless.

28 03 2008

What is UP with Spain? Everyone I’ve known who’s gone there has either been a) robbed or b) consistently short changed [or attempted] by EVERY vendor they have encountered….no really.

Surprised you only mentioned socialism w/ the French; they are also rude…which come to think of it, isn’t very social. wtf?

28 03 2008

ROTFLOL!! Thank you for breaking it down. Have no desire to go even moreso from your razor sharp commentary.

28 03 2008

Nah man I was born in London. Mad niggerish people hate Europe and haven’t even been there. But hey whatever floats ya boat, I’m not tryna spend my entire life in the US. I lived the majority of my life in London so I got love for it, my family is over there still

28 03 2008
Mr. Smith

“Italy- The Mob is their fault”

28 03 2008
Jamerican Muslimah

LOL. So true. I was the only person in my French courses who wasn’t lusting after Europe. (Then again, I was the only Black person in class). I wanted to visit the French-speaking African countries. People just looked at me like, “Why?”

28 03 2008

Europe is a rite of passage for some people. I have friends of all races who after graduating college went to various places in Europe, stayed at some hostels, ate food and had no clue what it was, hitched rides from strangers, etc; and came back raving about how it was the best experience. FYI, i could do all that shit here, I don’t need to go somewhere where i don’t speak the language to find myself and have a good time… waste of moeny if you ask me.

28 03 2008

I love that you love wikipedia as much as I do.

28 03 2008

“*Ethopia is Prague for black people
**That, and weak European economies aren’t able to absorb skill-less immigrants with useless degrees who are unable/unwilling to work with their hands”

hahahaaa, nice!

28 03 2008

Well hell I was gonna try to take a trip there for my big 25th…so what the fuck am I gonna do now Chris huh? huh?

What country have you been to that was hotshit, I’d love to know…cause I need to plan this trip

28 03 2008

I’m a “military brat” who grew up in Germany (West side!), for real like from the time I was 5 and left when I was 12. I have to say, that was the fuckin coolest place I’ve ever lived in my LIFE! Aren’t there Nazis? Nope, at least where we were they LOVED Black people, like would stop my mom every few feet to stare at us, smile and coo in German about how cute the “kleine madchen” were. Honestly, they were way more rude to White Americans than Black people, they LOVE us! 🙂 So I personally got love for Europe, mainly because of being more artistic minded, and I would like to ask Chris what he thinks of all the expat Blacks (Jo Baker, James Baldwin, etc) who left this country and went over there to be treated better, what of it, good sir? 🙂

28 03 2008

Haha, see figure 2.

I have mixed feelings about ze Germans cooing over black people, because I envision it the same way I envision white/asian people who coo over me in my dance regalia when I’m dancing at powwows: they’re happy to point and ooh and aah and take their first picture with a ‘real live Injun’ – but let their daughters talk to me a little too long, and they turn racist real quick fast and in a hurry. All I am to them now is Donkey Dick Darkie who’s gonna plug little Peggy Sue’s fun-hole in a backhanded attempt to claim reparations for manifest destiny and slavery.

But If ze Germans are cool with interracial dating, then hey, I won’t hate 😉

28 03 2008

LoL, I love this post even though I love France… Mainly because every time I’ve been I’ve been amazed by the overwhelming assholery (especially from the family I go to visit) and I kind of appreciate people who just don’t give a fuck. Sometimes I think I should have learned French so I can go live somewhere they just don’t give a fuck.

28 03 2008

that is a pimp way to take one’s kid for a stroll in their stroller…

28 03 2008

Germans really like bLACK PEOPLE HAHHA…Heidi Klum – Seal. One of my friends told me her Uncle went to Germany and never came back

28 03 2008


I keep expecting that one of these days I’m going to read one of your blog posts and just fall in love with you. I almost thought this one was it! I was so worried, especially after the killer Portugal picture.

Then you talked shit on France and socialism. All I gotta say is that they have 5 weeks paid vacation standard and pay for your health care no matter what. Yeah, I’m on French Socialism’s jock.

So you barely made it this time, SBPH. But keep up this trend of being hilarious and on point and I may join your legions of adoring female fans.

28 03 2008

First I love this site.. But this one I disagree with. Like SoCalGal420 I am also a military brat. My mom is Jamaican and moved to London when she was 12. Anywho I was born in London and have been back several times. I have also lived in Germany, yes off of the base and have nothing but wonderful memories. And this was back in the 80’s! lol. Late 80’s I might add cause a sista ain’t too old. lol So anyways I don’t love Europe but I don’t hate it either. The place I did hate was Mexico. We went to cozumel and all the vendors kept hollering hey soul sista, hey black princess..Um?! Are we in the 70’s?! Oh I also have to add that Europeans tend to hate WHITE Americans.. Go figure

28 03 2008

I had some brownies (wink wink) right before leaving Amsterdam, you know the special one’s. Purchased at 8:30 in the morning, Love Amsterdam. Made that 100 hour flight home quite fantastic. I got down right philosophical at some points, shoulda had a tape recorder. Europe has its up side. 😉

28 03 2008
Admiral Furious

I’ve only been to Switzerland and Germany… and quite frankly, I was treated very well by the locals. Of course I was only there for a week and the grass always seems better on the other side… doesn’t it?

I’ve heard that the French enjoy American Blacks… while all of Europe detests American Whites.

Its too expensive to go to Europe right now… so unless I’m sent there on business, the Admiral will be staying local.

28 03 2008

So Amsterdam it is!

I guess…

29 03 2008

no you didn’t…
i have a sense of humour and can see the funny side – some bits are hilarious..
and it is raining here in london with more to come… (my teeth are perfect and i do love me a steak and ale pie thanks very much..)
btw.. spain and much of europe hates black people because they cannot get over that the best part of their history is black… (and the main reason why black people + love of christian church doesn’t sit well with me…)

and european history is where white people have to go to to get anything written before columbus… (only your archaeologists care about the indigenous peoples there then..)

29 03 2008

Damn. I guess my trip to Slovkia is out then…

29 03 2008


29 03 2008

oh please, I did Europe and it was cute, no one gave me any shit, I was just waiting for someone to say something foolish to me so I could go off . . . old buildings, lots of history, gangly men giving you the “i wanna fuck you savage strange woman” vastly overrated!

If you want to go somewhere fab, go to Southeast Asia. I traveled for 6 months from Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia (can’t do all the islands but it was over!), Malyasia, Vietnam. Great food, fabulous weather, amazing beaches. All the tourist traps everyone experiences, but the warmth an beauty just cancelled out the white folks, yep they were everywhere.

29 03 2008
Angry ver. 3.2 (Beta)

The French and Germans do enjoy American blacks, because after World War II the majority of Soldiers liberating/rebuilding French towns and cities were the black units – the white units were too busy going home and parading through Times Square.

Another country in Europe whose young women are enamored with blacks is Romania – the only difference here is that old-country Romanian parents are racist to the core.

29 03 2008

I lived in Germany (Augsburg) as a child and would have to agree with SoCalGal that the Germans LOVE Black Americans. I visited Spain for my HS senior trip and was acosted by a local, so although its a beautiful country, my image of it is marred a bit.

I would like to go back to Europe though.

29 03 2008

LOL @ Figure 2!

29 03 2008

y’all aren’t lying, i found the french and germans to be very friendly, the spanish are assholes and were truly trying to correct my spanish, yeah motherfuckers we learned it the hard way with a bayonette up our ass and the catholic church ramming a bible down our throats, y’all left the language behind and we tweaked and made it our own.They conveniently forget that those rapists and conquerers in their families share common ancestry with us, we aren’t there to claim them, just visiting. When you visit other countries in Latin America you bond with other people over how cool it is to say things in other ways, the Spanish aren’t having it those pompous conquistador pricks.

29 03 2008

I’d live in Europe over American any day

30 03 2008
Angry ver. 3.2 (Beta)

While I’m not sure what country “American” is, it must really suck if you’d rather live in Europe than there…you can always come to America too – it’s not so bad here.

30 03 2008

Dude, interesting post, but who are these blk folk you keep referring to? I’ve been to most of the countries on your list and have even lived in Switzerland for years and blk folk live rather comfortably in all. BTW, French & Swiss men LOVE them some blk girls! so ha

Interesting post nontheless…

30 03 2008
product of the 80's

I LOVE THIS POST! IT IS SOOOO TRUE! I am a 24 year old black woman and I have been living in Germany for the past 2 years, not by choice. I am in the military. I hate Europe, there aren’t any malls, the US dollar holds no value here and there aren’t any black folks around here. But, the white people I work with love it, they always talk about the castles and wine probes they go to on the weekends. I’m not into walkin thru some cold ass castles and looking at old ass churches. I don’t know why white people love it here so much because Europeans damn sho don’t like white folks, they just see them as rude tourists and dumb ass Americans. But white folks will sell their soul to the devil to trade places with me so they could live here.

30 03 2008

I’ve had a somewhat different experience from visiting Europe (not living there). I didn’t get the impression that Europeans “hate” Americans, however, there is a fine line. If you are polite and respectful, and at least attempt the language, Europeans really dig you (especially those in their 20’s, I’ve found). If you act they way they may expect touristy Americans to behave, e.g. an arrogant, fat assclown who doesn’t know shit about shit, wearing high socks and a fanny pack; then yeah, you probably won’t be received well. I do agree with what was said above that countries such as France, Germany, and Romania are very interested in black people, specifically American black people. It appearsat times to be more of a superficial interest, but I couldn’t really say for sure, since I’m not from there.

30 03 2008

I agree with FilthyAmerican. The reason they hate White Americans is because they are arrogant and go over there to visit and act like they are so much better. I always cringe whenever I am visiting another country and there is an ignorant American around. No matter the color. But White Americans tend to take it to a whole other level. Especially the older ones! lol. (Don’t get me started on cruises!) Being that the dollar is now worth practically nothing perhaps the old folks will start to behave properly when visiting European countries. lol.

30 03 2008

Ha! Thanks Chris, and to everyone else who replied so hilariously; the chick talking about us learning Spanish b/c “bayonettes were forced up our asses” and Bibles down our throats was priceless! And actually, thanks girl b/c now I know to take the “Mexican” I learned (SoCal public schools ya’ll) and go to Puerto Rico, they seem nicer anyway.
In response to Chris: I feel what you’re saying about that, and to me that’s how Indian (from India, sir!) people act; they’ll be all smiles watching my Black ass dance to bhangra or belly dancing, but to date one of their sons? Sheeee-iiiit! And this has already happened to me: my b/f in college was South indian, meaning darker than my Black ass, Christian LIKE ME, and we met AT COLLEGE, and still, they saw a “nigger” and when they met me acted like I wasn’t even sitting at the table with them eating, like they looked through me, not at me. His brother? MARRIED a WHITE chick he met ON THE INTERNET who was “white trash” by her own admission after only talking to her like 6 months; SHE was allowed to LIVE with his mom and dad, I had to SNEAK over when they were working and we were like 21 and shit! It’s weird how other “Brown people” are so shitty to each other, yet Europeans (and white Americans) are so enamored with us all…

30 03 2008

@SoCalGal: Wow. So true. Brown folks are shitty to each other. Good for you for trying, don’t change. Don’t get me started on how Indians are shitty to black people, I went to school with those lovely people AND our next door neighbors are an Indian family. The stories I could share…

For what it’s worth, the only person that’s ever had the gall to call me a “dirty nigger” to my face was a fellow “brown person” – an Asian chick (possibly from the Phillipines. I’m still in shock over that…

Chris, you crazy man, where did you get that awful picture with the man dragging along the pram? You’re insane. The reason the French and German and Belgian men love black women is that there is this myth that gets passed around in Europe that Black people are hypersexualized, and they will do whatever it takes to get a taste of that…it’s true. DO NOT WANT, THANK YOU!

31 03 2008
Mr. Smith

@ Ally,

I was about to say isn’t that the “rumor” about all black people that Europeans have heard?

Because it’s true.

31 03 2008

One more thing, Black people love Amsterdam….GO GET HIGH!!!! 🙂 I don’t smoke weed tho 😦

31 03 2008

this blog is spot-on. i can’t stop sharing the links w/ friends. i really think this blog is my favorite new discovery of 2008. keep it up!

31 03 2008
d teezy

Your post hit it on the head cuz Europe is kinda wack. I guess the ancient civilization thing and centuries of history is cool if you are into it and swashbuckling imperialists took over the world.

I’ve heard that the French enjoy American Blacks… while all of Europe detests American Whites.

So true – if you go to some of these clubs in Paris (I think most black French people live in Paris and the immediate suburbs), you’ll notice all the white girls in the black clubs. Kinda weird (and unnerving) to see how many black guys are going for the white chicks and not the sisters because these white girls are easy.

31 03 2008

Dude, the post is funny, but Europe rocks for many reasons. SoCalGal420 is right about Germany and it is the same in Paris and probably all of France. And I notices a few shouts for Amsterdam, been there and it rocks. I am black and went to Paris, have a good friend who lives there. According to him they hate white Americans, and love black Americans. Almost every white American I know who went got treated like shit and hated it. I loved it.

The other thing is that if people didn’t have an international experience, somewhere they could visit to witness at least a modicum of culture, they’d less tolerant than they are now. As you said, I encourage them all to stay. In fact, you could help me pack brother, I’d go in a NY second (tried to think of someplace fast in Europe, couldn’t).

2 04 2008

True that. I went to Belgium once and the only non-douchebags were the Moroccans. Europe is lame. I don’t love everything about my country (USA), but I’ll sure as shit take it over ‘oh-so-forward-thinking-but-hey-look-at-our-race-riots-and-yelling-“nigger”-
at-soccer-matches” Europe.

2 04 2008
Fruity Pebble

I’ve visited many European countries, many times (oh shit, does that mean I like it?!). My worst experience was in Spain. Before I visited on my own a couple of years ago, I recall that my high school’s Spanish club had to alter their itinerary for their annual trip to Spain. It seems they found it impossible to place the Black students for the weeklong homestay with Spanish families. Yep. All the families actually refused to take Black students. They ended up extending the roadtrip to 2 weeks instead.

My experience there was that the Spaniards were horribly rude, the food was terrible (they served soggy fries with EVERY meal I ordered there…wtf is up with no rice in Spain?! And then gonna lie and say they don’t have any rice when paella’s on the menu!!), and most people openly gaped at me like I was a circus attraction when I walked down the street. My travel companion suggested they probably didn’t encounter many Black Americans and were simply curious, but still…

I ok with the rest of Europe I guess, but I’m trying to see how I can get myself a photo in Spain like Chris in Portugal.

3 04 2008

so freaking true…love the pic of you pissing on history hilarious!! looks liek some thing straight out of eurotrip!

7 04 2008

I had a wonderful time in Spain and plan to return as soon as possible. As for the fries, are you sure those were fries? I think you must have eaten somewhere that catered to tourists.

11 04 2008
Rich Hill

Did you notice at all the number of black Portugese??? Be for real. I took the train out of Lisbon and it looked like North Philly. They have some of best graffiti though.

23 04 2008

I love Europe…

LOL I love London, Prage and Paris! I absolutely enjoyed all the blah, blah, blah u explained Chris. Sorry. Guess my negro-card has to be revoked. lol

P.s. when I’m smart enough, I wanna marry u.

24 04 2008

I enjoy this blog and I am not taking things too serious. So hopefully you don’t take me too serious too :-).
Americans are the most ignorant people when it comes to other countries. They don’t see the need to learn about our different cultures, not even consider to learn a second language. I think they like the fact that everywhere they travel in the US, everything is the same and looks the same. I am German and not exactly in love with my country, so it is not national pride speaking here. Travelling in Europe requires flexibility, each country has its own cultur and language. Which makes it so great, btw. And yes, I am proud that we have so many old castles, etc. Because this is history and you can see how people lived many, many centuries before.
You don’t have an “american” culture. You have what remains of the african and indian culture and was not destroyed by the white majority. And you have culture which was “imported” from Europe by the immigrants. But nothing, where Americans of all races would identify with.

So how can you say that Europe sucks, if you don’t have a clue?

I have been to the States many times and there are things I like and thngs I don’t. But I never say the country “sucks”. I respect the people. Although I won’t set a foot in your country again as long as Bush is still President :-).

29 04 2008
Fat People « Stuff Black People Hate

[…] went completely fucking apeshit on Europe a few posts back, but there’s one thing they definitely have (at least in Spain and Portugal) […]

18 05 2008
Daniel R

I am Spanish and you kept me wondering abouth the pickpocket thing mmmm yes, you are right. The essence of spanish people is to cheat, lie and be as inmoral as possible. That’s it, I said it.
4 centuries of economic and social downfall and a very recent civil war make Spanish people don’t give a fuck about ideals, brotherhood or high moral standards.
I guess it all comes down to this, anglosaxon cultures love to indulge. Indulge in ideas of superiority, indulge with morality, indulge with food, etc. And mediterranean cultures are petty thieves and charming liars.

2 07 2008

Gotta say that a good friend of mine is Spanish (slightly crazy dude) and was the most hospitable host you can imagine when I crashed at his apartment in Madrid.

On the other hand, I was travelling with an Icelandic girl, and we were still in the airport (on a travelator) when these two spanish girls behind her started going through her backpack, while she was wearing it.

It took me a couple of seconds to believe how brazen they were being, before I exclaimed WTF and they walked off. No running, no emotion, just wandered off like they had to be somewhere else.


2 07 2008

I live in London and I like it a lot.

But given the choice, I would live in NYC for a year.

But only for a year. New Yorkers are too full-on for me, must be all the starbucks.

22 08 2008

yo.. just found this blog, as im writing a paper on Europe. You’ve got to be kidding me man, Europe is all essences a better place right now than the United States. I stayed there for a whole of 5-6 months, which isn’t entirely enough to break the barriers, but I have tons of family overseas and what I saw was a little bit of the track of the normal tourist routes. I fell in love with the cultures and the overall reception I’ve received. Europeans don’t really give a fuck, americans do.. Americans will judge you as a skin color, etc, while I was in Europe they did understand that I was black but they were more interested in me as a person. I agree some parts of Europe (eastern), and a few places in Germany/France/England aren’t too receptive to black people quite yet, but overall its been some of the most liberal places I’ve ever visted, and at only age 20 I’ve traveled to a ton of places. I was greeted with more respect in those countries than in my own home country of Nigeria. I know this post was all in a joke, watever. But if you have some real valid reasons then holler at me or something, because I’m inclined to speak to another like-minded individual. Plus, I’ll include your comments on my paper..

16 09 2008

I will tell you all how it is really. Just real speaking.
I take it most of the people on this forum are American’s and mostly
black. I am from London and of Irish decent.
I agree Europe is wack but I also think USA is wack. I have lived in UK virtually all of life, but not for too much longer.
My problems with Europe especially UK is mostly social issues
regarding gender and race. Women get it too sweet here and the law is on there
side a little bit too much and I just don’t like women here…… tell you the
truth…… they are mostly fat ugly women just like America. Actually
immigrants to the UK (legal or illegal) have been treated better than white people born here, absolutely no nationalism here anymore, no pride. I will
not bore you all with moans of the weather food etc.
Anyway I do not care about Europe anymore, there is still worse places to
live than Europe such as Africa and Arabic countries, horrible people see
them all the time in London as with every other racial group so I think I
speak with experience.
I am off the Asia, probably Thailand now while I am still young. Even though
it is not perfect in Asia it still has so many positives, excitement, good
weather, interesting culture, hot women everywhere…… I will not bore yall.
Just my thoughts but as you can tell from this post I am a little bitter due
to dissapointment of how Europe is…. my so called home.

25 09 2008
Assless Chaps

One of the most hysterical posts I’ve read in a long time. Loves it!!!!

22 10 2008

LOL stop hating on my continent, man 😉
to each his own, i would never live in the US, nothing special there for me… different mentality, i guess..

anyway.. you’re funny when you get all angry like that, but its still cute 🙂 and you’re SOMETIMES right lol *wink*

4 01 2009


28 01 2009

At least your thoughts aren’t distilled lowest common denominator generalizations. You are extraordinarily insightful, cutting edge, and obviously very intelligent. Keep up your astute observations, they really matter.

1 02 2009

are you kiddin me? I’d recommend Europe to any black American who wants to travel outside of the states.. I have nothing but love for Europa, especially Rome, Paris, London, and even Dublin… maybe its because Im a pretty cute sista, who knows, but me and my girlfriends get nothin but love when we travel across the pond and down the rivers..of course cultures are fascinated by what they dont see or have, so yeah, most cities who dont have a lot of black people will be drawn to us. Racism is everywhere, we as blacks are even racists against ourselves so basically its the pot and kettle syndrome. Dont feed in2 stereotypes and dont believe the hype. I would encourage all to travel abroad if they can financially do it.. you wont regret it, and you’ll come back with an open mind and a better outlook on life and realize that there is a whole other world out there from what you’re used to in four corners of your hood..

2 06 2009
John Doe Gorilla

You black people crack me up. ‘They love us if we go to Europe to visit’…. lMFAO. You kidding me?

The whole WORLD hates niggers. I think you’ve been brainwashed with all the PC crap in the US where you’ve got every TV commercial with a black guy, a chink, a honkey, a burrito, and whoever else… a perfectly blended group of diversity… YAWN. And it’s always the black guy in the commercial leading and dictating… which is quite funny b/c if it were the other way around you’d have house niggers dialing up the adverter complaining that the nigger was put in a subservient role… LMFAO.

The French don’t like niggers, the English, the Italians, and just about every other country on the planet. You delude yourselves and think that pubic hair on your head is cool, smelling like shit is cool, and creating the most monkey-ish, prison-style fashions around.

It truly amazes me that niggers have these strange delusional concepts and beliefs. But, then again, niggers are dumb as bricks and not built for thought… thus it shouldn’t be that surprisingly at all.

11 06 2009

It seems a grotesquely inadequate and uneducated reason to hate Europe simply because you believe only yuppie white people love it. You have just got to look at Europe today and I think you will find that it overflowed with black, Asians and other non-white groups who also love it. If they didn’t love it why would the come, if they had no respect for it they should just stay in their superior homes in Africa or Afghanistan. I think your comments have less to do with Europe and are more white centred and hateful racism. Europe is a place to be proud of, it surpasses anything in terms of culture, art, literature, music and the entire human endeavor, than any other continent. Without Europeans you and yours would probably be still living under the dictatorship of a tribal king in one of the African countries your own people sold you from, you should be thanking us for the purchase. With regards to your hometown, I can bet there was not many blacks involved in the building of that town just as with the rest of America and what makes it great. Detroit was great until some liberal lefty decided to give blacks the reins, now look at the place, Egypt flourished under white rule, once blacks ruled decay and destruction where hers. The thing is you just ain’t got it.

11 06 2009
John Doe Gorilla


‘Europe is a place to be proud of, it surpasses anything in terms of culture, art, literature, music and the entire human endeavor, than any other continent. Without Europeans you and yours would probably be still living under the dictatorship of a tribal king in one of the African countries your own people sold you from, you should be thanking us for the purchase.;

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

25 08 2009

EU funds so many projects and gives so much aid, its disrepectful to even try to hate europeans, you question our language you question or laws and you question us. yet you still are living here and getting a loan a new credit card that lets you buy new TVs, Dvd players etc, i see many Cameroon people in the airport with big TV taking it home from english airports all the time.

the eu gives funding to all these countries in in some way of another. the eu has lots of black people, some bad some very nice. if you are living in a european city and you don’t like the white people, please deport your self back where you come from, im not racist, its simple you dont like the laws of this country you can always go back to Cameroon or somewhere else like Ethiopia.

you can look it up with the eu website which country gets most funding.

1 South Africa
2 Nigeria
3 Egypt
4 Algeria
5 Libya
6 Morocco
7 Angola
8 Sudan
9 Tunisia
10 Kenya
11 Ethiopia
12 Côte d’Ivoire
13 Cameroon
14 Tanzania
15 Equatorial Guinea
16 Ghana
17 Uganda
18 Gabon
19 Zambia
20 Botswana
21 Senegal
22 Democratic Republic of the Congo
23 Republic of the Congo
24 Mozambique
25 Madagascar
26 Mali
27 Mauritius
28 Namibia
29 Chad
30 Burkina Faso
31 Benin
32 Niger
33 Guinea
34 Rwanda
35 Malawi
36 Mauritania
37 Togo
38 Swaziland
39 Central African Republic
40 Sierra Leone
41 Cape Verde
42 Lesotho
43 Eritrea
44 Burundi
45 Djibouti
46 Liberia
47 Seychelles
48 Gambia
49 Comoros
50 Guinea-Bissau
51 São Tomé and Príncipe
end Western Sahara

16 09 2009

Well, the EU owes it to them as reparations for continuing to profit off of slaves and resources in those countries to this day.

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