Leap Year

29 02 2008

Salaried employees around the country get their thumbs stuck up their asses every four years. Why? Because you spend one more day working without getting any uptick in pay, and that basically amounts to slavery.


Figure 1: My great-great-grandfather on February 29,1876*

*probably not true

Why would I be conflicted about slavery? Because leap year is the one day that non-Black people sorta kinda get to feel what it’s like to work for jack shit, and this can be a very enlightening experience, particularly to white people**.

**I’m anticipating a number of people who may think – “but white people volunteer their time all the time. And a lot of them work for non-profits. White people enjoy working for free.” This is bullshit. First off, you get paid for working for a non-profit, and even the guy (or girl) who founded it is probably using it as a 501(c)(3) tax shelter. Secondly, volunteers may not be working for money, but they get a lot of other things in exchange – namely, bragging rights among other white people, and the opportunity to meet chicks (incidently, the latter is the same and only reason I still have a gym membership…pushups, situps, and burpees are free, and are all a real man needs. I digress.) Working for free on Leap Year is entirely different, because no one can brag about droning away in the office for eight hours working for the Man, and you’re not gonna meet any chicks because, if you work in an office, they’re probably ugly enough to qualify as walking, talking justifications of the Pro-Life movement. I may be exaggerating a little.

If Obama gets into the White House, I’m demanding February 29th be renamed Kunta Kinte Day, so people will finally realize what the Man is getting away with for one day every four years.


Figure 2: Me on my way to work this morning




12 responses

29 02 2008

damn son, this post is crazy. i never thought about LEAP year like that!


1 03 2008
Jonathan Z (JUICY J)

“Do ya chain hang low….”

6 03 2008

I guess it’s a good thing I’m hourly then 😛

13 03 2008
R-SON the Voice of Reason

Never even considered that man! That’s genius. You’ve got some interesting insights.

20 03 2008

I am salaried, but I get paid for that day! HA! Sucker.

20 03 2008
Ms. Kristine

Oh poor poor Black History Month! That came and went this year quickly sans celebrations!! PBS-I waited and waited for insightful documentaries, well I guess I should be happy with HBO’s short film spotlight! UGH!

3 04 2008

Hmm never considered the leap year to be that way..interesting. ahhaha at Kunta Kinte day that would be sweet and they can play roots back to back on fx like they do with every other god forsaken movie they play on that damn channel or better yet the “black station” CW. There commercials crack me up once again making black ppl look like idiots now its “C-dub” with lames ass Bizz Marke…sighs

18 05 2008

“incidently, the latter is the same and only reason I still have a gym membership…pushups, situps, and burpees are free, and are all a real man needs.” lol!!!!!!!! done & done

16 06 2008

I know this post is old. And I love what you do here. I just wanted to point out that the Civil War was over before 1876 which is what you have dated the picture. So if it is meant to display slavery, then it is incorrect. (Sorry 🙂 )

3 09 2008
Anton Sherwood

Look on the bright side: even in leap year, you get paid as much for 29 days as for 30 or 31.

29 10 2008

What a losery website. Glad you gave it up. Slaves got nothing for their work? You’re living in a dream land.

27 05 2009

2/29 Kunta Kinte Day… Agreed 100%

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