5 03 2008


Figure 1: Motherfucking Ohio (from NatalieDee.com)

Dude, what the hell is wrong with people in Ohio? First they manage to cost the Democrats the election in 2004 with bizarre election shenanigans, and now they give into Hillary Clinton’s scare ads and other ads tapping into America’s subtle racism to propel her – the most politically polarizing politician in recent history – into staying in the race.

Fucking awesome. Hello President McCain.

I’m tempted to launch into a tirade about Hillary Clinton’s so-called experience that allegedly blows Obama’s out of the water, because I fail to see how her raising awareness of childhood immunization and Gulf War Syndrome, Hillarycare (a massive failure), and convincing a bunch of old chicks to get mammograms renders Barack Obama a political idiot savant by comparison.

Anyhow, back to Ohio.

It didn’t take me very long to figure out that everyone from and everything about Ohio is completely insane and cannot be trusted with anything at all, ever:

clevelandindians.gif angryosukid.jpg nakeddudesincleveland.jpg

Figure 2: Ohio – Racism, Anger, Male Nudity

After reading this entry, you’re going to wake up everyday and realize that their votes count just as much as yours, and you will be forced to fight off suicidal urges. When Ohio puts McCain (or maybe even Nader) in the White House, I’m moving to Canada.




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5 03 2008

lets not forget all of the drunken assholes in Cleveland.

5 03 2008

Just want to say “thanks” for painting our state with such a wide brush – makes it easier to judge 12 million people that way.

5 03 2008

From http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/03/05/mccain.readers/

Joe Haas of Cincinnati, Ohio:

I think history will remember President George Bush as one of the greatest Presidents ever. I truly believe that this country could have fallen much greater, and (that) he prevented our collapse.

I think I need a wider brush…

5 03 2008

I too have wondered what teh hell is wrong with Ohio?!! I live here and am just as confused. I mean, we should be held responsible for putting Bush into office for another 4 years, and now this! Outrage, moral outrage!

5 03 2008

LOL, I’d like to second this ENTIRE post. Kick rocks Ohio, kick rocks… I hope I never have to drive through the state – they have to be the most backwards state in the WORLD – DAYUM. Lets hope Pennsylvania comes to their senses.

6 03 2008

Hillary sucks! Too much plastic surgery!


6 03 2008

Don’t forget about Drew Carey:

10 03 2008

Oh shit, this is hilarious!! My boyfriend was in OHIO (Columbus) for a year and couldn’t wait to leave!! He kept talking about how strange it was there, he didn’t like any of the people, etc. Thank GOD he found a job in Charlotte,he is so glad to be down here, he makes stupid comments like “Man the roads are nice here!”

My cousins that are from OHIO mysteriously turned white, yet still have brown skin.

11 03 2008

I second TJackson’s comments. Everyone I know from other states asks what the hell is wrong with us and I have never been able to explain. Its as if we should take the blame for everything wrong with the world (since it WAS Ohio who reelected Bush, who went on to perpetuate the world’s worst turmoil). And not to mention caving in to Hillary’s silly scare tactics.

And they wonder why I won’t cheer for OSU.

12 03 2008


I’m from Ohio–Cleveland as a matter of fact(shaker heights–ok)–though I grew up in the NYC suburbs.

And while I am thoroughly perturbed by what went down there, here are a few things to consider:

1) the overall demographic make-up of Ohio tends to be older in major cities there than in other states–its called brain drain.

2) Race is the biggest power player in every corner of Ohio–especially rural Ohio. The antebellum south sent some folks there to mourn and find jobs after slavery.

3) All of the major cities in Ohio are pretty diverse–particularly Cleveland. And they voted for Obama–not by nearly as much as we needed–but see number one for why. Older black folks think Bill and Hil are the best things since wonder made white bread. Plus older black folks got a problem with him not being birthed by “the struggle”–i.e. he’s biracial and they can’t deal with that (see number 2 for why)

I won’t defend Ohio–but I will defend Cleveland until the day I die.

13 03 2008
Admiral Furious

Okay… I’ve seen Cleveland and its downtown waterfront is almost a mirror image of the inner harbor in Baltimore.

Thats where my compliments stop. I’ve been through several states in the south, including: Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia… and never in my life have I ever experienced racism as prevalent as what I experienced in Lorraine Ohio.

I will provide one example… but first a bit of a history lesson. In the vacinity of Lorraine Ohio, there is either a Ford or GM truck plant and I assume most of the residents out there are/were workers at the plant. Well, exactly ten years ago, my family decided to drive up to Lorraine Ohio for a family reunion; with my brother and I were driving a Green Toyota Tacoma.

Well, one night in Lorraine after my brother and I decided to go to a food mart when we were completely harrassed by a bunch of hillbillies in a large black AMERICAN SUV. To make a long story short, they attempted to entice us into racing… but of course I decided against it simply because I only had a 4Banger under the hood and he most certainly had an 8 cylinder. Additionally, I had Maryland plates… this dude was a local. So this fool eventually gets irritated with my refusal to engage in a speed contest and takes multiple attempts at running me off the road. Eventually I slam on the brakes, JUST in time for the idiot to go plowing off the shoulder and into a huge patch of mud and water. Of course, I cut the wheel (after getting splashed with mud) and try to speed back in the direction we came from.

Well here comes mister idiot again, with his girlfriend hanging out the side. They have no problem catching us and the bitch yells… “Hey Nigger, get that jap shit off these roads! Do you know where ya are!?!?!”

Thats when I finally saw a place to turn off where I saw at least three cars and a plethora of lights. The idiots kept driving.

For that… fuck Ohio. And fuck you racist pigs out there.

13 03 2008

I’m from Ohio.
Born and raised in Cleveland.
Lived in Columbus.
Worked in Akron.

I HEREBY RENOUNCE MY THROWN. I AM NO LONGER A CITIZEN OF OHIO. (in my best prince of zamunda voice)

thank you for the forum.

17 03 2008
Lorain Lover

A few fun facts for you, Admiral Furious, about Lorain (not Lorraine, learn to spell before you criticize others, please).

1. Lorain is the hometown of Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize winner and one of the greatest (Black) (Woman) American writers.
2. Lorain County is the home of Oberlin College, the first college in the country to admit Blacks and women.
3. Lorain was a major stop on the Underground Railroad.
4. Lorain County consistently votes Democrat, even when Ohio does not.
5. Lorain has a large Black and Puerto Rican community.

We are not all racists in Lorain and there are racists (gasp) EVERYWHERE.

17 03 2008
Admiral Furious

Please take note… Lorraine, no I’m sorry… Lorain (thank you for your educational lesson)… your town still sucks. I have family there, hence the family reunion that I attended in 1998ish (ten years ago if you cannot count) and I still maintain that your town… well… sucks. In fact, as bad as this sounds, if you are indeed black, I wouldn’t be surprised if you are someone in my extended family tree… which is fine. But never in my life had I ever nor since then been harassed or even experienced some pea brained hillbilly trying to run me off the road simply because they don’t like or respect what I’m driving. So with that said, Lorain Lover… your town sucks times three. The racists here in Maryland and all up and down the eastern seaboard have given me dirty looks and even muttered the occasional profanity and racial slur… BUT NEVER EVER EVER an attempt on my life. Now of course the demographic may have changed drastically since I last set foot in the town by the Erie, and the racists have moved on. But quite frankly, first impressions are lasting impressions… and Lorains first… well… it just sucked.

By the way… use a spell checker to see which way Lorraine is commonly known to be spelled.

18 03 2008
Its true...

I met a dude from Cincy a few years back, super nice guy but him and his friends back there…never seen anyone as blatantly and unabashedly racist as they are. Odd thing is…they have a lot of black friends from Cincinnati. Some of them play of the bengals and such…really really weird state.

Too close to Kentucky, I presume.

27 03 2008

i went to dayton once and there must be somethin in the water cuz those ppl just aint right, they are weird

31 03 2008

Wait a minute. i agree that Ohio is nothing spectacular, the rednecks, the racism, the sports fanatics, etc. but New York and California also voted for Hilary and people there are suppose to be sooooooooo enlightened. Also what about all the other states that voted for Bush twice? If those states would have voted “the correct way” then it would not have came down to Ohio. Florida? And also Washington DC put a crack head in office. And I live here in Bay area California and im black, and i have came across plenty of dumbasses.

29 04 2008

Ahh, forget ’em — buncha pansies who can’t even enjoy a good killin’ …

21 08 2008

Yes I am from Cleveland and went to college in Dayton and I must say that people from Dayton are extremely weird. Columbus people are different too. Cincinnati people…I’m not even gonna go there. Too crunk for me!

6 01 2009
Night Train

This is probably the lamest post on this site. The reader wants to diss Ohio but didn’t even bring up the fact that its Sec. of State Ken Blackwell was black, and helped get Bush elected in 04.

Columbus Ohio is actually one of the most diverse cities in the country. I’ve spent much time in Charlotte, Raleigh/Durham, Austin, Baltimore, Indie, and many cities of its size. Columbus has one of the more savvy music art and cultural fans out there. I reject the writer’s assessment of Ohio especially Columbus.

8 01 2009
Been in Ohio Way Too Long

I stumbled across this site by accident. I have been in Ohio for just about 11years and I have never stopped disliking it (I’m stuck in the Ohio tar pit).

From what I see, the people in political power are 99.99% white and can be defined as racist because they are “conservative” (see below for my comment on conservatism. Cincinnati, Columbus, Youngstown and Cleveland currently have Black mayors (that’s an accomplishment, right!) but as we all know, the true yielders of power are the business people (white) with the deep pockets and who recycle public funding through their construction, real estate, etc. enterprises.

But anyway, I have lived in other states and there must be something unique about the covert oppression here in Ohio…or it could be the entire midwest. It’s primarily a conservative state—they want to preserve the status quo: Whites at the top/everyone else just get what you can.

That’s not to say that there aren’t some good people here though because there are. It’s just that many people are so darn bitter and struggling to survive that it’s a competition and that breeds racism, especially among the members of the lower middle class who are losing their jobs at all the plants that are shutting down up here. I’m not defending anyone; I’m just trying to help everyone better understand this horrible situation!

By the way, some of the city development offices and chambers of commerce are campaigning to combat the “brain drain” of all the educated young people leaving the state. Hmnnn….

Enough written.

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