18 03 2008

I sincerely hope I’m not the only person noticing the increasing acceptance of the word ‘nigger’ on television.

Five years ago, it was completely unacceptable to use this word, uncensored, on virtually any network or basic cable television program. It was bleeped out when black people said it, and it was bleeped out when white people said it. It was bleeped out on the radio when stupid ass J-Lo used it in “I’m Real”. It’s bleeped out in the censored version of Eddie Murphy’s “Raw”. It was EVEN bleeped out (usually) in PBS and basic cable airings of the “Roots” series.

Today, you hear the word ‘nigger’ being said EVERYWHERE by EVERYONE – and nothing is more interesting than the fact that this can be blamed entirely on Comedy Central.


Figure 1: Created a monster

Chappelle’s Show premeired on Comedy Central sometime in 2003 with the incomparable Dave Chappelle as it’s star and creative director. The first season (and specifically, the first skit in the first episode of the first season), executed nothing short of racial shock-and-awe with Clayton Bigsby’s constant uncensored use of the word ‘nigger’. This skit was absolutely fucking hilarious and would set the tone for the racial irreverence that defined the show. What poor Dave wouldn’t realize until 2005 was that he’d created Dr. Frankenstein’s monster.

As I see it, Dave used the word ‘nigger’ to force white people to laugh at their racist past (and present). Use of this word, as well as other black-white themes in the show, were supposed to make white people think introspectively about their own stereotypes, become aware of them, and perhaps become more cognizant of subtle, latent racism. In short, these caustic jokes were intended to make white people laugh at themselves.

The same can be said of two now-infamous episodes of South Park – also a Comedy Central product

The first was the ‘Here Comes the Neighborhood’ episode, in which the only black kid in town (who also happens to be the only rich kid in town) feels isolated by his wealth, and goes on a campaign to get more rich people to move in. All the rich people he gets to move in are also black, and the entire storyline is then based on the conflict between the townsfolk (all poor and white) and the newcomers (all rich and black).


Figure 2: Rich black kids will never do this

The conflict, however, is mockingly centered on class instead of race – the townsfolk refer their rich black neighbors as ‘richers’ instead of ‘niggers’ and dress up with white hoods and robes because “rich people are scared of ghosts”. All this is designed to make people aware of the obvious racial subtext in spite of the less plausible but certainly possible socioeconomic subtext – and again get white people to laugh at subtle racism.

Then there was the much less subtle ‘Nigger Guy’ episode, which was partially created in response to Michael Richard’s tirade at the Laugh Factory, but was probably created even moreso in response to his claim after the fact that he’s “not a racist.”

The plot is simple. One character is at the bonus round of Wheel of Fortune. The category of the puzzle is “People Who Annoy You” and, after picking his four consonants and a vowel, the letters on the board read N _ G G E R S.


Figure 3: I can’t believe this hasn’t happened in real life yet

After an uncomfortable 5 seconds and a threatening look from the black cameraman, he finally shouts out ‘NIGGERS!!!’…only to find out that the answer to the puzzle was ‘NAGGERS’ (as in people who nag.) This character then spends the rest of the show trying to convince everyone in the country that he’s not a racist, becoming socially ostracized in the process and forced to become friends with people like Michael Richards and Mark Fuhrman. Like ‘Here Comes the Neighborhood’ and Chapelle’s Show, this episode was designed to make people examine their own racist attitudes, and get a laugh by laughing at themselves.

This is not what happened.

All these shows accomplished was, in fact, to desensitize everyone to the word ‘nigger’ and, by extension, the very idea of racism itself. Using the word ‘nigger’ was supposed to shock people into realizing that they still harbored latently racist attitudes. Instead, it just got everyone laughing at the word ‘nigger’, black stereotypes, and the resulting indignation of black people.

Dave Chappelle realized this sometime in late 2004, when he noticed one of his white crew members effectively laughing AT him instead of WITH him. He quit soon after, but the damage was already done. ‘Here Comes the Neighborhood’, which aired in 2001 (before Chappelle’s Show) did not use the word ‘nigger’ – not even bleeped out. After Chappelle’s Show ended, everyone was using the N-word all over television – including the ‘Nigger Guy’ episode of South Park which used the word at least several dozen times, uncensored.

The insensitivity to the word finally leaped out of television and onto the streets of supposedly enlightened cities like Washington D.C., where suddenly I could hear white people freely using the N-word IN PUBLIC and IN THE PRESENCE OF BLACK PEOPLE. Basically, we can thank Comedy Central for an increasing perception among non-blacks that black people should be OK with the N-Word coming out of their mouths.


Figure 4: “Duuuuude! What’s up my nigger?!”

Of course, none of this is really surprising since Comedy Central is owned by Viacom. Many people are fooled into thinking that Viacom is a media conglomerate, but smart people know exactly what Viacom is:

Vi . a . com [vie – ah – cohm] (n) – a soulless economic juggernaut with the sole and expressed purpose of destroying black people*

Viacom is responsible for all kinds of offenses against black people, in addition to tricking Dave Chappelle and the creators of South Park into thinking their racially incisive wit would be understood with any degree of sophistication by the average jackass. These offenses include, but are not limited to:

  • The unmitigated destruction of hip hop as an artform and mode of cultural expression
  • The popularization of the ‘angry black man’ and ‘gay black man’ stereotypes through shows like The Real World
  • MTV
  • BET, and specifically all the racist stereotypes injected into the shows on this network, which was then expanded overseas to promote worldwide stereotypes of black people
  • The assassination of JFK**
  • The 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center**
  • The crucifixion of Jesus**
  • Slavery**
  • The destruction of Alderaan**


Figure 5: Viacom Headquarters

It’s pretty obvious that in ‘Undercover Brother’, Universal Pictures had Viacom in mind when referencing the nameless evil corporation, intent on the enslavement/destruction of black people, that was headed by ‘The Man’. I just wish more people saw this for what is was.

*This may be understating a little
**This may be overstating a little




43 responses

18 03 2008

yeah white people getting too comfortable. this aint no everyday word, im black i use it more than i should myself, but white people be using it while joking with you emphasizing on the ‘er’ man fuck that shit it aint coool. fuck viacom, dave is my boy, he hustled and he rolled, in my eyes is one of the greatest comedians. fuck southpark – i think they try to hard.

18 03 2008

the only people to blame for the spread of the word nigger are black people. living in a largely black area, i hear nigger said hundreds of times a day. it is commonplace for black people to say it, and you know us white people..we steal everything from black people…we stole jazz, rock and roll, r&b, you had to have known that we would eventually steal that as well. or take it back rather…cause it was ours first.

18 03 2008
Admiral Furious

And yet most people wonder why the majority of the world looks upon black people in such a negative light. BET was doomed the day Viacom came in and bought it… thus ensuring the continuing epic failure of the vision and image of the black society. Unfortunately the use of the N word by black people today has been completely misconstrued from its original intent… and it is not widely known where its meaning as a term of endearment originally came about. To make a long story short, the combination of atrociously poor education mixed with the stripping of culture during slavery paved the way for black people to embrace the N word, (which by the way is a poor English bastardization of the Spanish/Portuguese word for black— Negro) as an acceptance of self and an acceptance of other blacks. Of course, when that word is even whispered from the lips of anyone non black, a serious can of whoop ass is always ready to be opened, but thats beside the point. Blacks have struggled through history in this country, demeaned by every other race and falsely accused of committing lewd acts… thus landing the stereotypes as they are now. I love it when white people say that blacks are the way they are because they’re just soulless heartless N*s. I would also love to jab a fork in their eyeball while proclaiming “Since you’re so heartless to make such a statement, lets see if I can see your soul!”


18 03 2008

i teach high school and if I had a nickel for every time i heard that word used, i’d have 100 bucks at the end of the week. i’m not sure who to blame, but my initial thought goes to sorry ass rap and r and b lyrics. most of my students don’t watch the chappelle show (are too young to get the rick james or prince jokes), and don’t watch south park. however they are obsessed with anything street, hood or ghetto, watch BET from sun up to sun down, and know all the lyrics to any song by Boosie, Webbie, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and the rest of that ignorant shit.

I’m 27 years old, and have casually thrown it around when amongst my peers, but now most of us aren’t really into that anymore. But teenagers love to proclaim that they are a N*GGER, dap up their N*GGA’s, and will fuck a N*GGA up. And they love to do it very loudly, while wearing their pants low, colorful oversize hoodies, and gold teeth. Especially in front of adults, even more so in front of white adults who they feel can’t tell them not to say it.

18 03 2008
To My Readers: Theme Update Coming « Stuff Black People Hate

[…] be alarmed, the site hasn’t been hijacked or taken over by Viacom. The unadulterated hate will continue to flow like the mighty […]

18 03 2008
Mr. Smith

So wait time out, let me address some issues really quick.

Ogie, it doesn’t matter where it came from first and it’s not a matter or blame or “he started it”. Saying that word, even as openly as you have in your response is not ok. It’s not ok for rappers, it’s not ok for jokes, it’s not ok to “get a point across”. Sure I saw Chappelle’s show and laughed my ass off at both his first two seasons, but thought to myself “Wait a minute, that word is already being used in society because of poor rap music, this is cable television… shit.” At that point, this was going to be a situation totally out of control. It’s never ok to use such a word that is degrading, offensive, and clearly puts that person as a lesser being below you.

Term of endearment my ass. Black people stop lowering yourselves in the eyes of people who already think less of you and everyone else (whites, more so hispanics, because I live near DC middle eastern people and I kid you not asians) stop thinking it’s ok to use that word.

18 03 2008

Ogie, regardless of where you live, how long you’ve lived there and how many black people call the area their abode, it’s not evidence to state “it is commonplace for black people to say it”. I’m black and I don’t say it. Empirical evidence does not a theory create.

18 03 2008

You are so right. I hear it everywhere now. I can’t punch the sayer of the word because it only perpetuates the “angry black man” stereotype.

18 03 2008

I remember as clear as if it happened yesterday an event during my highschool years in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I was on my way home from school, on public transport, making the trek from semi afluent Towson to not so well off East Baltimore. Strangely enough there were about 7 of the 20 or so black students in the entire school riding as well. A younger student decided for what ever reason to keep using “the N word” over and over loud enough for every passenger to hear. After just a few minutes of this one of the seniors from school stood up and told the younger student “If you don’t have enough respect for yoursel to not use that word than show enough for the black people here that have enough dignity to not use that word”. The young kid quicky shut the hell up and stared at the floor in silence for the rest of the trip. There need to be more of us around making people shut up with that word; if it isn’t already to late. I don’t care when I always feel a tiny bolt of lighting shoot up my spine whenever I hear that word.

18 03 2008
Admiral Furious

Mr Smith… please consult with your elders if you are black. The term of endearment was not something I found in a history book written by a white man… but from the mouth of my 97 year old great aunt. It was a term of endearment through acceptance of self then but considering the turmoil the community has gone through, that concept has been lost. And you are right, use of the word is just plain out wrong! But its being used more and more in todays society that its plain out sickening.

Theorn… I do agree that I wish more people would stand up and verbally shoot down these little kids who are out of control… but there is another problem. Times have drastically changed since we were in high school and the children today have even less respect for other children… nonetheless elders period. The common response that a child would give today would go along the lines of several profanities and racial slurs followed by a swift attack, be it with a bladed or projectile weapon.

18 03 2008
The Big Black

You are bringing the heat son!

Now, down to business. While I applaud your efforts to shine a bright light on the root cause, what’s up on some action? My suggestion, and yes I got 5 or more on it, a full page ad in the NY Times with an open letter detailing what needs to be done regarding the word, then what you want to see people do regarding companies that support outlets of the word.

Here is my thought, find out how much it cost to run a full page ad on Monday. I say Monday, b/c you want the buzz to build over the weekend and then BAM all the NY based morning shows pick up the story of the full page open. The genesis of the letter itself is newsworthy…black man uses internet to raise money to war aginst the “N-Word”. Plus I anticipate your light hue makes you TV appealing. Not to mention it is the year of Barack and credible black men making *ish pop.

Use the blog to get donations (hopefully you have some credibility to attach to your outspokennessism).

In the open letter don’t get too preachy, media hates it. Be real matter of fact – i.e. – “If you in any propogate the use of the “N-word” we will boycott your product. We will trade in cars, drive to other cities to take other airlines, we will drink water, we will watch The Lifetime Network, we won’t buy your album, we won’t go to your club, we won’t wear your clothes (and the clothes we own will shred them rather than donate them) we will research all of your corporate structure to verify your house is in order. We will be damned rather than be subject to the acceptance of the word.

I’ll hold done the mission in Houston. I see you got readers on the West Coast, I know you got to have connects in NY and Chicago.

Let’s do this son! Just like Col. Stinkmeanor on The Boondocks “Whatcha gonna do?”

ok, my soap box is creaking under the weight of my militance.

19 03 2008
Mr. Smith

Admiral Furious,

What I’m refering to by “term of endearment” is the sorry ass excuse I hear on television and the radio as to why it’s ok for black people to use it. And believe me, I’m more black than anyone else could comprehend, because in my eyes, being black was looking out for your brothers, making advancements and change in society, but more importantly, BEING SUCCESSFUL. Something people like Lil Wayne, Bob Johnson, Andrew Young, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have somehow managed to do the complete opposite for society and lead people to believe that they’re fine where they are being ignorant.

Don’t you dare call me out on being black. That is the exact ignorance that instead of bringing each other together for a positive purpose and being the strong brothers and sisters that we should be, is just making us remain the dumb, inferior race that is too busy trying to hold others down instead of praising them and trying to do the same for accomplishments. I’m in the military and all my life I’ve heard nothing but other black people judging me on blackness. It is not I’ve worked hard to get to college and come off as presentable.

No offense, but you’re the one coming off as a sell out.

19 03 2008
Admiral Furious

Mr Smith, I am sorry you misinterpreted and reacted emotionally to what I said. What you missed was, I was agreeing with every point you made… while trying to explain to you and everyone else, where the acceptance came from. Once again, you can’t simply go into the history books, which have been saturated and dumbed down in their explanations of black history… but go to the points that were closer to the source. Again, I encourage you to go to your elders and ask how things were when they grew up. Being that I come from a very large family, I’ve actually had the opportunity to access a wide variety of sources spanning from the Carolinas, into Canada, into the plains of the mid west and terminating in California.

I’m simply stating consistencies that I have been “told” by other black folk. So if I’m the sellout… so are thousands of other blacks across the country. Please check yourself man.

20 03 2008
Mr. Smith

Admiral Furious,

My family history, probably like many others due to time in history, is deeply rooted in the south (south carolina more specifically). I am not referring to past acceptance, I’m talking about what I see on tv and hear on the radio today. Like the topic creator stated TODAY it is widely accepted to say the n-word on television uncensored. TODAY it is ok among whites, hispanics, asians, and blacks themselves to use this word so openly to no end for no reason. To a degree, it may sound insulting, but yes. Many blacks, probably in the thousands like you stated are in fact traitors to their own cause, or in a more harsh term “sell outs” to their own race. Well that’s ridiculous you’re probably thinking, well here let me explain what exactly I mean.

You hear people preach about being brought down by the man, rising up and maintaining Dr. King’s dream, when in fact the first sight of another brother or sister doing better than them their first reaction is to cut their legs out from under them and spread nothing but hate. “Why does he have a better car? Why’s that girl with him? It’s probably because he act and talk white.” Blacks are so fixated on the thought that “being black” is what you see on tv, MAINLY BET, that they forget where their roots really come from that the successful brothers and sisters in society were not content with their social standing, which is why they worked harder to make a name for themselves or change in society. It infuriates me to no end when people say Barack Obama, the first african-american to have a legitimate shot at the presidential candidacy, is not “black enough” as if their is some measure to live up to. It’s no longer sufficient for the color of your skin and the hate, violence and racism you faced growing up, hell even today for him, to be enough. They have to “act black” too. What the hell is acting white then may I ask? More intelligent? More well spoken? Whites forget that rednecks, mountain people, and Europeans are white too. But I digress.

Back to the word, it has become too widely accepted in our society today. Like someone else on here had pointed otu in J-Lo’s “I’m Real” she even uses the word. In some of Eminem’s earlier wished to be forgotten work, HE uses the n-word. This racial insensitivity must end. Why are you and I even debating this fact? This is the negativity I’m talking about. You know where you come from, I know where I come from. Great, but that doesn’t mean we have to prove anything to one another. Obviously, since we are here and feel so passionate about the issues, we’re both “black enough”.

20 03 2008
Admiral Furious

Good enough sir. I think we are both agreeing that the N word must go.

20 03 2008
Ms. Kristine

I cringe every time I hear the word!!! I’ve watched all those episodes mentioned, and I couldn’t believe that the word was really being dropped like fire “all up and through”!!!! Yikes!

P.S. Hell Date and Flavor of Love (1, 2, 3 and beyond) need to be on this this list!!! Ugh!! 😦

22 03 2008

I am white. I don’t say it.
When I hear white kids saying it I think either they like saying it cause they aren’t supposed to, cause kids are jerks, or they actually think black people don’t mind. Usually it’s rich white kids with their hats on sideways. So ridiculous.

28 03 2008

Yea I saw both those episodes from Dave’s show and South Park. I was really shocked that they used the word on tv! Shit I was shocked when it was ok to say bitch and ass on tv. But people you have to remember “nigger” means ignorant. Me personally any race can be a nigger. And honestly black, white, asian, latino shouldn’t use the word. And I think sometimes when ppl not of color use the word is because they think its ok because they have black friends that use it towards them all the time. So its probably confusing. But I dont say Nigger and I’m 1/2 black and puerto rican. I might say was up ma nig but thats only with my close friends which for the most part are black.

29 03 2008
Mr. Smith

I’m kind of disappointed this article didn’t get off the ground as well as the others. This is one of the biggest issues with the most deadly venom in society

31 03 2008
a person

If this is what Britain is like now, the results should be interesting when BET aires.,9171,1725547,00.html

31 03 2008

“Using the word ‘nigger’ was supposed to shock people into realizing that they still harbored latently racist attitudes. Instead, it just got everyone laughing at the word ‘nigger’, black stereotypes, and the resulting indignation of black people.”

my opinion is this happened because, just like there are people who do not believe that racism exists still, there are people who refuse to believe that they habor latent racist attitudes.

4 04 2008
New reader

Is it possible this is, in part, backlash from the militant PC atmosphere of the 1990s? You know, the sort of “It’s not ok to use bad words that accurately reflect your internal racist attitudes” logic that created the latent racism mentioned a few posts ago?

(In case you can’t tell, I kind of have a problem with the idea that racism is ok as long as you don’t TALK about it)

4 04 2008

uhm hmm…as much as I want to marry Aaron Mcgruder (adding Chris to the list)…his show has contributed to the desensitization along with others …many people I know who watch the show do not get the satire AT ALL( not even of Huey’s character) and just find it to be hilarious..

The Destruction of Black People by BET episode is lovely though..

6 04 2008
Miss Cocoa

Yesterday I was dozing on the train and woke up to find this guy reading quite an ineresting book of essays. Check it out here:
I actually told him about the site and he knew about it kudos once more 🙂

6 04 2008
Miss Cocoa

wrong link above

15 04 2008
Admiral Furious
18 04 2008

i ain’t gonna lie, that ep of south park “naggers” was funny as hell, yet deep.

i always felt chappelle should have made a full length movie or even “a study” regarding that “first episode”.

16 05 2008

If certain white people know they can push your buttons by using a certain word that in itself will entice them to use it more and more often. These people live to piss everyone else off. When in this situation, where I know my buttons are being pushed just for the purpose of manipulating my emotions, I blank refuse to react. The same thing should be said of the word nigger.

Even MLK would have dreamed for the day when the word nigger didn’t upset anyone. Some white people get annoyed when they are referred to as ‘blue eyed devils’, but these tend to be people who don’t call black people nigger(to their face). So while they continue to think it but don’t say it, so will I think it but not say it. The moment a white person thinks it ok to say it, slavery and barbarism and ‘the devils children’ will be the next immediate topic of conversation (they hate that shit).

When they can say it and not mean it in a demeaning sense then I will stop calling them ‘blue eyed devils’ rapers of humanity’ and ‘blue foot pariahs’.

White people can’t be sorry forever for calling us names back in the day. At some point in the future this nigger/cracker thing really has to be laid redundant.

Anecdote: I remember back in school my class mate Tony(white) and myself(black) thought it was funny to continue through the whole lesson calling each other honky and nigger. As in he called me a honky and I called him a nigger. Oh we thought we were so funny and original (being 13 years of age). Our English teacher at the time overheard us and was confounded as what to do at first, but in the end sent us both out of the class for bad behaviour. We left the classroom stil bending over with mirth at our oh so funny orginal irony and spent the rest of the lesson still calling each other names outside the head of years room. subsequent detention ensued.

Anyways in essence, just do what Sun Tzu would do. And that is convince your opposition that it isn’t worth fighting.

25 06 2008
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28 06 2008
Gabriel on Martin Luther King Jr. « GABRIEL ON EVERYTHING

[…] is somewhere in between Osama Bin Laden and Michael Clarke Duncan”). That’ll show them (the man). Besides doing that there is really nothing I can do at a grand scale to change things, I accept […]

30 06 2008
Gabriel on Martin Luther King « GABRIEL ON EVERYTHING

[…] is somewhere in between Osama Bin Laden and Michael Clarke Duncan”). That’ll show them (the man). Besides doing that there is really nothing I can do at a grand scale to change things, I accept […]

4 07 2008


29 08 2008
Nigger « Stuff Black People Hate

[…] Figure 2: Viacom Viacom fucking goddamn Viacom […]

9 11 2008
Robert Wayne

I don’t know what the big deal is. We whites who hate niggers call them niggers. Wiggers and gutless white marxists call them African americans or some such politically correct bullshit. Now, most niggers hate us and call us whitey, redneck or cracker. They used to call us honkey, but that’s pretty much outdated and the last nigger to use that word on a regular basis was that little sawed off nigger George Jefferson.

13 02 2009

wake up morons ,racism is funny , what else are we gonna laugh at if its not blacks, chinese or east indians, racism is here to stay halla fuckin lullah

13 02 2009

oh yeah im a loud and proud blue eyed devil, satanic to the fuckin core , no god just evil ,evil and white, i pray to a dark god darker than a black boys feelings and thoughts and skin , bring on the genocide lets get this shit out of the way once and for all, white devils forever

27 02 2009
Patrick Szeto

I hate niggers because I’m Chinese.

I mean, that’s just a given, right?

I’m sure there are plenty of people who hate Chinese Americans (not to be PC, but to make sure you realize I’m not ACTUALLY from China, but born in the US), but, honestly, who would the average non-nigger rather have to spend time with?

Honestly, though, it’s not a race thing, it’s a CULTURE thing. Even non-ghetto, non-gangsta niggers are loud and annoying, and are generally less-educated then average.

“Oh, they’re less educated because they didn’t have opportunities!” *whine*

My dad escaped from COMMUNIST CHINA and built a business here in the US. He did what it took. Sure, it’s a Chinese restaraunt just like you’d expect, but still. Took some effort, you know?

Niggers won’t be niggers the day more than, say, 5% of them actually live like decent people and, yes, conform to the rest of society.

27 03 2009

I’m black , I don’t use this slur and I cannot for the life of me understand why others insist on using it. But I know its a word that makes some ppl extremely rich, so the hell with what it means or does to others.

I’m glad you kept track with these affronts. The minute I hear him talk…he reeks opportunism. I don’t watch because I don’t want to be hurt ( even though it hurts me anyway, but if I can spare myself for just that one time….)

30 03 2009
Stuff Black People Hate: Slave Food | FreshXpress.:.The PULSE of Young Black America

[…] of things that black people do in spite of themselves. We support Jay-Z. We refuse to firebomb Viacom headquarters. We smoke menthol cigarettes and insist on frying and/or putting salt on damn near […]

3 04 2009
Stuff Black People Hate: Nigger | FreshXpress.:.The PULSE of Young Black America

[…] Figure 2: Viacom Viacom fucking goddamn Viacom […]

25 04 2009

I’m a year and some change late, but good article. I get what Chappelle was trying to do, but it made a bad issue worse. Yeah, some can consider the word desensitized, but does that make it any more correct to use?

I lost all respect for Bob Johnson when he said that he wasn’t running BET to educate, but to just make money. While I understand that television is a business just like Wal-Mart or Sears, that’s a piss-poor attitude to have, to justify piss-poor programming.

As for Viacom, they’re just as bad…they and Clear Channel have made entertainment damn near unwatchable, by making everything look the same across-the-board, just with different colors.

28 07 2009
Uncle Rosy

Viacom is a racist white company and the black fools who work for them are just as worst.The Chappelles,Flavor Flav,New York,Chance and Real,need to share in on the blame too.BET,Comedy Central and MTV means us no damn good .Black radio is no better and why should we save it,with all this relationship foolishness.

8 08 2009

Rappers were saying it long before 2003 if there’s anyone to blame it’s them. I am Australian so I can’t really comment on the word but even someone who’s country has never really used the term knows it just sounds wrong.

I’ve got to admit I love South Park as well as Chappelle, not because I am racist but because they bring to light things that really have to be stopped even if it’s in a comedy environment though they may have gone too far with this.

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