Subtle Racism II: Nightlife

6 03 2008

Here’s a strange phenomenon in the DC area: the non-black here people love hiphop (esp. non-black, non-white people), yet the vast majority of the places where the best hiphop DJs spin are labeled ‘black clubs’ and are therefore rarely frequented by these non-blacks who claim to enjoy the music.


Figure 1: Asians fear this like blacks fear diabetes

Black clubs are the only clubs in this area that are segregated by race*. All the other clubs are pretty well mixed: you’ll find whites, asians, indians, persians, hispanics, arabs, and even a few black people (usually men that are chasing after asian or white women) all in the same place.

*Notwithstanding the exception of a few Irish bars featuring extremely loud music and unwashed frat boys that, as far as I can tell, only other unwashed frat boys and the white women who love them can stand.


Figure 2: ……

There is a common thread that runs through all the mixed clubs:

The music is uncompromisingly atrocious.

The DJ is always, without fail, an asian/white/persian dude with a motherfucking iPod or two, an overly complicated computer-based mechanism for managing the tracks, and no clue at all how to mix or, in some cases, what mixing even is.


Figure 3: Completely ridiculous

The fucker will play moderately acceptable hiphop tracks for awhile, which the entire crowd will dance enthusiastically to. Then, without fail, he’ll start oscillating between god-awful southern hiphop and utterly undanceable shit by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. If you go to a mixed club in DC, you’ll spend 50%+ of your night listening to this crap.

When Joan Jett and the southern hiphop starts, every non-white person in the room stops dancing** and adopts a determined scowl that would make Clint Eastwood proud. They complain to one another “this DJ sucks!” and “I can’t believe they’re playing this music!” But I ask…why can’t you believe it? Mixed clubs play the same music and feature the same DJs week in and week out, and you keep returning to these clubs week in and week out. They play shitty music and you keep coming back, so naturally any club owner will assume that you’re coming back because you like what you hear.


Figure 4: Hates Joan Jett, yet can’t stay away

**White people LOVE Joan Jett, especially that song “I Love Rock N’ Roll”. Many white people are actually excluded from the subtle racism addressed in the article because a.) you WILL find white people at black clubs and b.) since white people love Joan Jett, they aren’t just attending clubs that play her music to avoid black people.

The subtle racism lies in the reason these people keep returning to mixed clubs in spite of their shittyness: they’re avoiding the black people at places where good music is played.

Let’s face facts – most people have the preconception that black people become extremely violent in clubs. It’s ironic, because I’ve seen countless fights break out at mixed clubs, and not one fight at a black club. This stereotype can be blamed partly on an age-old racial subtext and unfair media practices, and partly on DMX in the movie “Romeo Must Die” (who brandished a machine gun and ordered anyone who isn’t black to get out of his club. I’m pretty sure non-blacks think this is a regular occurrence at black clubs, kinda like last call.)


Figure 5: Thanks, asshole

As such, this racist fear of black people keeps non-blacks out of black clubs and away from good music – and no one in these non-black circles wants to be the first to suggest a trip to H2O or Zanzibar because, while ‘tolerance’ is a good thing, it’s not cool yet to be a nigger lover.

Of course, no one will ever admit this. God bless America.




21 responses

6 03 2008
Admiral Furious

Oh how the phrase “You think you a motha fuckin DJ?!?!! THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING??!?!?” applies here more ways than one. I do agree that many of our “mixed” clubs throughout the country have people sullying the decks with only two to three months experience with some program that makes it easy for them to think they’re DJing. Its most unfortunate that these DJs are given the opportunity to spin without knowing a god damn thing about the art of DJing, or even the structure of music at all. This is what is killing music in general… with these cliquish groups getting together, starting a club, and putting on their man or their group of friends who “THINK THEY A MUTHA FUCKIN DJ,” when they’re only embarrassments to the truth. Then again, we live in a world of facades and lies… so I guess it doesn’t really matter? Rhetoric… sometimes it hurts.

6 03 2008
Admiral Furious

On another note…

The subtle racism is more than prevalent when it comes to club diversity. Its funny you mention about the fights erupting in “mixed” clubs while black clubs have yet to display physical conflict… because I am yet to experience it as well. I’ve seen more fights in Adams Morgan AND Georgetown (both white areas of DC) than I’ve seen in various black clubs between Bmore and DC. Yet, whites feel safer going to white clubs with their white and asian friends who in many cases are more violent than blacks. Oh how about MS13 coming up into Adams Morgan? I guess they aren’t too scared about them now are they? Even though they’re more violent than the fucking Bloods and Crips combined.

Dammit… I’m mad as fuck….

6 03 2008

ohhhhhh you forgot to add one thing.
the thing that always like cracks me up cause its bafflingly and obvs racist:
when it’s about to be last call, they basically play white music, to a) get the black people out of the club the fastest.
it’s like they get the honkeiest song, and play it right at last call, and hope that it has an effect like as if ya turned the lights on in the kitchen and you see roaches scattering away.

sorry bout the racist analogy, though.

but whatevz.

7 03 2008

I’d rather see a live band than a DJ

7 03 2008

Ha! you hit it on the head! Yo try going to Fly in dupont. First of all the fucking bouncer is a douche. My girls and I go every friday and he acts like he has never seen us. But when those white chicks come up it’s all types of love! Then once we get in, the few black guys that are in the club looks at us with disgust and try to bypass us to go buy the white/asian girls drinks.

10 03 2008
The Big Black

While I find your derision of southern rap distasteful, I do however see your perspective. However, your pointn though eloquent and fuckin’ hilarious, fails in one important area – white women at a black club.

I do enjoy the white clubs, in Houston – where I live – because they are they put resources into décor and stocking the bar, however taking white folks that enjoy hip hop and putting them in a black club es no bueno.

Black folks dance differently and generally require less acreage. We have the ability to flex our dancing prowess while simultaneously grinding away any trace of genetailia coverage all in about 4 sq ft, less if necessary. White girls need room to do there thing; generally some form of humping reminiscent of Fido in heat – singularly or in tandem. White boys need room because to them partying requires large quantities of alcohol, ergo when they do dance they have a.) no way of regulating their equilibrium and b.) they generally can’t dance anyway.

So what we do in Houston, Educated Black People anyway, is we start of at the white clubs (we have to get in early because once white clubs, i.e. – Citizens, Hue, etc, hit their AA quota for the night you must bring you a white person in good standing to voucb for your civility) because they are a good look, then we go to The Spot in 3rd Ward to hear Good Grief (a remarkably skilled non discript white boy DJ who has turned out more than 1 or 2 parties) to dance and “act black”.

There have been a few white folks that have ventured to The Spot, but they need good black folk to vouch for them.

Lastly, we Southerners enjoy our Pimp C’s, Lil Keke’s, Big Moe’s, Bun B’s, Juve, etc. While they may lack the verbal dexterity or advanced cerebral discussion, a couple of beats of “Let me See It” will get us moving faster than the Clinton’s out of a state after a loss.

10 03 2008

Hilarious. It’s been a minute since I’ve been in the club scene and it’s funny and somewhat disturbing to see things haven’t changed much in the last decade. Me and my girls(the UN)would travel far and wide for the clubs with the best DJs, NYC, Philly, DC. I was the only white one in our little posse. We’d make drinking bets if there was another white person at the club and I didn’t lose often. Rarely did we encounter problems with ppl but it did happen. We got into more trouble at the ‘mixed clubs’ which really weren’t. There were always way too many drunk white girls trying to start something with us.

10 03 2008

Oh MY GOD, and I thought it was just Charlotte, NC. And at the end of the night, it turns into fucking techno and everyone stands around like, “am I supposed to dance to this?”, except for the couple of drunk/people on X who are really feeling it.

Overplayed songs in mixed clubs: Anything by Justin Timberlake, Nelly-Hot in Herre, that damn song that they play in soccer games in Europe, Get Low, and I’m having a brain freeze right now. But you all know the songs that I’m talking about.

And whats up with Black dudes frequenting black clubs, but then wifing up the white girl they met in the mixed club? And after about 6 months of dating, he’s no longer able to be found!

11 03 2008
Admiral Furious

In response to some of the other readers here, in no particular order:

1) There is an Usher song featuring Lil John (who did the production, however I fail to remember the name of the track) never fails to be played during an evening. Please take note that the track came out in 2004… and possibly earlier than that. It then begs the question… is the song that good?

2) Spell check and sentence structure check are wonderful tools.

3) Being a DJ who has observed the affect of southern rap on both sides of the country and above the mason dixon line, I have to admit that it takes a special individual to appreciate the music. Unfortunately, the slower tempo of many songs along with the lack of creativity going into the lyrics make it very difficult to format most southern songs into modern play lists simply due to poor crowd response. I’m not saying that the entire style doesn’t catch the crowd’s attention, because some songs do… but the majority of them don’t. White people in the north east to So-Cal do not respond to southern rap as they did to the Snoop Dogg, Wu Tang, Jay Z, Pharrell, etc.

4) Asian people fear everything about blacks. I concur. Previous blogs here support this theory.

5) Anyone who’d rather see a live band than a DJ obviously doesn’t go to any of the clubs listed here. Way to go idiot.

12 03 2008
Shannon the Tampa Diva

first of all as a southern girl I have a very high tolerance for Southern Crunk music. =)
I’ll be one hundred percent honest and say that I hate going to clubs in which I’m the minority. the dude is right about those clubs having better decor and all, but as a black woman I never enjoy myself. we get in there and folks are on the dance floor standing and drinking, the people that are dancing always end up bumping into me, and a drunk girl always falls on my shoes.
then we actually see other black people(men) and they look at us like the crazy family members you run away from(with disgust and a little bit of fear), like somehow being polite to a group of black women will somehow make them less attractive to white women(? go figure).
anyhoo, once they finally play a song that we like and we head to the dance floor. usually we’re cheered on by the white men who see us with phrases like “alright we need ya’ll on the dancefloor”, “show us some moves” and my fave “uh oh, get it girl” because as black women we’ve been designated as the best dancers in the place. then they proceed to watch us dance as if all their BET video girl fantasies had finally come to life.(these men are really generous on the drink buying tip, but you have to be careful or the night could turn into a lifetime movie)
then sometime around 2am they play the universal drunk white people song “Don’t Stop believing” by Journey.and We’re forced to leave early. But of course not before some white guy asks the one question i’m asked everytime I go to the “White” club, have you ever been with/slept with or kissed a white guy?
great time. :-/

12 03 2008
Admiral Furious

Sounds like someone is swimming in vanity.

As a black man, I would like to point out that there seem to be plethora of salty black women who keep stating that black men give them looks of disgust and anxiety upon encountering their presence. Since this… problem for the lack of better of terms… seems to happens so often I propose two questions to you ladies who seem to have this issue:

1) Have you looked at your behavior and your physical to determine that maybe… YOU are the problem? Personally, I cannot stand it when a woman comes into a club with an attitude on her sleeve or acting over zealous in a feeble attempt to draw attention to herself. Ladies if you’re one of those type of people, you will certainly get the gas face from me.

2) If you’re in a mixed club and you notice that the black men don’t have any interest in you/shoot looks of disdain your way… maybe its because they’re not there for black women!?!?!? I think it was clearly stated in the blog… black dudes chasing after cave women go to mixed/cave clubs. Maybe you should diversify yourselves there too. Then again… maybe they’re non discriminant… but come across some atrocious acting woman who is just an embarrassment to them.

OH AND DONT THINK DUDES ARE SAFE EITHER. Because the same shit applies there too.

12 03 2008
The Big Black

1.) Sentences will be screwed chopped, but you can grab the essence…we are commenting not pulitzering (I can verberize anyhting)

2.) Southern Crunk and Country Rap Tunes a la Sweet James Jones, are similar like bourbon and whiskey.

3.) East Coast Rap is not the bible or the benchmark, a mere variant or the f(x) by which Southern rap is derived. It too is an acquired taste.

4.) Dudes get the same experience at mixed clubs; sister sample pork too. Dudes also get the show me how you do your dance thing. Face it, the drums never left the soul, we just added more tracks to the beat.

18 03 2008
Admiral Furious

I suppose Anything can be verberized… if thats a word. But I get your drift.

In reference to your number 3… I take it that I am not the first person that you’ve heard bash southern rap style, thus your statement in regards to east coast rap. What I find overly hilarious is I never proclaimed that east coast rap was the bench mark for the industry… though it certainly takes the credit for pioneering it to the mainstream.

Like I said before… I am not a fan of southern rap… and thats okay, I’m not going to knock you or anyone else who does like it. However, demographically, southern rap is not getting the attention or notoriety that BOTH east coast and west coast rap has enjoyed over the years.

I know… I’m a DJ… I’ve taken the requests.

25 03 2008

I just want to say I hate Fur and Love. UGH.

31 03 2008

i concur about Love and have never been to Fur for that very reason. this is why i go to Happy Hour at 1223 on Wednesdays. black people en mass, free alcohol, pretty good music (but you get so nice off the free alcohol it doesn’t matter), and club rules generally don’t apply.

6 04 2008
Sister Toldja

I HATE mixed/white clubs in DC. I only went to Love (Dream) on Negro nights, and I kinda hated that too, but it was a HU rite of passage. There is one good dj there (biracial kid with the fro) and I usually could drink myself into a good time.

Can you imagine White people at H20 and Zanzibar? That would not be the hotness! They aren’t missing out though, cause those two places are kinda wack too. Adams Morgan used to have few spots that were both cool and mixed, but all the places that spun good Black music have closed or changed owners and become wack. Last time I was there, we went to some new bullshit called Gran Central. I’m not good at being a chocolate chip in a sea of vanilla, especially when white boys are coming up to me telling my hair is “freakin’ awesome”. Not pretty, not beautiful nor becoming….”freaking awesome”.

Mixed clubs are not cool for Black girls, unless they came in a mixed crew. The brothers are all on the White and Asian chicks, and looking at us like “Bitch, I’ll see you at Love! Get out of here!” The White boys start doing the petting zoo routine: “You are sooo beautiful. Oh my God, WOW”. Like it is actually a wonderment to them: how did I become both Black AND pretty? Amazing! (I see the comments above, I get it. Y’all don’t want us there! You make it quite clear! That doesn’t mean it stings less.)

I will say this: NYC mixed clubs and bars are waaaay better, cause damn near everything here (short of the HOOD spots) is mixed anyway. And since White boys are the ones really keeping the torch for good Hip-Hop burning, they usually know the best spots to hear it. But the BEST part about NYC: even at trash clubs like the 40/40…they don’t play fucking “Dirty South” music hardly EVER!!!!!!

The South killed Hip-Hop.

30 04 2008
Nick Olds

First off, God bless the shittiness of clubs in Anytown, USA. Secondly, the lowest common denominator of white people go to clubs. But I guess, if you’ve been to a “mixed club”, then you’d know that.

I mean, I’d say you should consult my page for more info, but I can tell from the article, you already have.


The best white people don’t go to clubs. Mixed or black. So say hi once in a while

18 05 2008

“As such, this racist fear of black people keeps non-blacks out of black clubs and away from good music – and no one in these non-black circles wants to be the first to suggest a trip to H2O or Zanzibar because, while ‘tolerance’ is a good thing, it’s not cool yet to be a nigger lover.” lol, dead.

and people are saying they hate mixed clubs, shyt I think I might hate ALL clubs. . . mixed or negro.
1) h2o has become the hellhole on the wharf. . . by no means is this a legitimate place to party anymore. hell in a handbasket. . .
2) bouncers that hold the fawkin lines & then that big ass bald black dude with the B cup that tries to get pissy & sassy because he thinks he’s the shyt because every thursday, friday, and saturday cute chicks throw themselves at him so they can get in free or sit in VIP because their feet hurt. . . if I could just piledrive one bouncer at every club and leave his ass on the sidewalk as an example. . . nigga just check IDs, stand to the side so the dyke can jiggle my goddamn bra, and occasionally smile nigga. . .
3) ipods in the DJ booth make me cringe. . .
4) love/dream/desire/passion/cloud/whatever they are callin it this year is ass. . . and it is only for out of towners. . . that shyt is the WEAKEST club on the east coast. . . never seen so many lanky dudes in popped collars, short black stocky africans, and bum broads in MAC, too small lycra/spandex dresses (then have the AUDACITY to get mad at the dude that grabs an/or disrespects them. . . shyt I am a STRAIGHT GIRL but if I see a chick with her underbutt hangin out, i am hella tempted to grab it, SIMPLY BECAUSE IT IS OUT! lol), and poorly made shoes in my life. . . ABSURD~
5) Avenue. . . eww
6)Adams Morgan is good times. . . now if they could just find a way to keep the 19 year olds from posting up on the strip and grabbing at me. . . Im grown, touch me and u are catching a karate chop to the adams apple. sir I am too old for you, not plastered stumblin drunk, actin/speaking appropiately, AND I am properly clothed. . . disrespected wasn’t even called for lol
7) I think that techno/house/trance shyt they play at the end of the night is so that u will dance your little heart out and be too tired to go outside and start fights. . . white guys 18-27 LOVE themselves some “liquid courage”
8) as stated above. . . fur is ass
9) K street lounge is ass. . .
10) white people belong in bars. . . that weird ass 2 hand shimmy they tend to do or that full on body dry heave (see elaine, dancing, seinfeld, and google) is ONLY acceptable in the bar to “cherry pie”, “i love rock and roll” and “sweet home alabama”lol but then again, for $2 rum & cokes & tequila sunrises. . . but 1am I might be doing the same dance. lol
11) I shouldn’t have to pay to get into the club. . . not because i am a girl (okay that is part of it lol), but because your drinks are $11+. . . and your minimum for a credit card is $25. . . and the cups are little. . . and they are watered down. . . white/mixed clubs and bars in GENERAL are starting to sound better and better. . .
12) not ALL dc colored clubbing is bad. . . my current favorite spots are
Eyebar Tuesdays: (even though it is QUICKLY slipping, someone got the word out to the more hood/heathen/ghetto/rowdy bunch of black girls and girls with that big ole blond poodle shyt on their head) plus it is free. . . but if u buy a drink, skip that white girl on the first floor that looks like that broad from save the last dance. . . no SERIOUSLY she looks like her, in the face & the curly hair too lol.
1223 Thursdays: It is free, i was in there last week DONE. . . haven’t seen any fights, and the music is okay. . . then again, I always hit their open bar from 9-11, with enough Long Beaches and zombies i can have a good time at ANY SPOT! lol
Park Thursdays: never been but I have been hearing good things. . .
Ibiza Fridays: good times. . . typical hold your line shyt. no open bar. . . also skip the older white guy who works in the main room @ the bar, his drinks are ASS! little kinda black dude named like jimmy or timmy is excellent lol. he had me happy to be alive friday.
Sideline Saturday/Friday: never been but again a place that I have heard is kinda decent. it’s more sports bar than like club
Lucky Strike Saturday/Friday: it’s getting warm, it’s metro accessible. . . so you already know.

13) there are NO “exclusive” clubs in DC. . . no no no no no no no! u are NOT NYC, Miami, Hollywood, LA, etc. . . NO one comes to DC to party. NO ONE, DO U HEAR ME!!!???!!!! being an uniformed dickhead in all black with an earpiece doesn’t make your club any better than crossroads. . . lol

18 05 2008

the smiley face was supposed to be a number 8 & a parenthesis. . . goddamn emoticons. . . lol

30 09 2008

That’s why I don’t go to clubs-I’m 55(though classically handsome and said to look 35-40),HATE RAP!!!!!love garage rock,heavy metal,Country and buxom blondes,24-34!
Besides,I love Joan Jett!!!!!(her 1982 rock anthem,”I Love Rock And Roll,” is
DA BOMB!!!!!

22 10 2008

Where I live up here in Blue Springs, Mo the clubs I frequent up here in North Kansas City, Mo are mixed clubs and there doesn’t seem to much of any violence in those clubs at all. The mostly black clubs in KC play good music but I don’t live near those areas so I will go to a mixed club. The white men who go to the mixed clubs and see black women like to dance with the black women more than they do the white women. I see a lot of white women who know the black men well seem to be crazy for the black men who go to the mixed clubs. Yet, the white women are on the dance floor with the black men just grinding their asses against the black men’s crotch getting them horny. I never see a lot of fights at the mixed clubs but I have heard of lots of violence at the black clubs in KC. Mostly the black clubs that have lots of violence in them are located near the hood of KC and I cannot not blame anyone whether they are black, white, asian, or whatever color for not going to a club with a history of violence in it. People go to clubs to have a good time, not get shot, mugged, raped, or beat up.

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