To My Readers: Send Your Angry Pics!

4 03 2008


I got bored and decided that placing the picture of a new angry black man/woman every few days is the best idea ever. I’ve started it off by throwing up a picture of a buddy of mine.

If you have angry pictures of yourself and/or your friends, I’ll be more than happy to put them up as a header, under the following simple conditions (remember, women can and should submit pictures, too!):

  1. send pics to
  2. the person in the photo must be a.) black or mixed-race black, and b.) ANGRY!!!!!
  3. the image is at least 300 x 300 pixels
  4. only 1 person in the photo
  5. no nudity or copyrighted images
  6. include the following info:
    1. nickname of the person in the photo
    2. occupation of the person in the photo
    3. location of the person in the photo
    4. a list of stuff the person in the photo hates
    5. either your own first name or a nickname so I can credit you as the submitter

By sending me your photo, you’re authorizing me to alter it in whatever manner I see fit (usually I’ll just invert the colors and switch it to greyscale, but you never know) – so don’t send me your picture if you don’t have a sense of humor.

Note: How often I cycle the picture in the header will depend on the size of the response I get which, if greater than ‘none’, will be a pleasant surprise.




3 responses

4 03 2008

what if you’re not straight up black, but can ‘tan’ yourself via photoshop’s lighting effects.


4 03 2008

i wonder how many people will email you pictures of stephen a smith

1 09 2008

Good day!,

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