To My Readers: Theme Update

18 03 2008


I’ve been asked to update my theme to include a search bar and other crap to make it easier to search the site, so here it is.

Don’t be alarmed, the site hasn’t been hijacked or taken over by Viacom. The unadulterated hate will continue to flow like the mighty Ganges.





6 responses

19 03 2008

was so feeling the old theme better –

19 03 2008
The Big Black

Ah, is this mic on? Ahmm, yeah, the once mighty Ghanges is now a polluted river of filth infecting the poor caste (The Untouchables) of Indian. But we feel you…

19 03 2008


Yea, I kinda miss the look of the old one too – but my technical background demands function over form I suppose 😛

19 03 2008

Thats whats up, its all about the content anyway

21 03 2008
gerard pawling

and while we’re at it, what’s up with all that Jerri Curl stuff?

20 12 2008
gerard pawling

to my fellow brothers…anyone beside me going to DC on Jan 20 to witness the coronation?

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