Master’s Degrees

2 03 2008

Let me preface this post by saying that I absolutely encourage black people to become as educated as is necessary.

With that said, fuck a Master’s Degree. One of the most annoying things about black people is that many of us, as soon as we break the Bachelor’s Degree barrier, become shamelessly full of ourselves. Ever met a black person with a Master’s degree in philosophy, political science, social science, or any other discipline in that vein? IT’S FUCKING HORRIBLE.

You cannot have a conversation with these people unless it’s about something socially or morally relevant. If you try to talk about pop culture, or television, or mountain biking, or anything that’s actually fun, they’ll look down their fucking debt-ridden noses at you like you’re some irrelevant clod who “just doesn’t get it.”

Oftentimes, the newly minted Master of Bullshit will change his or her appearance – adopting dashikis and wearing their hair naturally* are two of their favorite choices. Immediately following this, they will start distinguishing themselves from other black people in conversation – referring to themselves as ‘educated’ black people (much in the same way that white people distinguish themselves from rednecks, Asians from FOBs, etc.). Then it’s only a matter of time before they’re participating in Poetry Slams, shopping at Farmer’s Markets, and formulating the image of their ideal mates based on TV shows like ‘Girlfriends’…and the transformation from ‘educated black person’ to ‘insufferable douchebag’ is rendered complete.


Figure 1: They think they’re better than you

To intercept the educated black people who will probably begin hating on me immediately: no, I am not some ignorant fucking thug who’s writing this blog because I stole your computer. I am not a person ‘on the outside looking in’, who is just angry because he can’t be like you. I have a bachelor’s degree from a well-respected school and graduated in the top 10% of my class with a real degree (Computer Science), and I did it in a scant 7 semesters. English and Philosophy majors paid ME to tutor THEM in classes in their own majors. Goddammit I hate the liberal arts…I’m getting off topic.

One of the things I hate about attending conferences is the inevitability of meeting these damn people. If I could trade the ‘networking’ part of these events for a good 4 hours of being waterboarded, I’d jump at the opportunity. But since that’s never an option, they will see me dressed well with my hair cut and perhaps speaking Edubonics**, then assume that I, like them, am just waiting to wax knowingly about the political issues of the day. I’ll usually be polite and indulge them, but the truth of the matter is that I’d much rather share a good fart joke than my opinion on the humanitarian crisis in Kenya. Being an engineer by training, practicality is a big deal to me – and to that end, a fart joke is far more relevant (I fart all the time, and frequently enjoy the farts of others) than Kenya (which doesn’t affect me at all).

But somehow, because I wanna talk about flatulence instead of Africa, I’m not as good as Mr. or Ms. Master’s Degree. Yea? Well to that, I offer Figure 2 in closing:


Figure 2: Has 3x my education and 1/3 my income

*I’m a big fan of natural hair on a black woman, but not when you use it as a symbol of your megalomania

** The King’s English peppered with sayings like “go ‘head!” and “no doubt” that are distinctly black but fall short of being off-putting to white people. Black people use Edubonics to prevent being labeled an Uncle Tom while asserting their intelligence




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2 03 2008
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2 03 2008

educated black people’s farts smell like avocados.

4 03 2008

NSBE conventions aren’t that bad, they are usually English/Political Science/Sociology major free. My father said “Any parent whose child majors in sociology is a failure as a parent.” My sister and I wisely chose economics and computer science.

4 03 2008

lol lol dude you’re my hero!

6 03 2008
Assistant Village Idiot

You’re a subset of how engineers in general look at liberal arts. Nice slant.

Linguistics is an exceptional choice for educated black people because it allows one to be both elite and 3rd-world sympathetic.

6 03 2008
Lee Pham


It pains me to read your post. I, too, have a technical degree – B.S. in Chemical Engineering. I, too, am NSBE to the core – four terms of service on the National Executive Board. But, I am now in law school, and I therefore fall into the your sweeping category of “English/Political Science/Sociology major”. Your post not only denigrates any non-technical professional, but it denigrates their parents, whom you have never met. Yes, I do love the NSBE mission and I am very concerned about our global competitiveness when it comes to technical fields – this in fact was my labor of love for years. I do not, however, elevate myself over anyone because of my profession, nor do I have the capacity to judge one’s legacy based on that.

The only way out of our enslavement is to love ourselves, not just individually, but collectively. I express this not only to you, thepowersthata, but also to the author of this website.

Lee Pham

7 03 2008

thepowersthata, my dad also said the exact same thing when I put “Psychology” as my expected major when taking my PSATs in high school. I promised not to go through with, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

I then went to university, majored in Broadcast Journalism and minored in Sociology, and now work for the most trusted name in news, whilst surrounded by other black women who speak Edubonics (while I still maintain the Queen’s English) and all look and act like they’re on “Girlfriends”.

My dad hasn’t disowned me, he’s probably just thanking the Lord that most of my education was paid with scholarships.

8 03 2008

Mr./Mrs. Pham…enslavement? I think you’d be more on point if you changed that to read “self-enslavement.” Plenty of blacks progress well ahead of the status quo…yet somehow others continually hold eachother down or get caught up in materialistic needs.

Either-or, I somewhat agree with the author – hilarious points of view. However, any education is better than no education.

9 03 2008

wow… why is it that so many science and engineering types are, well, dicks?

Especially when it comes to liberal arts graduates. We’re sorry you don’t get it, dweebs. We like human affairs and talking about them. Go back to whatever knob-twiddling you have to do now.

And I’m very sorry the author of this blog is such a moral retard he does not even apologize for not caring about the suffering of anyone not directly connected to himself.

10 03 2008


11 03 2008

Just another parroting of the prevailing American sentiment that any knowledge that doesn’t immediately net large amounts of money is useless.

Anti-intellectualism is one of the first signs of rising fascism.

11 03 2008
Admiral Furious

If I may interject for a moment…

I think the main focus of the rant posted within this blog was to pinpoint on the arrogance of some of the individuals who decide to obtain a liberal arts masters degree. I too have met some of these people who make claim that they are high and mighty and should be bowed down to simply because they’ve managed to complete a degree in say… communications or basket weaving for that matter. Its fine if one manages to achieve something that they feel is great, but flaunting and attempting to make other people feel bad because they don’t have a masters degree or simply, that person feels they are just flat out better is WRONG. I’ve come across quite a few of those people in my day… but the experience always humored me because: 1) They were usually unemployed burnouts who spent their time lighting up and kicking philosophy with others of their stature, 2) They attempted to look down upon me only to be informed by other people that I too have a masters degree, 3) Logistics are stated to prove much of what they argue wrong.

Again, I’m not discrediting anyone with a masters degree… and I do think its wonderful that anyone who has one worked hard to get it. But I personally will not tolerate someone who is unemployed, yet has a masters degree in public relations tell me that they know more about life than I do.

14 03 2008

I do like your blog. The more law school events I attend, the more arrogant people I meet. Some are building off their liberal arts masters degrees while ignoring their 150K student loan note. However, I will differ on one point. Your fart conversation is less important than Kenya. There is nothing wrong with being engaged. I recognize the need for fun conversations that are often “barred” at those conferences, but please a little respect for the African people fighting for their right to live.

17 03 2008
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17 03 2008

OMG-I went natural the morning of my MBA graduation ceremony.


19 03 2008

LOL…Edubonics! You know it’s the truth…I’m the first one to say something to my students like, “Y’all know you ain’t even read that article on the cultural political economy of urban education”…

20 03 2008

[…]formulating the image of their ideal mates based on TV shows like ‘Girlfriends’[…]

You do know that show’s executive producer was none other than Kelsey Grammer. We all know how much he knows of the Black female experience.

23 03 2008

Well, thats the problem, Engineers usually can’t look past their circuit boards. Rarely can they see the BIG picture. I love meeting engineers who complain about a new manager who only has a degree in like English or Philosophy. Think about it, there is a GOOD reason for that. Some disciplines actually teach you how to be critical and to think flexibility. For other disciplines, ther is only ONE way, which doesn’t work out well in the real world.
THe fact of the matter is the liberal arts are in a way far more practical because they affect your whole perception on life. A true student of the humanities studies it not just for the “paper” but for the possibility of self-edification.
But, I guess for the unpretentious “elite”(yes, if you look down on people because of their lifestyle choices your an elitist.) fart jokes go a lot farther than anything that might actually impact someones life in a useful way.(the irony considering that this guy calls himself practical, which is really code for “confused if it don’t involve nuts and bolts.”

23 03 2008


“I love meeting engineers who complain about a new manager who only has a degree in like English or Philosophy.”

I love meeting English majors who complain about managing engineers that make triple their salaries.

“Some disciplines actually teach you how to be critical and to think flexibility. For other disciplines, ther is only ONE way, which doesn’t work out well in the real world.”

The difference between engineers and liberal arts majors is the difference between reality and bullshit. For philosophy majors, there’s never a wrong answer – and that’s why idiots major in it. For engineers, there is one right answer, and if you get the wrong answer, people die. The reason that there is only ONE way/answer for engineers is because that’s how the world works, and engineers prefer to live in reality.

“THe fact of the matter is the liberal arts are in a way far more practical because they affect your whole perception on life. A true student of the humanities studies it not just for the “paper” but for the possibility of self-edification.”

What the FUCK does this even mean? If this sentence was a bridge, it would’ve collapsed and killed hundreds of people. Typical liberal arts: tons of words, flowery language, and no point whatsoever.

“But, I guess for the unpretentious “elite”(yes, if you look down on people because of their lifestyle choices your an elitist.) fart jokes go a lot farther than anything that might actually impact someones life in a useful way.”

Engineers build bridges, roads, skyscrapers, rockets, airplanes, cars, ships, computers and the programs that run them, surgical instruments, etc. Name me one thing a liberal arts major has EVER contributed to society that we couldn’t easily live without.

“(the irony considering that this guy calls himself practical, which is really code for “confused if it don’t involve nuts and bolts.”

Not confused, sweetheart, just bored. I mopped the floor gradewise with liberal arts majors in college. The lowest grade I received in a non-technical course in my entire college career was an A-…and it’s not like I avoided these classes – I had a double minor in art history and african american studies. It’s easy. It’s too easy. It’s nearly impossible to be wrong. It’s bullshit.

27 03 2008

Hating Liberal Arts major is like hating to read. Even if you do, you shouldn’t tell anyone since it reveals so much about you. I’ve got three degrees in English and I’m not the insufferable ass you would assume I am. Nor are the other English majors I know. We tend, in my experience, not to correct people’s English, nor do we talk about books and literature which we love since we’re very aware of how most people don’t read, don’t like to read, and are especially intimidated by, contemptuous of, or dismissive of those who do, especially when its poetry and fiction. All you’re doing is perpetuating a huge divide when there really isn’t one. It’s not accidental at any given school, it’s the Dean of Arts and Sciences. Why? Because we, engineers like you (scientists) and writers like me (artists) ask the same questions and have the same basic curiosity about existence. You look on the molecular level and we do it on the metaphorical. The three main questions that fascinate scientist and artists are 1)Where are we or where are we from/going? -origins 2)Who Am I? – identity and 3) How am I to functionWhat am I meant to do? — purpose. In other words, we’re both concerned with the nature of how things operate, dissecting them, understanding them, and even mastering and bending things to our will. While math has a definitive answer. We deal with what is the nature of truth and meaning? You can’t have one without the other. If you have scientist who are only clinically engaged, you get technology used in ways that hurt the people it was supposed to help (think bombing Hiroshima — which is why govt adn science is not “a good look.” When someone tells me they hate English, it usually means they don’t grasp the value others may have gushed about, making that person feel stupid or somehow “less than.” That’s unfortunate, and I apologize for those who did that to you. But the arts MATTER and those of us involved in it, truly involved creating it or discussing it, advancing it, are excited because we learn valuable lessons, gain insights that teach us and answer some of those fundamental questions. My best friend has a doctorate in Electrical Engineering. He is brilliant. For years, I didn’t know why we were friends. I noted over the years how articulate he is, what a good writer, and a clear thinker. When I was in Africa, he wrote lucid and interesting letters (and, yes, his grammar was on point). Some years later, he came to speak to Engineering majors at the college where I taught. I sat in the back as he discussed digital imaging and video. I was struck that he used the same words I use for literature that dealt with assessing, weighing, selecting, and making critical connections. At that moment, I understand how we had the same kind of mindset and goals from polar opposites of the spectrum. So, my point is you’re wrong about us — those in the humanities and liberal arts. If you’ve met assholes, and I’ve no doubt you have, it’s because people dismisss us and diss us all the time. It seems what matters is how much money we don’t make, not whether we love talking and introducing people to books, literature, philosophy, etc.. None of us expected to get rich being English majors or what have you. We also didn’t expect to be hated for loving to learn, liking knowledge for knowledge sake. We deal in ambiguities and the ambivalent nature of words and how what appears to be concrete and specific is possibly open to multiple interpretations that contradict yet all have substance. We love that. We know that isn’t something “practical.” But the truth is what I deal with is life which is full of contradictory truths — we call them oxymorons, we call it irony, but it’s the nature of existence. I’m not mad at you, and I really respect the sciences — engineers who really engineer — make things. And my bestfriend is one of those huge muckety-mucks in NSBE and a leading Black Engineer in this country. If you find some of us acting boorishly, it’s those of us on the defensive and those who like you fail to see we are all really engaged in the same enterprise. So, we can be denigrating and dismissive. But there are those of us who are more than just in the major but who love art, create art, and get others to see that art isn’t about low culture or high culture or a velvet rope where only the educated and wealthy dare enter. We know that books are written for all people, not snobby wealthy people. But we also know we live in an increasingly illiterate culture, unaccustomed and uncomfortable reading a long passage (like mine). That disturbs us. We lament the vide-editing way of presenting information in a barrage of quickly flashed images. There has to be a happy or happier medium. And as for being right or wrong in my field, what we care about is not the definitive answer. We care about the insightful answer, one that makes us think, that makes us see something in a new way we didn’t. And we accept that there can be a lot of answers. We are comfortable with a multiplicity of views, and we don’t need everything to be black and white since we know life isn’t like that all the time. It’s called postmodernism — the random indeterminacy of meaning. That can be unsettling to those who like things to be fixed and one way. We rage against that because we know how that kind of thinking tries to hold people back and make them conform to someone else’s standard. We like it to be about personal choices and readings — freedom. There’s a beauty to architecture, bridges, and technology — we see it as the combination of art and science. We also appreciate words which are really the way we communicate ideas — our laws, our customs, our attitudes are connected to words — like truth, justice, fraternity. Those words matter as much as any numbers. The two together are indivisible to life. I’ve said too much. But I hope you sincerely consider what I’ve said. I’d really like to hear your response and others.

27 03 2008

lol the edubonics thing is so true. and to the author of this blog: PREACH ON about how ridiculous liberal-arts education can be! i’d love to see a post on your take on that!!

27 03 2008

Oh, and I see in my rush to communicate that I’ve got typos. I don’t care. The point isn’t about being perfectly correct in spelling and punctuation. It’s about being hear, making sense, and hopefully getting someone to do more than hear but actually listen and consider what I said.

27 03 2008

Oh, and when my friend spoke I was struck that his main tool of implementation for reading data (video) involved using algorithmic functions while my data (literature) involved using or interpreting through similie, symbolism, allusion, and unpacking the functions hidden in metaphors. Same stuff from radically different approaches is all it is. And as far as those who major in sociology or social work and those majors — why belittle people who are concerned with the state of the human condition, trying to imnprove it? There’s something wrong with us, especially Black people, who adopt the historically white way of valuing life — property, money, and power. And maybe some think that’s “keeping it real.” I’m not against having money at all. I am against equating it with happiness or a fulfilled life. We see plenty of unhappy and depressed people caught up in a cycle of mindless, insane material consumption, trying to fill some void. Maybe they should try reading a book — the Bible, Toni Morrison, or something. Maybe they should give something as opposed to just earning capital, but that would require an interest in people not things. Those values of giving, caring, and being engaged with the world are promoted in both the sciences and arts. Don’t belittle people for caring. That’s like Hillary trying to put Barack Obama down for inspiring people. Something she can’t do. What we don’t understand, we hate and fear. I get that but it doesn’t make it right.

27 03 2008

Good post Ken…good post. Food for thought – for me at least, for I have been guilty of looking down on some majors myself in my pursue of a career that banked more. But thinking back, I would say I was more inspired by what my liberal arts professors had to say in and outside class, than any techie to date. Granted, not all liberal art ppl are captivating, and there are a lot of coasters out there, but on a one-to-one match-up I sure as hell would have a more interesting time with them than a bunch of dead-behind-the-eyes nerds.

27 03 2008
The Devil

THREE degrees in English?

Apologize to your parents, and then kill yourself.

– The Devil

27 03 2008
Admiral Furious


28 03 2008

It’s called a bachelor’s, master’s, and a doctorate. And I went on scholarships, grants, and a fellowship. My parents didn’t have to pay a dime. So if the Devil got debt, don’t project that on me. And as for Admiral, whatever man. The whole angry thing is just stupid. Take anger and do something constructive with it. Don’t embrace it — all that says is you’re whiny, self-indulgent, and think the world owes you something. Whitey really has won when niggas are going around talking about they’re glad to be angry and unhappy. That’slike saying, I’ve got Cancer and boy am I glad. I read the author’s tragic little bio. All I could think was, “get the fuck over it already.” Weakest Black people in the world are Black men in America. Black women just handle their business and get on with it. But Brothers feel like they’ve been cheated out of something. When it comes to whining like little Bitches, with your lips poked out, and your brow furrowed, this author and people like Admiral got that shit out on lock. Pathetic. What it really comes down to is that you brothersall envy what White men have, and that’s what you want. Boo hoo. So, go head Admiral and the author of this site with that unhealthy anger. Of course that’s corny to you angry, puffed up Black men. Deep down you dudes want to cry. Maybe you should and then you can move on to something better than mean, petty ass sniping on a bullshit ass blog. “I’m an angry Black man!” I mean how is that working out for you, really? LMAO. Got joy? And I’m done with this whole blog period. Won’t be back. Said what I had to say. Thanks Machete for the comment. All I wanted was to communicate. I didn’t realize Blogs are just stupid ass people really devoted to venting and engaging in some stupid ass childish tit for tat. Peace, blessings, or whatever — I’m out.

28 03 2008

Man, I wholeheartedly concur with you. You hit the nail on the head, brother.

28 03 2008

“And I’m done with this whole blog period. Won’t be back.”

That took long enough.

Take yourself seriously on this blog, and you will be fucked with mercilessly. Deal with it. Now run back to your book club, sweetheart.

28 03 2008
Mr. Smith

I could have written a novel with Ken’s material. I guess no one pointed out the glaring disclaimer at the top of the page “why you should not read this blog”.

28 03 2008
The Devil

Since I have a Bachelor’s in Economics, a Master’s in Finance, own a successful IT consulting company, and am a mentor to youth in programs nation-wide, I can safely say that my income, net worth, and self-worth are higher than yours…a wast of 8 to 11 years of your life reading Chaucer in successive and increasingly worthless academic efforts. You are a shame to your parents, whether you have been a financial burden or not, and a shame to the entire human community for endevouring in a life not worth living.

Since you apparently know nothing of the real world in which the rest of us live, I’ll safely assume you are an insufferable bore who creates a vacuum devoid of joy in each room in which you enter. Since that’s been established as a scientific fact, in an M. Night Shyamalan like twist of fate, I highly urge you to commit suicide by strangling yourself.

Hell, you had to grow up named after Barbie’s bitch-ass gay friend. You may as well die with some dignity after eating a tub full of beans…

– The Devil

28 03 2008
Admiral Furious

Oh my boy Kenny. I’m a bit perturbed that you decide to attack me when I’ve done absolutely nothing to you at all. I think that what The Devil has missed is the sheer fact that you make these proclamations to all of us simply because you detest yourself just that much. You are fully aware that your life is far worse than an epic failure and you kick yourself to sleep every night thinking that you can “still be an engineer” but slaved through the degrees that you thought would put you over the top. You adhere to the fact that you are far from useful in this society because all you can do is… well… correct someone else’s grammar


rather than assimilate with the ever changing technological realm of business. Your submission to reality pisses you off just THAT much… that you want to turn around and bash other people who have two, even three technical degrees simply because they are doing all the much better than you are in life. It’s okay… the root solution to your problem has already been mentioned… I suggest you investigate and enact on it.

And again, a few snippets on my education and success just to make that wound feel even worse: Bachelors Degree: Computer Science, Masters Degree: Dual Telecommunications Security and Network Security… with my MBA in progress. I won’t even go into the certifications I have.

And yes, Chris is a very good friend of mine. As is his brother.

Ken, go read a book or something.

28 03 2008
Admiral Furious

And since I’m incapable of inserting links for you Kenny, here ya go

Your Profession

28 03 2008
Admiral Furious

Yet another wonderful quote from a wonderful movie:

“Its not that you have it that bad…. its you’re that pissed… that other people have it that good.”

28 03 2008

I don’t take this blog seriously, you all do. You’re lying to each other and kidding yourselves. You care a great deal. It’s like a quasi-fraternity of sorry, unhappy Black men bonding over nonsense and how whitey hurt your feelings. What is the point of a supposedly funny site which at its heart is really about how disfunctional each of you are. Check the responses — ad hominem — now I’m “sweetheart” — classic insecure attack mode from Black men of other Black men– try to effeminize your perceived opponent, try to dominate him since evidently only on this pathetic ass blog are you able to control anything. Also, like most stupid niggas make claims about how much money you make since clearly that indicates superiority. Isn’t that exactly the kind of thinking of white men for centuries? Wow, you niggas are so progressive, so whole, so healed. This proseltyzing anger masked as jokes is sad and at your own expense. Don’t take it seriously. How could I? You motherfuckas are jokes yourselves. And when did I ever claim not to like or be technologically literate. That’s a stupid assumption. But hey, you like lumping people together into flattened out steretopyes. And since like a lot of us, I do like last word, I couldn’t resist coming back. But I’m okay with that, just like when I drive past a car wreck — rubbernecking to see the accident on the road. You dudes a mess. NOW niggas, fall all over yourself with some more lame ass attacks on my sexuality or money — ya’ll are just some stupid niggas with good syntax and degrees — but emotionally, you dudes are stuck in adolescence and puberty. What y’all really need to do is all get together offline and pull out your little dicks and jack off together cause this whole little site is nothing but self-absorbing and masturbatory circle-jerking by a bunch of supposed to be grown men who seriously are on here talking about how much money you make. Starting pay in the humanities is invariably lower than those in technical fields. I guess we should all choose majors that prove to society we have worth cause youre equation is BIG CHECK =BIG DICK=BIG MAN. That’s so eurocentric and tired. BUT y’all strong Black brothers, no doubt, right??? Plenty of sites have intelligent exchange and a sense of humor, not masking self-hatred and hatred of others. That’s just not y’all. Cool. Carry on, limpdicks.

28 03 2008
The Devil

Mr. Ken! Welcome back!!! We missed you oh so very much.

Let me clear up for you since you wasted your time in school on non-critical thinking subjects:
1. I’m not black, you joyless meat popsicle.
2. You are a liar for saying you were never coming back to the blog, only to reappear in less than 24 hours. You have no honor, no shame, and no future.
3. Go kill yourself.

– The Devil

28 03 2008

Mr. Smith I did read the disclaimer — or should I say the kool-aid which clearly you drank. It’s not my fault you couldn’t read through the bullshit. When someone tells you he doesn’t care what you think, HE DOES! And he cares a GREAT DEAL. But that disclaimer is a test and a contract if you’re going to go along with the program. I’ll bet you even comnpete to be angry black man of the month. Nothing, and I mean nothing is as pathetic as confused brothers who mask pain with bravado and deep-seated feelings of inferiority with obnoxious bravado and machismo. Pathetic. Now open your mouth, stop sucking and get ole boy’s nut sack off your chin.

28 03 2008

“It’s like a quasi-fraternity of sorry, unhappy Black men bonding over nonsense and how whitey hurt your feelings.” People like you go to Wu Tang concerts and get pissed off when Elton John doesn’t show up.

Why the hell would you come to a website called “Stuff Black People Hate” expecting anything other than exactly this?

“…try to dominate him since evidently only on this pathetic ass blog are you able to control anything.”

I direct this blog, the efforts of nine software developers, and most recently, your emotions.

“Also, like most stupid niggas make claims about how much money you make since clearly that indicates superiority.”

Aw, Mr. High and Mighty adopted the N-word. Welcome to the gutter, pop tart.

“But hey, you like lumping people together into flattened out steretopyes.”

This is the basis for almost all standup comedy, which is funny because most people can laugh at themselves. But I guess I’d be insecure too if my claim to fame was three English degrees (which is about as useful and interesting as having three left shoes.)

“And since like a lot of us, I do like last word, I couldn’t resist coming back. But I’m okay with that, just like when I drive past a car wreck — rubbernecking to see the accident on the road.”

How does that first sentence logically lead to the next? What’d you study, again?

“ya’ll are just some stupid niggas with good syntax and degrees”

I have a registered IQ of 136. And yes, our syntax is splendid. Thank you 🙂

“but emotionally, you dudes are stuck in adolescence and puberty. What y’all really need to do is all get together offline and pull out your little dicks and jack off together”

You’re one asking us to circle jerk…and you’re calling us immature…

“I guess we should all choose majors that prove to society we have worth”

Yes. This attitude allows society to do things like cure Polio.

“That’s so eurocentric and tired.”

You’re the one calling us ‘niggers’

“Plenty of sites have intelligent exchange and a sense of humor, not masking self-hatred and hatred of others.”

Then by all means, go watch Frasier, and come back when you grow a pair.

“That’s just not y’all. Cool. Carry on, limpdicks.”

You’ve spent an awful lot of time talking about our dicks. Perhaps there’s something besides our sense of humor that’s frustrating you…

You wretched woman.

28 03 2008
Admiral Furious

This guy says we take this too seriously? Wow. I guess we’re too serious. We point out real issues and then make humor of it. (shrug)

28 03 2008
black man without college degree...

These sites are just silly. Why would black people hate Master’s Degrees…???
Way to promulgate (wait, do you know that word) the stereotype that black people are uneducated. Sounds like someone is mad they didn’t finish their thesis…..

28 03 2008

Here’s a new word for you, dipshit: Satire.

Jesus Christ where do these joyless fucking people COME from?

28 03 2008
black man without college degree...

i have plenty of joy…

poor satire…

but not my blog, so ya’ll be easy…

28 03 2008

Then by all means, join hands with Ken as you two tiptoe through the tulips of the self-proclaimed intellectually elite, and try not to let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

28 03 2008

ken went from ‘happy happy joy joy’ to ‘you niggas this you niggas that’-niggas with a ‘S even! Not a typical ‘R but the (invite only) ‘S!

Why the fuck is he so damn concerned and emotional?


28 03 2008
black man without college degree...

man, you’re a lot more upset by my comment than i thought you’d be. Sorry to hurt your feelings…

Honestly, you have to understand that i grew up for a great deal of my life, like i’m sure many of you and your readers did, being called “white” because i got good grades and spoke well. So, maybe i had a bit of a chip on my shoulder with this post… i dig satire, but the edge was lost on me b/c i admittedly do get touchy about education – for everyone, not just blacks.

Anyway, i’m not tip-toeing (sp?) anywhere with Ken, cause i just dont have enough anger in me to sit here and try to insult you all over-and-over again. Internet thugs like that are… well, they are something this black person hates.

Again, ya’ll be easy.

28 03 2008
black man without college degree...

Last thing, the comment about fart jokes was hilarious…

28 03 2008

Fair enough.

28 03 2008
Fruity Pebble

Love the post. Love the site. I found it yesterday, and have told everyone I know about it.
At the risk of sounding like I’m taking this too seriously: They say if you like what you do, you never work a day in your life. I have a BA in Sociology, and am working on an MA in Liberal Arts. I know, I know. My Phd-in-O-Chem brother thinks I’m the scum of the earth. Oddly, I always much did better than he in science and math, so it wasn’t a question of ability (and he’s pretty effing smart). Basically, I love to travel, don’t particularly care much about money, and have always really enjoyed doing touchy-feely-volunteer-type work. It seemed only right to get the most advanced piece of paper necessary for me to do said work without getting the shittier jobs (a relative who works for the government once told me in that field the difference between BA and MA is like night and day; he also told me that, as the one doing the hiring, he’d never once asked anyone what their degree was in…just if they had one or not). I just always saw myself traveling the world on my job’s dime, learning languages and feeding starving people.
I don’t consider myself any more enlightened than anyone else who has to wend their way through life without killing anyone. Everyone’s valuable. I need someone to plan the bridges I drive over every day, just like those Haitian kids need someone like me to convince guilty rich people to send them money for food that’s not made of dirt.
Oh, and in my field of study/work, I constantly encounter the type of enlightened jerks mentioned in the post. And, yeah, those twats suck (almost as much as my hard-science brother’s condescension; yeah, he makes more than I, but he spends it on porn because he’s too much of a disconnected, pompous assclown to get a date). One good thing about the lack of structure in liberal arts? The variety of ways to tell people of all walks of life to go f*ck themselves.

29 03 2008
Admiral Furious

Fruity Pebble, I can absolutely respect you both as a person and a professional because you are not telling people how their life should be simply because you have a liberal arts degree. I, personally, have no problem with anyone who has one and is subtle and humble about themselves when it comes to conversation about it. Others… well… they need to get in touch with reality and get off the crack. (or pot for that matter)

29 03 2008
Mr. Smith

Ok Ken,

You’re a useless piece of garbage. Since you’ve come on to this blog, you have contributed nothing worthy of thought or praise and your opinion matters as much as the last deuce I dropped in the toilet. Find something better to do with your 3 english degrees than feign your superior intelligence to a blog of people who do not like you, respect you, and did not care when you announced your drama queen exit from this blog. Seriously get a life.

29 03 2008
Admiral Furious

LMFAO MR SMITH!!! ldfkjngaseiorlgaijk.egnspeir;gnjlsjdfgn

29 03 2008

i’m salty, cause i have a master’s in special education. who want’s to hear about that?

29 03 2008

Dear “the Devil,”

im in love with u.

30 03 2008

I hear your anger more than I hear your message. Why are you so angry? Your life is what you make it. You’re perfectly allowed to Invite those people into your life you feel comfortable with. The truth is that life is about meeting your own expectations, rather than expecting others to meet yours.

30 03 2008

“It’s like a quasi-fraternity of sorry, unhappy Black men bonding over nonsense and how whitey hurt your feelings.” People like you go to Wu Tang concerts and get pissed off when Elton John doesn’t show up.

I think I love you.

30 03 2008

LMFAO!!! I thank God, Allah and Messiah for finding this site!!
I’m almost done with my BA looking into Grad school and know exactly just wtf you’re talking about!! lololol

2 04 2008

I certainly wonder what this blog is about. The Devil? You remind me of one of those people who need to depend on degrees and material possesions in order to feel good about yourself. I am Liberal Arts degreed….began with English (and I agree with you there….thought reading old dead English cats was a waste of time) so did PR/Journalism instead. Thing is, social sciences, writing, creativity, and all the things that liberal arts are, have been around much longer that “computers” and all things technical. I find it strange that Black men have the audacity to talk about what white men do to them and then turn around and do the same to other black people. (Sounds eerily slave plantation 1400-1800ish me). Communication; while many times not as lucrative, (and that seems to be the only point here), is certainly more important in terms of the inablility to hide it when you’re lacking.

I never hear anybody having early morning talkshow conversations about the dire embarassment one faces when they can’t get their computers to work, or the fact that they’re all ashamed about the fact they can’t connect their over-priced technical toys. So what! Who gives a shit? I’ll simply call the damn Geek squad! just as aI call the plumber for the jacked up sink. However, you always hear people laughing about incorrect sentence structure/syntax, misused words, etc. The liberal arts preceeds everything. If you’re a techie who can’t speak well or express yourself on the fucking interview and you need to not only be “technical” but deal with poeple, you’re fucked anyway. If it were a company I owned, you wouldn’t get your ass in my door.

My cousin is majoring in Accounting as we speak. She’s good with numbers and the mortgage, financing gig she has now, but she is about to commit suicide over the papers she has to write, and some of the classes she has to take that involves real thought processes. Where there is some math problem with one answer and there is not much else to choose from maybe, but when she might actually have to critically think about something….she’s blown. Sometimes, I’m trying to help her and I am wondering how people don’t get it. And to add, I know many technical people who couldn’t read their way through a Dick and Jane book. And you know what?, I don’t think my cousin’s dumb or stupid….just doesn’t like English/Writing or whatever.

Early on, I thought law as a profession. I now work at one of the largest law firms in the country and I see the applications of hundreds of potential regular/summer/fall associates. Aplpicants must reveal their relations to relatives who are attorneys at other law firms as a part of the potential conflicts segment of the process. I’m sure that about 30%-40% have fathers/mothers who are partners at other firms, sisters, brothers, etc. I can guarantee you that about 30%-40% of them are only here for that reason. Their parents sold them the possibilities of prestige and money, (not to mention the threat of being looked down upon) but they really wanted to be teachers or artists. And, believe me, many end up doing something else despite the fact they were good at law…just not happy with it. It bores some to tears. Point is…many people don’t not go into professions because they couldn’t. You couldn’t possibly believe that every one who is not an Engineer, or IT professional is not one because they weren’t smart enough. I would bet my life that there are plenty of Janitors, and garbagemen who could have been rocket scientists if they wanted. Thing is, there are a certain type of people who don’t want to believe that because that possibility makes them feel “less smart”.

I have absolutely no interest in anything technical, but I certainly have no doubt that I could have accomplished that if I had wanted to do so. If I could do it all over again I’d probably do study sort of biological science…love it! I don’t understand this whole thing. I thought this was a site where Black people connected…ok, wrong site.

2 04 2008
The Devil


I see by your post that you are a very thoughtful and introspective person. I implore you to post more often, as I feel this blog needs more commentary such as yours.

I can certainly understand your comment directed at me based on some of my inflammatory comments, but if you look closely, I never mentioned what kind of car I drive, how big my house is, or how current and Italian my closet happens to be. If I left you with the impression that I am only interested in material gains and collecting things, I apologize. I was merely trying to respond to Ken’s points fully and truthfully.

My main interest is in helping other people reach their dreams, and to live to their fullest potential. Teaching others to do, giving them jobs, helping with their tuition, education, etc. We all have a role to play in human society, and I have little patience for anyone who chooses to waste (subjective wording I admit) a large portion of their life pursuing endeavors that don’t help solve issues that are crippling our society. I do like to reach goals and reward myself accordingly, but not at the expense of greater goals. I try to exist as more than a “consumer” in this society.

And please, don’t be put off by my title, as it’s not as ominous as it seems.

Again, thank you for your post, and I look forward to reading more from you!

– The Devil

4 04 2008

The Devil,

Well, your posting was certainly refreshing…not to mention shocking…. I thougth I was in for it. I totally agree with you on some points. We are certainly consumed by “things”. I often study people and their habits in an effort to draw some type of conclusion about “who” they are. I watch friends and family members who consider themselves “nice people” or who proclaim “I am a good person”. But, I wonder what they believe makes someone a good person.

I’ll be honest right up front…I am not considered a “nice person” by many. Now let me fill you in. I don’t put up with bad customer service, I hate rude people, and I will stand up and speakfor anything that I believe. Thing is, my views, and willingness to express them, often make others very uncomfortable. But who’s problem is that really? I think many times people don’t actually have a problem with “what you say” they’re just pissed that you have the gumption to say it and they don’t.

I may be viewed as a trouble maker, one who rocks the boat too often, etc. While I am no 21 year old and have learned from experience to choose my battles wisely, I am no pushover by any stretch of the imagination. I stand up for what I believe in and I care much more about being respected than liked. “Like” can vaulter depending on whether someone agrees with you one day, and then you piss them off the next. Respect has longevity…staying power. Thing is despite the quirks, people seem to swarm to me. Stange huh?
The reason that I ask “what defines a good person” is that I fine people wear that like it’s some button slogan you wear on you jacket breast. People who say, ” I’m nice, I’ve got this calm demeanor, I’m not confrontational, if someone p’s me off, I just let it go, something happens as a matter of injustice, it’s not my business, I’m just caalllmmm! No you’re just a trash bag! My friend does that. People take advatage of her alot in my opinion and then she let’s it go on and then talks about it later…to someone other than the person doing it to her. Now she’s stressed and mad at herself for not speaking up. Well, I seldom have that issue. Not that I explode about everything, and go cursing people out (though I have), but it’s rarely necessary for me to do that. People are generally pleasant to me and I go out of my way to do the same….I love talking to strangers.

I said all that to say this– she does many things for friends and other family members. Picks up peoples children, babysits, loans/gives a slew of money to unappreciative people, etc. So, one day I asked her, “do you give money to charity?” She thought about it for awhile and then said, well….not not really. So, I started thinking..I know they say “charity starts at home”, but I think it kind of doesn’t. If I give my children something…it’s automatic not charity. I think real charity is giving to someone when they have absolutely no opportunity to look you in the face and say “thank you”, or the opportunity to pay you back, or now that you’ve done something for them, they have the opportunity to reciprocate.

Some peoples’ “giving” always involve people they know or someone with whom they can trade favors. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a “thank you”..someone showing gratitude, but I think people should access why they do “nice” things for “other people”. Perhaps Oprah has biggest heart of any person on the planet. I don’t know, but those “give millions to the unfortunate” shows sure skyrocket the hell out of her viewership- ratings-bankaccount. What do most people do when no one else is watching?

Also, I was surprised to learn; via another one your postings, that you are not African-American, not that it matters at all. I’m certainly glad to know that you feel it important to do more than show your neighbors that you’ve got a Lexus; that you understand the connection between helping others and your own welfare…inside and out. Just want to get your take on the above. Please post soon.

4 04 2008

If only……….I have NEVER laughed so hard and been so enthralled by reading someone’s thoughts. I stumbled upon your blog and now fantisize about finding “you” in the form of an educated black man who is STRAIGHT, funny, sensitive, secure, emotionally, physically and financially healthy between 50-55 years old. The sad part is I will be left to “Dream on”. Stay angry and real!

4 04 2008


Actually I’m a law student too, and I kind of agree with Chris here. I consider law to be “doing something important,” and I don’t particularly have any shame about my degree choice, but frankly most of the law students you meet are insufferable. I actually think the arrogance problem is even more pronounced in the white law students I meet than the black law students I meet; a lot of the white law students I meet are like third or fourth generation lawyers and think the world owes them because they graced a room with their presence.

I do disagree about the Kenya comment though, I have to admit. I don’t think there is anything wrong with getting revved up about social issues. That being said, if you’re at a party or some other social function, and you start talking Kenya and your conversation partner’s eyes glaze over, find something else to talk about. Mountain biking is interesting too.

4 04 2008

Hmm I appear to be behind the curve on this one–that’s what I get for posting before reading all of the comments! I saw “I’m in law school, grr you insulted me,” and felt the urge to respond. Sorry about that!

6 04 2008

loooooool, this is spot on …… am a Bachelor of computer engineering and Msc (comp science)……… this is what i have been saying to my liberal arts friends ……………… most of them agree with me now

7 04 2008

LOL! This reminds me of how at times I can’t stand non-lib arts majors. They have this tendency to think that if your job prospects aren’t tipping at $100K salaries, that you’re not going anywhere. I have a BA in English and it amazes me how ppl still don’t understand why I’m not a teacher or why I took internships. I’d have to say that half the ppl I know that studied in the sciences (bio, chem) and business (accounting, finance) really believe that shit.

My plan was to become a writer. Long story short, I now work as an editor. Ppl in non-lib majors told me that I couldn’t make it there cuz “it’s too hard” or “it’s too hard for Blk ppl to advance in that feel or get in there.” Last I checked, being Blk was hard, but what do I know? Anyway, lo and behold, those ppl with the more “practical” majors are either stuck at unfulfilling jobs and/or can’t find a job elsewhere and are on their way to getting laid off. Also, I used to love my philosophy and history courses while those non-lib majors found them “too deep” or “too hard.”

But, I do see where you’re coming from because far too many of the multi-degreed are snobs. A coworker friend of mine has a BA from a NY-based school and has a Master’s in journalism from NYU. How she landed at our non-profit gig is a whole other sad story, but she puts waaay too much stock into a degree. For whatever reason, this snob thinks that having a Master’s and/or PhD somehow translates into having good manners, being an excellent speller, and being a superior grammarian.

As far as convos go, I can’t lie, I’m not a big fan of discussing trivial shit. Since I’m a political junkie, I do love discussing politics and current affairs. I don’t mind discussing pop culture and recreational activities. I actually welcome the latter cuz a sista needs more hobbies. But trivial shit (with regards to my circle) = gossip that fosters self-aggrandizement. Ain’t nothing worse than a gossip monger that needs to feel better about his/her sorry life.

7 04 2008

“Here’s a new word for you, dipshit: Satire.

Jesus Christ where do these joyless fucking people COME from?”

Maybe if he were an English major, he’d know the word. Seriously, though, before anyone gets their panties in even more of a bunch, it’s called a “joke.”

Everyone’s jumping on that Ken person. All they started out saying was that the elitism of a non-liberal arts major is retarded. Calling someone’s major worthless?

Honestly. Everyone has their own expertise and the right to practise it. Often, it’s not about money, and having a certain amount of money because you chose a certain job does NOT make you better than anyone else, hate to break it to you. Again, called sarcasm.

This “devil” thing makes me laugh at him/her. “Go kill yourself,” always “go kill yourself.” A true hateful asset to the world. With that hate in you, I’d feel sorry for you, even if I were living in a box.

Somewhere along the line, the satire gave way, in these comments, to stupidity. And, again, extreme elitism.

I enjoy being what I am. I hope you guys can say the same. Like another person, I won’t be coming back. Don’t get me wrong, the blog is funny as hell, a very good satire. But I’d rather forget that such ignorant people exist, ones that just tell other humans to off themselves.

Just remember, no one’s better than anyone else. If you think you are, well, enough said.

Good luck in your little, pissy pot.

7 04 2008

“Like another person, I won’t be coming back.”

Why do people keep saying this as if I care?

Considering that I minored in art history, my liberal arts rant applies even to me. But I, unlike you (and others) can laugh at myself even when it goes beyond the gentle ribbing that’s the limit of what can be tolerated by the thin-skinned.

This is a trash-talking forum, pal. Deal with it and grow a pair, or kill yourself.

Bye now! 🙂

7 04 2008

For the record, I was a communications major and I can make half a million off of one script, one treatment, one idea!

And as soon as I sell one of these bitches (ha), I’m shitting on everyone!

Until then, I’m shutting the fuck up and trying to figure out a way to end act 3

Peace out

7 04 2008

Wait, here’s something that just occured to me

I get insanely jealous when other girls flirt with Chris on here…

Quit brain fucking me ok! Quit!

This is getting out of hand… BTW you get that ring yet?

8 04 2008

lol…I am a Sociology major.. I was a Nursing major and decided to switch because it was something that I decided I just couldn’t do. Not that I was incapable, I just can’t work directly with people like that. Honestly too.. I just wanted a degree..I honestly didn’t really care to go to college but I also didn’t want to be pigeon-holed into working at Mcdonalds for the rest of my life. My father has his bachelors in Journalism and is a very well known and prominent figure in our city now, people even want him to run for mayor. Its not even so much what degree you get but just how driven you are to be able to get into the door somewhere and make an impact. I work with computer science, biology majors who have graduated at my job right now…and it really wouldn’t matter what degree they have because they aren’t even trying to do anything with it..The funny thing is I AM their boss…lol Honestly I have even thought of not even pursuing my masters now..I’m like for what just so I am in more debt?? A lot of people don’t realize too that when you get your masters it can be harder for you to find a job because people don’t want to have to pay you more so a lot of the time they will skip you and go right ahead to the person who just has their bachelors.
But other than that…I feel you on the pompous uppity attitudes of a lot of highly educated African Americans like they didn’t use to go around the corner to the store for some cheetos and a pop. The more education you get shouldn’t mean sacrificing your personality.

30 04 2008

God I am soo guilty. I have a Master or Arts Degree in Gender Studies and make as much as most temporary security guards in our building.

30 04 2008
Mr. Smith

Way way WAY too late to the party. What do people think is going to happen announcing their leave?

“No please don’t go! How will our blog that consistantly sustains 300 comments per day ever survive without or english major intellect and unmatched wit!?”

Seriously, this is the internet drama queens. Climb off the cross, take the wood, build a bridge and get over it.

8 05 2008
Fake CEOs « Stuff Black People Hate

[…] been inexplicably removed from the site). I railed lightheartedly upon this post in my now-infamous Master’s Degrees post. I can’t believe that during that tirade I failed to mention the single most offensive […]

11 05 2008

lol ya’ll are GROWN! what is there to cry about??? Don’t come back then damn. . . that just means less retarded, off topic rants and comments that amount to nothing than more laughs; and MORE people who take themselves to seriously. If you can’t laugh at yourself, I will be sure to chuckle a little extra for you. Any who, I thought it was HILARIOUS! I go to UMCP, home of the DC metro area’s, self-righteous degreed freedom fighters. second maybe only to Howard. . . your cowrie shells, your lop-sided afro, your hard ass heels, and your advanced degree in some public works bullshyt does not make you better than me. lol you will just probably end up begin a high school guidance counselor or teaching the african american studies 1/2 credit elective at Duval high school anyway. I just wish folks would stop majoring in fawkin psychology and NOT doubling it with bio. Psychologists make NO MONEY. . . psychiatrists do. What’s the point of telling someone they are crazy, if you can’t even prescribe the medicine for them to take to fix it?

Sidenote: a lot of black people are communications majors. . . what the fawk does that even MEAN!!!???? you all can’t possibly grow up to be radio hosts, DJs, and speech analysts for CNN. I’m sorry, if Rane can get on the radio, I am almost CERTAIN you don’t need a degree. Just wasting money at that point. lol All you have to do is yell, play a little wayne song every 37 minutes, and speak in the vernacular of the little 16 year old retards that call in to win tickets to summer jam. lol It is 5 o’clock time for me to go home. lol

14 05 2008


Your site is sooooooo f uckin funny!!! And much better than the “stuff educated black people like” one!!!

Keep it up man!

21 05 2008
CompSci to SocSci

I went from computer science to human factors/ergonomics and hopefully an applied anthro program next…yes! im falling in love with the human needs! WHILE still keeping the practical quantitative nature of my computer science can happen man! 🙂 i just think we all need to become well-rounded in our studies – too much of one type of thinking isn’t good for your character regardless of degrees and paycheck….and there is a lot of funding out there for those interested in the multidisciplinary field. not trying to brag..but slight rubuttal against the implication that it isn’t a “real degree” real you mean makes lots of money!?? knowing the balance between the social science and computer science world has payed off well for me $$ (HCI HFE, Usability, User Interface..are all in high demand) it’s all love homie and i love my natural hair and farmers markets…LOL..your site is great! 🙂

To the readers…
Check out these sites for more info on how to merge the two:
..or just google, computer science and ..have fun!

21 05 2008
CompSci to SocSci

^^^ D’oh that should be google ..or just google, computer science and “a social science” ..have fun!

..PS2: I looooooove pop-culture and activities…it’s all about being well-rounded man! i believe anyone who studies humans would know that…it’s the engineers im worried about…lol

22 05 2008

I can see both sides of the argument because I work in IT as a Technical Writer, but I started in support. As a support person, I found it frustrating to have a manager with no technical background trying to explain to me the technical specifics of my job. On the other side, as a Technical Writer, the arrogance of developers who think that their products are self-explanatory, and who refuse to comment their code or document their products, is a major point of frustration.

As the holder of a M.S. in Computer Information Systems who is considering getting an MFA in English (purely to up my salary), it is both silly and potentially necessary to succeed as a Technical Communicator. A lot of Technical Writing jobs still require a degree in English or Journalism, regardless of the fact that my M.S. was from a writing intensive program (go figure). Ultimately being able to move back and forth between the Science and Liberal Arts worlds will allow me a lot of job flexibility, and that’s a great thing.

I just don’t understand the animosity between the LA and Sci folk. When the economy goes south, we all get screwed anyway! I do, however, understand the hubris associated with new Master’s degree holders. I think all degree holders (regardless of level) are guilty of it from time to time.

12 06 2008
Merri Lee

I had to share my ignorant Master’s Degree story. I volunteered at a community cleanup day over the weekend with a bunch of educated negroes. When it was time to weed the grounds, one heffa really said, “what? I have a master’s degree!” I’m assuming it wasn’t a master’s in English, or she’d be able to read “Community Clean Up.”

16 06 2008

i just could not resist…

im finishing my BA in Art next year and will (not might, will) be going for my Masters in Art Therapy next year. i dont even know where that falls on the liberal arts/technology spectrum, but i do know that i can feel exactly where the author is coming from with the pompousness of some people. i love the way he puts things, i think its hilarious.

for those who try to defend their pompousness (cuz clearly u only need to defend yourself if this blog touched a nerve), its all jokes. just laugh and keep it moving. if you cant laugh, still keep it moving. just like the authors words say something about him, your replies to this blog say something about you.

17 06 2008

awww… i’m finishing my master’s degree in 4 weeks… i’m not lame like the people here and fart jokes are ALWAYS funny… lol

10 07 2008

This post had me bustin up. I have my degree in Sociology and a Master’s in Education (which serve me well, since I am a counselor). Maybe it’s by virtue of my geographic area or undergrad school, but usually the most insufferable, joyless, arrogant fucksticks were those who felt their majors were “better” than others (science majors, engineers, economics).

For the record, people who only want to discuss high minded political news like they’re straight off the BBC need to be punched in the throat.

19 07 2008
Kara S.

I’m a sociology major and i have all respect for engineers. But i’ve decided to not get my master’s degree because it would be a waste of my damn time. Funny ass post, though.

25 08 2008

I started out in sciences, got bored out of my goddam skull, ended up in a PhD for English, and now teach English. Didn’t turn out too bad, since I actually wrote some useful stuff. The problem, from years of teaching writing, is that most people trying to write know fuck all about logic, and could use a few math and science classes to get them to think through a problem without getting lost. Or get through a sentence without wandering half-away around their thought before they decide to put a period in their someplace. (The worst offenders are the theorists; the more complex the idea, according to them, the less the rules of grammar and the need to communicate that complex idea applies.)

I’m going to use this for my fall classes:
“If this sentence was a bridge, it would’ve collapsed and killed hundreds of people.”

31 08 2008

People who work hard to further their educations ARE better than the lazy assholes who don’t want to better themselves and try to bring down someone who has.

8 09 2008

hahhahahahaha *fart* hahahahaha. God BLESS em’ all!!!!…poetry slams attending, fake ass “oooh la la “I like Jazz” but can’t name a Jazz artist other than Miles Davis so called educated Blacks with fucktenities and slutorities connections,credit card debt out the ass cause the goal is to fake it till you make it…. I think I just vomited a little in my mouth. * I write this as I am pursuing my Masters in psychology (hahahaha)*

15 09 2008
Doesn't Take A Degree 2 Know This.......

Even if you in a Benz, you still a nigga in a coupe………

15 09 2008
Doesn't Take A Degree 2 Know This.......

Even if you in a Benz, you still a nigga in a coupe…..

29 09 2008

Sounds like you are boasting/bragging like the individuals you are writing about. Why dis someone’s major. I applaud anyone for seeking higher education, especially with so many black kids dropping out of high school. That’s my depinion!

………no, I am not some ignorant fucking thug who’s writing this blog because I stole your computer. I am not a person ‘on the outside looking in’, who is just angry because he can’t be like you. I have a bachelor’s degree from a well-respected school and graduated in the top 10% of my class with a real degree (Computer Science), and I did it in a scant 7 semesters. English and Philosophy majors paid ME to tutor THEM in classes in their own majors.

3 10 2008

:sneaks in:: erm liberal arts major here…But it’s all good though…LOL. I agree with you. I thought I was the only one who felt that way. I have a BA and have no intention of going for a masters. Just a waste of money to me…lol.

5 10 2008

Long time lurker , thanks for the post. Of course, I am dealing with this situation with a sister, my boss. First day I met her she made it know they she graduated from an Ivy league and had her masters. I preface the next statement by saying, it is an achievement when we as “black folk” attain any type of higher education. But goddamn, LOL, lets tone down the holier than thou, I must correct the person in every conversation because I attained an advanced degree. But that being said on the real tip, I have encountered that mindset before it always speaks to incredible sense of insecurity.

13 10 2008

People are shocked when I tell them I have an MS because I choose not to carry myself with that attitude. I like to think I’m down to earth, but have worked at a Black colleges where that attitude is rampant. My boss was typical. Pimp with a degree who treated all accordingly. Needless to say his staff was constantly rotating out to white colleges and institutions. Have to agree with Michelle–incredible level of insecurity.

17 10 2008
Keepin' It Real

First of all most of the engineering/computer science majors paid me to write their papers because while having technical knowlege is good, you still have to know how to write a clear well constructed sentence and be able to present your ideas in a clear and concise manner. Secondly, black people just don’t get it. If you don’t get a master’s degree you will be left behind. Any black person who hopes to move up into a high executive level needs a master’s degree to put them at the next level. And yes, I do tend to look down on people who want to talk about crude and crass “fart jokes” or other stupid crass low brow things. But I do not look down on them because I have a master’s degree, I look down on them because they are low class and poor excuses for human beings.

17 10 2008
Keepin' It Real

Additionally, it seems like Chris rock is right, books are like crytomite to a lot of black people. I know this well from being a teacher. I was frankly embarrassed to be a black person because the majority of my black students were proud to be low achievers who either couldn’t read or write or coudld barely read and write and they were proud of this. They, like you were also proud to writhe around in ingorance and low brow taste while their upper class black, asian, and white counterparts where only two happy to soak up knowlege and demonstrate how smart they were to get ahead. Seriously, when are black people going to stop thinking that ignorance makes you more black. Ignorace makes you more ignorant. If a lot of black people are left behind today its because they disdain higher education. Why do you think white people, asian people, indian people and arab people and African people tend to do better? Its because they value education and do not make fun of people for trying to better themselves. Sadly, this is why most African Americans don’t do better or rule the world. Obviously for many, slavery did its job.

19 10 2008

What’s up with people saying pol sci majors don’t make money…last I checked, most of us end up as lawyers or attorneys. so much for not making money.
the science/engineering majors are generally the boring ones in my opinion…care to talk about operating a circuit, anyone? nope

22 10 2008

Love this blog!! This goes for white people with masters also(which I am). For some reason everyone with a masters feels they have the world by the short and curlys. Just because you can study and afford to stay in school two more years dosn’t mean you know $hit! I never qualified for any grants or financial aid because “I made too much money” supposidly in someones eyes, they must have had a masters! Sorry I worked while I went to school and gained a wealth of actual work experience, unlike people that do two years of online classes.

29 10 2008

I am going to be real here, and I’m going to be harsh because I think we need to be harsh with ourselves as a race if we are going to continue to progress. To keep on saying “congratulations” to underachievers is not getting us as a people anywhere. You sound like someone with a chip on their shoulder. Instead of directing your energy hating on blacks that manage to achieve a masters, why don’t you get a better education yourself and address your own insecurities.
Here is the controversial bit…i do think that having a Masters makes you superior and so should you! This is the mindset we need to instill in our people so that we strive for education and not “fast ideas and fast money which does not last”. It is only when we educate ourselves so that we will infiltrate ALL areas of society, ONLY THEN will perceptions of our race change. So if a brother or sister has a masters, then more power to them, because they are part of the solution, whereas you are part of the problem.

22 11 2008
Ken Reynolds

It’s a damn shame that anybody who so calls themselves “african american” would slam being educated. Or is that you hate those of us who had the balls and the discipline to “stay- the- course” and get ours even in a predominately white establishment of higher learning (often times being a sprinkle amongst those who don’t look like us)…and still come out with our shit! It’s black folks like you who prepetuate the myth that we’re not worthy. Well, let me tell you something; I’m gonna keep walking with my head high and if some shit happens to drop in noise – I’ll blow it out just like I did my masters.

14 12 2008

LOL liberal arts degrees.
Engineering and science degrees will have exercised your capacity for rational thought far more, they are far more useful to living in a world where logic is prevalent in…everything…
there is no getting around this fact.
an extensive knowledge of english literature, for example, will serve you well if you are…researching English literature.
And perhaps it will help develop some analytical skills and your capability with abstract thought. But most engineering degrees will do this + knowledge with more varied work utility.
Creativity is exercised in a much more constructive way in science because in order to produce an innovation one must keep in mind many immutable natural laws, which means new ideas or theories are truly novel.
The point is, if you wish to entertain yourself, study something which interests you, or simply can’t get a sci/engineering degree, and liberal arts fills those needs for you best, then by all means, do it, but don’t kid yourself into thinking most people with an Art History Degree give back more to their societies in development and innovation, and tend to get higher powered jobs both in the short or long term, than the average science / engineering / medicine grad.

18 12 2008

i don’t think it’s just black people. i think its all people who study political science. they just get all rightous and argumentative….btw you’re cute…ps. i’m not black, i just read your blog because you’re so funny and type the truth

20 12 2008
typical white person


you come off as an elitist jerk in this post.

frankly, it accords with the tone of all your other posts, so i can’t say i should be surprised.

9 01 2009

This is directed at some of the other commenters: it’s apparent that the lot of you only measure success by dollar amount. Sorry, but I’d rather have a career that I enjoy and make just enough to get by than have a job I hate and make six figures.

11 01 2009

this post is STUPID…I have a MASTERS and I am working on my PHD in ENGINEERING and I am very down to earth….not snobby and very just very connected to current events (real news, gossip, etc) …. I am not a feminist or extremely Afro-centric…
When I hand out with old friends that don’t have degrees (maybe just a hs diploma) it cracks me up that all they do is complain about their job, complain about not gettin enough hrs, complain about 8 dollar/ hrs… etc etc….but WONT GO TO SCHOOL to step their game up…then there are the friends who are like 32 with 4 kids who just realized that hey maybe i should at least get my associates so I can get some respect at work….

soooo I would much rather be the Lynn of the world (yes a Girlfriends reference)…..because at least I know I have the knowledge, command over my own destiny and the confidence to make some money when I am done with this PhD…


15 02 2009

You self absorbed nesbits bust me up. I am very well educated and have vast life experience most on this thread could not fathom ( BSEE, MBA which is mainstream enough–also SOG in US Army 69-72, member of 1% MC club and trade unionist). Please, get out and live a little, There is a whole world out there–the less self absorbed you twinks become the better the world will be. For a living, I settled on union electrician @85k/yr with 9k/mo in a pension starting this June. Not one of you self centered twits mentioned volunteering or doing anything nice for anyone, and you all took yourselves very seriously–another detrimental trait. And I am quite sure none of you could peg a VC on a motorcycle at 1000 meters.

24 02 2009
LaJane Galt

For the love of non-entity some of you people need to relax.

I agree with Chris AND Ken. Hell, I majored in History, Spanish and am a loya (yeah, loya). I wanted to minor in Chemistry, but opted to go abroad. Perhaps I will go back to school if I win Powerball (law loans are not the business).

Yes, I have a lib degree. YES this country and black folk need more science degrees. Technical expertise (of a sort), the ability to break it down and communicate effectively are integral to my career…and life. A previous poster noted this.

My father, bless his heart, studied math. He thinks he can explain things. Yet, he can only communicate to a technical audience. A useful skill in certain circumstances. Not so much in others.

And no. I never understood what mass comm was.

Can’t you enjoy low and high brow humor?

22 03 2009
Joe Ruf

This site is fucking awesome. But you would be labeled a racist if you were white… Screw important stuff. The other day farted during a pitch and stared a story exec right in the face without flinching. I suggest you try it. Just fart loud and stare someone in the face like nothing happened. A white person wouldn’t dare call out a black man for farting unless he laughed. It could go down in the books as greatest fart ever. Rock n Roll. Respect.

15 04 2009

All races acquire worthless degrees. It is just as prevalent in whites/asians/hispanics as blacks.

And yes, it pisses us science types off.

I normally thought only white people got those degrees (with the exception of hispanic studies, etc). There’s something more respectable about a person getting a degree to study their race than an idiot who chooses a liberal arts degree for the sake of partying through college.

1 06 2009
John Doe Gorilla

Black people will always be black. Monkeys are monkeys. It’s as simple as that.

You think black people will be any more different in 100 years? 200 years? 700 years?

It doesn’t matter how much free shit you give them…. books, classes, education… whatever.

Even when you educate a black person and they get a BA, BS, Masters, Doctorate… you know what? They’re still black and their true nature will always exist.

I’ve seen outright monkeys just monkeying it up on a sidewalk… no education whatsoever. Then a black doctor rolls up in his Lexus into the parking lot and starts arguing with his wife as they get out of the car. Pretty soon the ‘ape comes out’ and, well, you got the sidewalk monkey and the doctor monkey… and they’re chimping about as though they had simply been separated at birth!!

You see, blacks are basically monkeys and always will be. They can straighten their hair, get perfume/cologne to block the black-odor, wear a suit to pretend to be civilized… but a monkey is a monkey.

Look at the guy who helped discover DNA… he knows the deal. Of course, it’s not PC to tell the truth… so you get yourself in trouble. But this is simply nature and it always will be. A monkey is a monkey. God bless.

16 06 2009
Investment Banker 101

My God You guys are funny… everything about the world is in here… i mean everything…

Well, my two senses is that degrees don’t mean shit… I triple majored in Political Science, Economics, and philosophy ( BA), graduated in three years, and did a masters in quantitative finance with a thesis on philosophy and finance.. and will do a phd in economics… I have awards from Goldman Sachs, stock exchanges etc,…

and in the end after all this is said and done, i worry about my mortgage, con-ed bill. and my little boy learning to play ball….

As a philosopher i see wisdom in all subjects,… i have worked as a computer engineer, i have taught philosophy, I have played basketball, i have written on theology,…. i mean, why cant we just accept things and try to just be ourselves and live the good life… we create camps that are just horrible…

there are people who do not like me because i run a hedge fund. there are people who do not like me because im a libertarian… i mean,… or the fact that im a hedonist…

we should all be complexly ourselves.. masters, Bas, doctorate,,, all that good stuff.. let us just chill

In any case, this site was fresh air to the polite …

19 06 2009

How much do you rule? Omg I have to go pee now.

16 07 2009

I agree. I worked on a campus for almost 4 years and have encountered a lot of what you said. What was a bit insulting was when these idiots wonder ‘how come you know so much and you don’t have a degree’. I am working on a professional qualification in accounting right now and thought I would have escaped this but in this field its just a bad – they think its an excuse to speak badly to people ‘oh accountants more deal with numbers and not people so our social skills aren’t as apt…ha ha ha ‘ my black ass.

30 07 2009

I laughed my ass off, not only because of how many of these traits I’ve seen in people, but because I have a few myself. But I admit it! I get points for that, right?

6 08 2009

i encourage everybody to get higher education, so they can get more bread. i hate college though.

12 08 2009

The author is entirely correct. Blacks with education, a little influence or money become insufferable. They rapidly emulate the biases and pretensions of those they secretly admire:namely whites. Unfortunately, blacks in this country desperately seek approval and acceptance from the white majority. Until they are comfortable judging their self-worth based on objective achievement rather than others perception, they’ll continue to behave in the strangest of ways.

18 08 2009
Justin Igger

So what about the african-studies degrees? Don’t you nigs like that? I suppose your bizarre materialism is the reason that there are no black composers or artists of any significance. Sad, but amusing.

17 09 2009
angelique mckinney

I’m proud of who I am and I’m glad that this blog is here it makes us think. I do have a degree however, I don’t have a masters in sociology but I am glad to see that people are educating themselves. I don’t like plastic people but hell I know uneducated people that are plastic broke and cannot talk at all and are just as ignorant as people who are racist I think that is the worst. I’m just glad that our people or as some racist say nigs have it covered all across the board. INCLUDING PRESIDENT!!!! na na na na na na

Black Composers
Wadada Leo Smith, Joshua Uzoile, Cecil Taylor, Lucuis Weathersby, Delores White, James Kimo Williams, Julius P Williams, and Olly Wilson just to name a few there are so many more.
We have so many accomplishments but ignorance doesn’t recognize or appreciate any of them because they can’t get past color.

30 09 2009
Ms. Crys

Well , Well, well~

This really caught my attention. I have a MPA (Masters in Public Administration) and yes, I have great personality too. I wanted to be financially able to enjoy life, and pay my bills. So that is why I went back to school.

I do know people that act like your blog states, and that is because they are not used to anything. Ex* They may have hit the lottery, and used to be poor, so now they think they are better than everyone else… same thing`

ANYWHOO~ I enjoyed the read, now it’s back to work. 🙂

4 10 2009

Masters degrees seem so lazy! Go for the doctorate at least.
If you are someone [upper middle class/don’t care about finances/married rich] enough to be in the liberal arts or soft sciences, then you probably like school more than working anyway. Nahh, jk.

But recession = sucks for people who went the sensible advanced degree route (lawyer, MBA, architecture). Might as well have studied the history of philosophy and gender in the Middle Kingdom.

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