Zema Williams

28 02 2008


Figure 1: Asshole

For people who aren’t from the Washington D.C. area, Zema Williams (a.k.a. Chief Zee) is the racist asshole who throws on a warbonnet and beaded warshirt at Washington Redskins games and proceeds to dance around like an unmitigated fucktard. He has become the unofficial de facto mascot of the Redskins, despite the fact that he’s basically Native America’s Al Jolson in blackface.

There isn’t enough space on this blog to list everything that’s wrong with what he’s doing, nor is there enough space to explain how offended Native people and I, as a Native person, are offended by this assclown. What possibly sticks in the craw the most is the fact that November 7, 1985 was declared ‘Chief Zee’ day in Washington D.C. – right smack in the middle of American Indian Heritage Month. Fuck you very much whoever’s idea that was.

Now on to the much shorter and more easily explained reason why this, and indeed the very fact that a team called the ‘Redskins‘ is even allowed to exist, bothers me as a black man:

Black people are next.


Figure 2: Coming in 2012

Remember the 80’s? I sure as hell do, and I remember that back then any non-black person who hung a noose or used the word ‘nigger’ was pretty much good as dead. Now nooses are being hung all over the country. Thanks greatly in part to Dave Chappelle and Comedy Central, suddenly it’s OK for anyone to use the word ‘nigger’ (remember back in the day when ‘nigger’ was bleeped out in TV shows on network television and most cable programming? Not anymore.)

It’s clearly only a matter of time before the Detroit Redwings are renamed the Detroit Darkies and some Vietnamese dude in blackface doing the Soulja Boy dance becomes their unofficial mascot. What does Chief Zee have to do with this? Simple – he’s convincing everyone that there’s nothing wrong with it. If it’s OK to do it to Indians, what’s wrong with doing it to black people? And the resounding answer in Detroit will be “not a damn thing!”

I’ve heard that Chief Zee suffered an aneurysm and a clot in his leg, and on a basic human level, I feel a little sorry for him. I’d feel even sorrier for him if he was truly ignorant and didn’t know what he was doing was offensive, but that went out the window when security as a ‘Skins game intercepted a bunch of real live Indians descending the stadium stairs to smack him down like he was in Philly in ’83. As such, he knows what he’s doing is wrong, he’s a racist fucking asshole, and I have to say that in all honesty – deep down, I’m laughing at his plight.

Get well Zee, but get a fucking clue while you’re at it.




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28 02 2008


29 02 2008

if you google zema williams this is on the first page

27 03 2008
S. Lake

This post is so dead on. I went to a Redskins game for the first time in my last last year and was absolutely apalled by the racism disguised as entertainment during the pre-game and halftime festivities. This ish has got to stop.

6 04 2008

My high school’s football team was also the Redskins, and my senior year a bunch of students started a push to change the name of the team because it is so blatantly offensive. This resulted in a lot of backlash from white Americans in the community, who said incredibly ignorant things like “I’m a Redskin and you can’t change that; my son will be a Redskin too!” and completely failed to recognize the irony or offensiveness of the statement.

I always wondered why it was considered ok to use ‘redskin’ even in conversation, let alone as a team name. I have to admit though, as far as sheer racism I think the trademark image of the Cleveland Indians is more obnoxious. There was a push at one point in time to render the trademark on this image invalid due to offensiveness (which is an archaic but still existing bar to trademark registration in this country). Sadly, it did not work, and the rest of us are still stuck looking at it.

8 05 2008
lola gets

I hate to “disrespect my elders” but I think Zema here is a coon. And he cant stop, wont stop. Its gotten so bad, I cant even bear to watch the Eastern Motors commercial hes in (ok, thats a lie, I cant watch the commercials without him either). He really makes Black folks look bad.


8 05 2008

That commercial w/ Zema must be hilariously stupid!

I was in Maryland last year this time and was both horrified and exhilirated by the Eastern Motors Commercial that played their remix of “Sexy Lady.” It was like soft-core porn!

31 07 2008

You are a much more enlightened man than I, Mr. Chris. I have no basic human level needed to feel sorry for this “chingon”. The fact that he was a stupid black man dressed up in Native garb and acting like a jackass only to be struck with an aneurysm and a leg clot proves to me that God exists or that the Hindu and Buddhist traditions were right about the concept of karma.

In short, he got what he deserved. Fuck him.

8 03 2009
Fred Graves

Every year I visit the Redskins games, and see hundreds of African American people who are more than happy to single Cheif Zee out for a picture. They and their kids pose with him. The Redskins have been in existence for 75 yrs, and race relations are markedly different from their inception. The vehement anger directed towards this nice man is completely out of bounds. He’s a die hard fan of a team who’s mascot is an American Indian…how would you have him dress? Perhaps as a cowboy instead? I am not a native American, so I can’t empathize with the emotions expressed in these journal entries…..but I know that Zema williams is harmless. The admiration and kindness lavished upon him by fans of all races is what proves this. I think there are much better targets to single out for your attention than sports franchises. The evidence of racism in this country is found in the subtle corner offices and boardrooms of corporate America…..not in the playful dress of a football fan. P.S. You all demean yourselves when you fill your journal entries with such profanity. You only exacerbate a stereotype when you express yourself with that kind of language.

27 04 2009

I think there’s more important things to worry about than Chief Zee dressed up in Native American attire. Try worrying about the Blacks kids you see on the streets, buses, and on the Metro that curse, and disrespect people, and showing their ass out in public. How about all of those Rappers you listen to that use the “N” word, refer to women as Bitches, and Ho’s. Videos that glamorize cars, rims, and women dressed more like hookers. I stop watching BET a long time ago, and my nieces and nephews aren’t allow to watch it.

How about telling those young, Black men to pull their pants up, and get off the corner, and get an education???

Those drug dealers on the corner, and people you might know who sell poison to our people, and destroy lives.

Have any of you ever stopped and talked to this man. HELL NO!…Next time, take the time, and go up and ask him why he wears the Warbonnet, and outfit.

You might learn something!

27 05 2009

If they called the Washington football team, the Washington Native Americans would it be okay?

Should real cowboys be offended by the Dallas Cowboys? What about native Texans? Should they be offended by the Houston Texans? What aobut the New Orleans Saints…[Never mind forget that one :)]

Seriously… names for sports teams are to emphasize the heroic, bravery, courage, or strength of the mascot name chosen. Its not to be an insult.

No one would want to play for a team called the San Francisco CryBabies, but it would be more accurate than 49ers.

Get a life folks.

23 09 2009
Cheap Seats Daily: Could Chief Zee Sway Supreme Court Case? - City Desk - Washington City Paper

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