Subtle Racism

22 02 2008

Slavery has ended. Blacks got the right to vote. Jim Crow is over. The KKK is laughed at around the world. Lets not forget Affirmative Action. Whites, Asians, Indians, Hispanics, and everybody seems to have a black friend or two…maybe even one or two of their best friends are black.

And yet, everyone hates black people just as much as they ever have.


Figure 1: Bullshit

I was driving to XS in Baltimore last night with two people I consider to be good friends of mine – Chi (a Chinese woman) and Rohit (an Indian – red dot, not feather – man). Two subjects came up during the trip that made my blood absolutely fucking boil:

1. Rohit asked Chi why Asian girls prefer to date white men. Her answer was refreshingly direct:

“Because white people are superior – throughout history they’ve been the dominant culture and have displayed their superiority on the world stage.”

Who knew that 600 years of manipulation and genocide would eventually earn the designation ‘superior’? Who also knew that it would be so effective as to make members of other races be racist FOR you? I sure as hell didn’t.

2. Rohit loves black women, and this is no secret to anyone. Yet, he won’t date them. Chi asks why that is. Rohit’s response:

“Because my mom would kill me. She’d prefer I date an Indian girl. It’d be OK to a lesser extent if I dated a white girl. Black girls are unacceptable to her, and it’s ironic, because her best friend is black.”

I’ll address each of these two comments in turn.

Chi’s comment wasn’t anything unexpected. The average Asian girl will give the disingenuous response that they prefer white guys because Asian guys are dorky and Asian girls are hot enough to do better (nevermind that one Asian girl pictured on the site has Frog Ass and the other can’t be more than 4’10”).

This, of course, leaves the door wide open to ask them “why not date black guys?”…but I tend not to do this because I can only get so angry before I start shooting people. If you do ask this question, though, the girl will invariably blame her parents, saying that dating a black person would be unacceptable to them – which is a half-truth, because the Asian girl hates black people just as much as her parents. That way, the Asian girl gets to BE a racist (acceptable) without having to BE CALLED a racist (unacceptable), while at the same time faulting their parents for being old fashioned (extremely acceptable).

On to Rohit’s comment.

Rohit’s mother is living proof that having black friends, even close black friends, does not mean you aren’t a racist. Instead, the criteria is this:

No matter what any of the circumstances are about you and your life, you are a racist if any one of the following are true:

  1. You have a problem with your children marrying/dating a person outside of their own race, unless that person is white
  2. You have a problem with yourself marrying/dating a person outside of your own race, unless that person is white

It’s that simple, and it’s also why I’ve labeled the title image of this post as ‘bullshit’. Ads and other crap celebrating diversity are shoved down our throats until our stomachs are sore. We routinely interact with and befriend members of other races. We’re polite to each other (usually…see Fig. 2), learn each others names, and even have thoughtful conversations with one another. Then we’re tricked into thinking that we’re enlightened because public displays of racism are no longer acceptable. But it means absolutely, positively fucking nothing…because when it comes down to it, the likelihood is that all but maybe one or two of the douchebags in Figure 1 would be ENRAGED if their children dated the children of the others.


Figure 2: Reality

I’m actually forced to respect KKK members to some degree, because as racist as they are, at least with them you know where you stand. Seriously, what’s worse? Someone who’s racist against you outright and lets you know it, or someone who pretends not to hate you because it’s socially acceptable and makes them feel better about themselves? I’ll take an honest racist over a lying racist any fucking day of the week. I heard those Klansmen know how to fucking party.

honest_racists.jpg lying_racists.jpg

Figure 3: (l to r) Honest Racists, Lying Racists




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22 02 2008

You are cute when riled up…you should dish on africans vs african-americans next =)

22 02 2008

its obvs chi is short for IDIOT in chinese … I guess i met her once but honestly i don’t know her from a hole in the wall, and frankly if she was in a police line-up with Chinese extras for the rush-hour movies, i doubt I could pick her out of a line-up (or tell her apart for that matter from the next azn skeeze), yet she gonna assume my name’s mohammaed?

I didn’t assume her last name was WU, but maybe I should have. f – her.


24 02 2008


28 02 2008

You’re absolutely right. That’s why I support Back to Africa. That way, black children will not know the pain of living amongst other races or falling in live with Japanese women that like all races but them (while trying to stay calm so as not to hurt their friends of other races).

Other races have made it clear that they do not want us, so segregation will mutually benefit both parties (that is unless Blacks have totally given up and only want to stick around so as to spite non-Blacks.)

29 02 2008

I coudn’t agree with you more. Subtle racism sucks and I hate all the pretending too.

7 03 2008

This is gorgeous. Thank you. Rock on. Amen. Preach.

11 03 2008
Admiral Furious


1) PRETENDING!!! That makes my blood boil more than anything else in the world. Also known as FAKE, prentenders are all over the place in this country and whats worse is… it sounds like some of it is actually ingrained into other cultures.

2) Bahamma Mamma is Right. There NEEDS to be a blog specifying the degradation that flows from the lips of African and Carribean blacks against African-Americans. Because once there is… I will lavishly speak out in support of it.

11 03 2008

oh, dear.

To ViolenAJ: Unfortunately, I’m from Africa, and I encounter worse and more insidious racism at home than i’ve ever encountered in the US. The whites are horribly racist and entitled, the indians (from the subcontinent) have an economic stronghold on the country, and use that power to hire other african thugs to bully you into getting out of their shops and it’s not like not patronizing those individuals will improve your life…sometimes you have no choice but to patronize their businesses. Israelis and Arabs come over and it’s all about money and finding african whores…it’s bad. A few years ago I went home and travelled on Safari with a white friend, and she said “Wow, it really sucks that you’re treated like shit in my country (she’s European) and treated like even worse shit in your country.” I can’t explain how I felt to hear that comment, but it’s a true statement. Back to Africa won’t work for a while, although that crazy fool Mugabe is trying in his own miguided way…

@Bahamma Mama: As an African who went to an HBCU, I can only say that my experiences lead me to believe that I am viewed as inferior to the African American, (and believe me, I’ve gone to other schools with different population make-ups) and I’ve never been so poorly treated as when I was amongst my “brothers and sisters” at said HBCU. Lesson learned….

12 03 2008
Admiral Furious

Irene, if Africans are so poorly treated in their country, why is it that they come here and have the same attitude towards blacks. I’m not trying to be an asshole or anything, but if it weren’t for our ancestors, Africans would be getting turned around at the airport or sent through a coloreds only security line.

13 03 2008

I was just thinking (well, actually I never stop thinking) about all this and wrote some on my blog about it. There is so much subtle racism and so much racism in people that they try not to let out. Just look at all the different things said by people in this presidential campaign. It is all really crazy and even crazier that most people sit back and let it continue happening without addressing the issues, asking questions, or clarifying things for people.

18 03 2008

Hey, I wouldn’t go as far to say I ‘prefer’ the KKK over subtle racism. Lynching isn’t fun. But the silly subtle crap sucks. And most Asians that I have met were horribly racist… they weren’t even very subtle about it.

19 03 2008

That is why there should be a Race War in Africa. Somehow, we must remove all non-Blacks from our continent; even if it means that there must be slaughter. After that, we leave the rest of the world to non-Blacks and we will have africa for Blacks.

Remember, the jew is not your friend. The jew, the same demon that owns and controls the media (as well as our international image) is one of our worst enemies.

19 03 2008

Violent AJ at it again i see. Will you ever quit these hate-ridden tirades of yours. It is truly pathetic. Racism will only beget more racism, but that’s what you want isn’t it? Everyone, please don’t feed this troll. t ^__^\m/

19 03 2008

This is so true.
Asian women are suffering from internalized racism by deeming their own culture inferior in comparison to White/European culture. It saddens me to acknowledge that many of my female Asian friends only date white men under the premise that they “just ‘like’ white guys.”

20 03 2008

Urameshi, are you a Black person?

If so, have you ever been to Japan?

If you answered no to either of those questions, you will never understand.

Since Blacks and non-Blacks will never come to an understanding, it is best for the two groups to separate.

20 03 2008
Mr. Smith

I’m sorry you all, but we had segregation in America just over forty years ago. It didn’t work. Also trying to move Blacks/Africans/African-Americans back to Africa is horribly unrealistic. Africans were sold to Europeans by their own people and many still hate each other now. The world is racist, but that doesn’t mean we have to find our own corner to sit in. The issue is that no one openly addresses it and makes stride for change.

Sure we call each other racist but then what? We leave it at that. If we truly make steps towards change in this country, even with whatever culture people were brought up in because psychologically peers have a greater effect in development than parents do, we can effectively battle racism in this country.

It’s incredibly idealistic and sure I have optimism for the people around the world (that’s who I’m sworn to protect) than we can destroy the monster that is racism.

20 03 2008
Ms. Kristine

I agree subtle racism stings, I mean, come on! “Your parents would kill you”?! So it is very clear to me that you grew up in a racist household, succumbed to and bask in it. Please, oh please venture out of the tunnel!! ugh!

Other races will believe and do whatever it is that they want to you…but it is truly a horrible state of affairs when black people (skin color black-regardless of origin) tear, judge and hate each other down!! America v. African v. Caribbean and vise versa!

What is also horrible is that whenever the issue of race relations is discussed everyone is shocked and/or offended! It exists and its real and it is not getting any better…no matter what.

Saddens and sickens me! 😦

20 03 2008

I’ve been friends with this asian chick for about a decade now… Cool girl – (in other respects), recently joined a dating site… Checked only the boxes that said ‘asian’ and ‘white’ when selecting potential dates filter… Didn’t even blink an eyelash in her explanation to me. “Dad will not approve” she said shrugging. She also proceeded to eliminate everyone under 6 feet – thereby eliminating most of the asians that made it through the filter (mind you she barely hits the 5 foot mark). $5 says she’s going to end up with some giant white dude… – I can’t even strain to imagine what their coitus-interruptus is going to look like.

20 03 2008

What we as Black people need to do is hate back, especially the asians. We musn’t look to them as allies. All races generally get along except for Blacks. That is why I believe in going back to Africa. That way, we will not have to be around these people that hate us so much. Think of our children. I cannot stand thinking of our children having to suffer an eternal struggle. Why can’t we have peace?

The more we wish to befriend other races, the more damage we do to ourselves. Bring back segregation, please, I beg you. For those of us that like japanese girls, like myself, well, we’ll just have to perish. For the future of the Black race, Africa is the only solution.

21 03 2008
Admiral Furious

ViolentAJ disturbs me. In fact, I think he’s white. All of his statements sound like something Klan Member would yell.

Going back to Africa is not the answer as a whole other can of worms would then be opened if such were to be enacted.

ViolentAJ… are you in jail?

26 03 2008

althought the asian and white thing is very true, in nyc there are alot of asian women with………….BLACK MEN.
im not sure if its some kind of rebellious acting out against their parents participated in by americanized asians, curiousity, or just plain attraction, but in all seriousness, not only did my ex-after 3 years together -cheat on me with a japanese immigrant who didnt speak english and wanted a wedding to stay here, but my current boyfriend”s mother is korean (his father is black from jamaica). its very common in NYC and LA where its more normal to see intteracial couples…
Also, everytime i go to an upscale club like marquee or tenjune for model night (im a model) at least two rich white men will say something like:
“you are so beautiful. I mean, youre the most beautiful black person ive ever seen. And im a sports agent so i see black people all day and have black friends so ive seen alot… but you are so pretty. I WOULDNT DATE YOU OR ANYTHING… but come to my table and have some drinks…”
That ish is very annoying but its the truth. so i think most people have a stigma about dating black people, esp black women, but just not asian girls.

27 03 2008
Mr. Smith

@ Shay,

True. Oh so true. So true to the point it hurts. This is the stuff we witness everyday and I always get the strange urge to choke somebody whenever I heard the phrase “I WOULDN’T DATE YOU OR ANYHTING” uttered by a white/hispanic/asian/indian female. It’s really funny you mention the whole NYC-LA interracial couples thing because my gf of 3 years happens to be asian and from NYC-Harlem.

@ Admiral Furious

Thank you, I am so glad I wasn’t the only person who thought something was wrong with what ViolentAJ was saying. Like, really strange. Not even black separatist say things like that. I think VAJ is white too

1 04 2008

No sir. i am not White at all. If I were White, I’d be banging three japanese girls right now. I am a Black guy and what I say is just the truth. You know that the majority of non-Blacks look down upon us and despise us. Since this is such a horrible environment, we should leave it. We should build our own nation and keep non-Blacks out by any means necessary. I don’t want Black kids to fall in love with japanese women like I have. It’ll save them a lot of pain if they never encounter a non-Black in their lifetimes.

6 04 2008
Sister Toldja

I feel somewhat sorry for Asian guys, because they are being left by the droves. But most of them are subtle/overt racists themselves, so I don’t care THAT much. I just wish they’d step their swagger game up and keep Suzi and Chi away from the brothers, cause I need to be married before 2018 and so do my girls and any roadblock to that will be handily destroyed.

SMH at the Black men who will jump through hoops to have one of these women in their lives and get sooo offended that these girls won’t date them or take them home, yet they don’t have any love for the sisters.

9 04 2008
Subtle Racism III: Asian Chicks « Stuff Black People Hate

[…] The one category 4 girl had a hard life growing up. Both her parents were killed in Vietnam while trying to escape the country during the war. As such, this girl grew up with a very low bullshit tolerance that, among many other things, kept her from being willing to filter her dating pool based on race. She also views the war as the fault of white people – so unlike many asian females, she never bought into the idea of superiority of the white male (see Subtle Racism I)***. […]

9 04 2008

Ha! sooo true, I recently brought that question up to my asian friend. I said statistics show a lot of asian women dating outside their race while you guys are still holding it down and complaining about the lack of women…why?
His reply was that his parents expect him to find a nice asian girl who would cook, clean, not complain, have his kids AAANNNDD bring in an income. (No wonder the asian girls are runnin’ for the hills in droves). Granted in his defence he is open to other races and is quite eager not to compromise with the folks, that’s the general asian parental expectation. I was surprised his parents fell into that category cos until then, I saw them as quite educated, americanized and ‘enlightened’ folks. :::sigh:::

9 04 2008

I’m late to this post, but I’d have to say it’s a sad truth throughout Indian (red dot, not feather) culture in America to either date/marry Indian or white. I am the product of a marriage between a black American woman and an Indian man. When my father took my mother to India shortly after they were married, an aunt said, in front of my mother, “If you were going to marry an American she could have at least been white.” Really? *sigh*

25 04 2008

ViolentAJ, I don’t care what you are on the outside, on the inside you’re pure dumb.

I think the key in the blogpost is that Racism isn’t just hate. it’s suspicion, distrust, separation.

Now, one thing I’d like to add is that it’s important to not misinterpret CLASSISM as racism. Academia tend to congregate with other Academia. Blue collar tend to hang out with other blue collar.

If I, coming from an upper-middle class suburbia neighborhood, was walking down a side street of Hollywood boulevard, and ANYONE scruffy looking fucker black,white,brown,yellow, came walking up to me. I’d cross the street.

Funny side story… My wife’s friend from high school is DNF indian, and her sister married a black guy just to spite her parents. I thought that was cool. I feel sorry for the dude though, he always seems pretty paranoid hanging out with her friends/family…

Now, come to think of it My wife’s cousin (her family is 2-3rd gen. mexican ) married a black dude, and he seems paranoid too. i should smack him, cuz at the family events i’m like one of two white dudes, and he is the only black guy in a sea of brown. Beh.. In reality they’re all “white”, if I go to i could probably match them up to all the profiles there, the difference is that they make tamales from the turkey leftovers on thxgiving.

I’m rambling.

26 04 2008
A “Subtle” Kind of Racism « Lemur King’s Folly

[…] page I found makes this claim: No matter what any of the circumstances are about you and your life, you are a racist if any one […]

5 05 2008

Everybody hates black people. Its a wonder I can get up in the morning and face the world. Black people got a little bit of a reprieve after 9/11 but everyone is back to hating the shit out of us and yet we survive. The first thing any immigrant learns when they get over here is how to call me a ‘n. But fuck ’em, fuck ’em all. And you are right everyone is racist and a liar if they try to deny it.

5 05 2008

Paulie, you are absolutely right. It’s the same in japan. Fuck everybody that isn’t Black.

5 05 2008

ViolentAJ- Calm the fuck down aight. I will be ok. Don’t fight ignorance with ignorance.

28 05 2008
Movies « Stuff Black People Hate

[…] Why aren’t they interested? This is why […]

28 05 2008
Ari Ankh Neferet

Ha hahahahhaha!
That’s my ex boyfriend in figure 1…hahah…
and we did straight clown about how he looked so cheesy and whitewashed in that ad…comedy.

29 05 2008

“I’m actually forced to respect KKK members to some degree, because as racist as they are, at least with them you know where you stand. Seriously, what’s worse? Someone who’s racist against you outright and lets you know it, or someone who pretends not to hate you because it’s socially acceptable and makes them feel better about themselves? I’ll take an honest racist over a lying racist any fucking day of the week. I heard those Klansmen know how to fucking party.”

You and I are —>here<—. I say this on a regular basis.

This whole entry is on point. 🙂

29 05 2008

Can we talk about how college campuses are the epitome of subtle racism… I spent four years rolling the shit out of my eyes in all my classes. Motherfuckers talking bout, “I didn’t think Heart of Darkness was racist” And Chris, your friend Chi must be from Chinatown cause they subscribe to the most blatant forms of racism (i.e. following you in a store, glaring and yelling at your ass on the chinatown bus, swearing you stole something). I’m gonna print this post and just hand it to every mofo that tries that “I’m not racist. My cousin’s boyfriend’s bff is black!” with me. Thanks, chris.

7 06 2008

There are other pieces of subtle racism that hurt real bad. Usually, when I explain it to someone who doesn’t understand racism, I make them understand it in terms of the 100 actions & 100 re-actions a day. I use the analogy on many levels of superiority and inferiority complexes ( being female, being black, being poor, being fat).

When people meet each other, there is always a disposition that people make to decide how to interact with that person. You see a cute girl at a party, you want to talk to her. You see a bunch of people doing blow in the bathroom, you want to avoid those people.

Subtle racism comes into play because there are small things that people do. As small things ( like crossing the street to avoid black people, or constantly turning your car alarm on when in view of a black person) come into play, they build upon each other just on a given day. The build is usually incredibly higher because

1) It is easier to have a 1st impression disposition on a black person because that is their color. This diminishes the argument of subtle racism with Jews, Irish, or reverse racism since more information beyond the initial 1st impression ( such as knowing someone’s last name to justify their race) has to be retrieved before creating a disposition.

2) There are just more white people than black people in most areas in the United States.

So in any given day, a white male may encounter 10 actions of people who may not like him. I say this because if we go by race, a white male couldn’t feel a great load of subtle racism if they are in an environment where there isn’t that many black people. Since this is in many areas in the US, and since even a good deal of diverse towns in cities are somewhat culturally segregated, he will seldom retrieve subtle racism against him.

Also, there is no initial negative disposition with a white male in most situations. The factor for someone to dislike a white male has to be something more specific than his race. Since people have many daily interactions ( especially in schools or in cities ), one has to retrieve more information to decide their like/dislike of a white male.

A black male has the ultimate problem of being black. He will come upon more people, including those in his own race, that will subtly do things that show a negative disposition. A black male may go through 20 or 30 negative cases a day.

Let’s say it 10 out of 100 for a white male. And 15 out of 100 for a black male. This may seem small, but the point of the argument is the reaction by the person who is being judged.

Reactions are usually depending on the person, but doesn’t one think that if someone goes through more negative interactions that they themselves would go through more negative consequences? What if the threshold to how much negative stimuli one person can take, regardless of race, may only be 14-15 interactions a day? Or maybe 80 negative interactions a week?

I feel it is hard to assume my negative interaction theory without more work, but usually I can explain how shitty subtle racism can be using the argument.

8 06 2008


I believe you. I am an African American who went to an HBCU and their were so many African Americans picking on African immigrants. You want to know why? Self-hate. Colorism. It is so very ingrained in our psyches-it’s hard fo us to see past it without seeking truth. It’s very sad, but the same goes for African immigrants. They were colonized (everywhere in Africa accept Ethiopia) by Europeans and are just as brainwashed as African Americans.

10 06 2008
He Who Lives In A Mud Hut Shouldn’t Throw Stones « Guy White: Making Sense On Race

[…] Who knew that 600 years of manipulation and genocide would eventually earn the designation ’superior’? Who also knew that it would be so effective as to make members of other races be racist FOR you? I sure as hell didn’t. […]

11 06 2008

Agree that back to Africa idea is a bad one. Seen it happening in west africa(ghana i think) and the Africans while accepting of the African-Americans who moved back ‘home’ ,the africans treated them like foreigners and the african americans treated them as if the africans owed them (slavery issues etc)
fyi -while it is true that some africans did sell their brothers and sisters into slave trade; history does show that these were very few and were the chiefs/noblemen of their kingdoms and they too would fall victim to the slave traders who were mainly Arab or Indian who in turn sold them to white slave traders. Africa as a continent had to deal with colonialism which was just as bad as slavery, u think not read about it. And not those books by African Americans /white pple, but by the African authors themselves. And to this very day ,Africa is still raped by the rest of the world. Thing is..we’re not bitter or ranting about it. We’re just trying to survive and live to see the day we stand on our own.

13 06 2008

so there may be a general, albiet detente, division between blacks and other ethnicities and culture. typically blacks being less-accepted, but seriously, to a degree do we create our own divides.

bill cosby talks a lot about this subject. maybe another uncle tom ? maybe not ?
there are a lot of things we (black people) do that make us generally unapproachable, even if it is totally sub-concious.

did you ever fear rejection, and so find yourself willfully excluding yourself from the object of your anxiety? it is not a rare phenomenon, is it?

i think the subject of subtle racism may go deeper than simply stereotyping skin colors, and have more to do with most people’s own xenophobic sociopathy and a general trend towards a global vicous cycle of developmentally encouraged antisocial behavior between all intermingling of new people into ‘your’ familiar environment.

remember in ancient rome some blacks had plenty of white slaves…600 years is a blink of an eye in our human history… diffusion and dynamic equilibrium does not occur instantly with chemicals, energy or anything else in our universe dont expect it to happen with people any faster.

13 06 2008

btw…africa is not nearly as victimized by the world as it is by its own afrikan warlords, and guerilla-governments….

i think back to africa is great, but not in the sense all blacks should have to back or whatever, but we should all try to do something to help unite the oppressed there. there are actually vast renewable natural resources avaliable ther in the form of geothermal, solar, wind etc. energy.

as afrikan-americans shouldnt we renew our interest in afrika as a way to not only benefit the free world -if indeed there is such a thing- but also help liberate all the people STILL oppressed by ECONOMIC SLAVERY. the whole world needs to go back to afrika. . .

13 06 2008

or what about back to ASIA? the sex-slave trade is alive and well people.
there is STILL slavery there too…i think it would do us all–as a global poulation–a lot of good to consider addressing the injustice happening RIGHT NOW instead of rehashing complaints about shit that happened hundereds of years ago, over and over again. horrific and pernicious as it was, it still IS.

“When you get sad, stop being sad and be awesome instead.” -Anonymous

lets do something to make our ancestors proud, use your anger as motivation to heal the youth of the future…and the elders of the past.

20 06 2008

i have a friend whose mother doesn’t like “ghetto black people”, which means:
-black people who are not middle class
-black people who live in areas where there is a large amount of black people
-she won’t park her car in dc if she doesn’t see white people around
but doesn’t approve of her daughter dating anyone but black men. this makes no damn sense…. fucking. dicriculos. (i spelled it right {pronounced: dick-rick-you-luss})

20 07 2008

This is a great link ()my link on my name) which talks about the social isolation of Black People, especially in regards to asians. Spread the word. The world hates us. It’s time that we loved ourselves and looked only to ourselves for support.

22 07 2008

Gotta be honest. I think everyone is a bit racist; even us black folk. Hell, we spend a lot of time hating each other. I think its probably somewhat natural to dislike what’s different and unfamiliar. I date inside and outside of my race. I am currently dating an Indian girl and I have tried many flavors from around the globe. I am pretty much attracted to women of all races; but until we get to know one another, I’m pretty sure that any initial impressions foster fear and uncertainty about each other. This is especially true of men who are foriegn because I have even less of a desire to get to know them. It is easy to hate and hard to love… I think this is the problem

25 07 2008
Subtle Racism IV: Statistics « Stuff Black People Hate

[…] Pox’ is my term non-terminal sexually transmitted diseases). Upon seeing this, however, the same asian girl that was responsible for this blog starting in the first place* once again comes rushing to the defense of white people – offering this in […]

26 07 2008

This is a wicked article, but I’d like aqdd something if I may.
First, I’m white, and my wife is Taiwanese. No reason for that, it’s just how it is. It is another form of subtle racism to assume that she is with my because I am white, or I’m with her because she is asian. We simply love each other, and to pick into it looking for proof of racism…it’s insulting to both of us. Now i have to live my whole life with people making all kinds of assumptions about me, solely based on my being white and her being asian.
Like it’s impossible for us to be together without being labeled various things.
It sucks donkeyballs.

2 08 2008

Yes this may be how it is with certain people but thats also making a nonfactual assumption. See I prefer white people, and I do not think that is a bad thing. I am not racist and I don’t think white people are better, I just have more of a attraction towards them. If I were gay then I would like men and there would be no stopping that and same goes with most people prefer certain people. And as you see lots and lots of couples are the same race including African Americans. Its nothing to be ashamed of or tell people they are bad because of something they like uncontrollably. And when it comes down to racism, cmon lets be honest don’t play perfect because you are African American, every single person has racism in them because its a natural human instinct its dominance and intimidation, but we all have different levels of racism it all depends on how you handle and deal with it for example some people will punch other people for their color while most others will subconsciously think about racism, and its just natural and not even really about color but about our personalities and human instincts because we are all competitive and have our likes and dislikes.
Sorry about the rambling…

2 08 2008

seriously once again the ‘race card’ why do so many people have to pull that out. such as resident evil 5, they are in africa killing african zombies may seem racist at first but why do you have to just jump to conclusions without fully examining it? see the whole series they are been killing white people, latinos,and everything else they are just killing zombies and it goes from many places such as europe and so forth… ooh but since they are killing black people its racist even though they kill every race pretty much… oooh and of course us white people get blamed for this shit even though this game was the japanese for fuck sake all this racism shit is bullshit everyones racist so get over it for fuck sake

2 08 2008

Rick, I used to live in japan and the japs are notorious anti-Black racists.

There is nothing wrong with having a preference, but many times people go out of their way to PUT BLACKS DOWN.

7 08 2008

LOL I am so loving this blog.

7 08 2008

While I found valid points on this blog, it is rather note-worthy that every blog I read, you mention a sly reference to Asians. It may be a cultural misunderstanding afterall– that is better Black and Asians. I don’t understand why it enrages you that they do subtle racism when you are being racist as well. What about those Black mothers who scold their sons for bringing home a non-Black girl? Yea, I suppose that’s alright. Well, I’m Indian-the dot, my parents are both doctors and yes I do speak Thai and my boyfriend’s black. Both of our parents love that we’re together, but let’s not forget the hateful eyes I get from Black women. Yes, I have a shapely chest and small waist, no I don’t have a ghetto booty. Do you think I appreciate comments my boyfriend gets like, “what about the sisters?” Maybe, just maybe there’s that defense mechanism blocking some people from getting to know each other. Like my Psyc. prof. once mentioned, someone who thinks the world is hostile will respond to a single bump on the shoulder as a ready to throw their fist up and knock the other person out. Maybe, inner peace and acceptance that who you choose to love sometimes is afflicted by media, culture, parents, and sometimes self-hatered. We should pity some of those Asian girls like filipino women who want to desperately marry an American man because that country’s so dirt poor. Just my two cents.

7 08 2008

There’s no such thing as racism in love, just mere attraction. Most black men wouldn’t be caught dead with a girl without hips or butt (excludes majority of east Asians), big f-in deal. People who are racist are everywhere… it annoys me just as much but it is worst in other countries, I’ll tell you that.

8 08 2008

I agree with what “BenAfficial” said about everybody having a little bit of racism in themselves.

It comes in all different races and not just hating blk folks but some hate whites, some hate mexicans etc. etc. IMO I think most of these underline racism are not from a deep hatred of a person (people arent born from the womb full of hate) but maybe unliked stigmas and stereotypes that are often attached to a certain race. Stereotypes suck and the only way to disprove those is to say f** the haters and rise and be successful ourselves. We as blacks need to stop blaming or relying on others and work hard to better ourselves. We need to stop hatin on our own kind and help one another not hate. For example wuts up with brothas hatin on educated brothas whos doing better for themselves? why call them whitwashed or acting white just b/c dude got a degree? Whats with some black females hating a sister before she walks in a place? And why the hell are you labeled a sellout just b/c you dont fit the thug mold type or listen to rap?

But anywayz im just rambling now but the bottom line is that racism isnt going to change until we do our part and make a effort to change for the better too. Just b/c segregation ended and every thing is equal doesnt mean we can just sit back and not move up in the world. Wake up people!

8 08 2008
Hardy Hard Har

I prefer non-spine blacks, keeps from passing their stupidities along with their crack.

8 08 2008

“On the internet, no one knows you’re a dog.”
It sounds to me like ViolentAJ is a KKK member trying the divide and rule strategy – if all the minorities hate one another, the white man can reign over them. Honestly, I’ve only ever heard white supremacists talk that ‘send them back to Africa’ mess. And all this “I love Japanese women who don’t love poor ol’ me” nonsense sounds very suspicious. So I urge you to ignore his ignorant and deceitful rantings and go about your business. Hate only begets hate. Keep your head held high. Respect God’s creation and maintain your integrity. Be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21).

9 08 2008

Good blog, but about Image 2 –
when I’m walking home late and I’m drunk and I’m in a bad/poorly lit/unpopulated area, I WILL cross the street if a guy is walking behind me, I will cross the street rather than pass a guy, and if it’s a group of guys I will do whatever to stay the hell away. I’ve gotten the saddest looks and the meanest comments from black guys who took this as racism, well, it’s not, and I can only think that if you can see beyond your own paranoia to my at the time much more valid paranoia, you would see that too. Thugs and rapists come in all shapes and colors, but they’re usually male so that’s how I profile you.

10 08 2008

ViolentAJ is all angry at the japanese ppl cuz he was dumped by a japanese girl… >=D

that must have been the most beautiful girl you ever met…she was so great that you started to HATE asians and whites when she dumped you to date a white man…and now you are even thinking on running away like a coward……would it be any different if she dumped you to stick to another black guy? Probably, you would hate only the japs and not the white…weak minded nigger…

also…everyone here seems to be racist and only concerned on its own race…know what? go to hell everyone… niggers… asians… white… indians…

also, the blog owner is a racist bitch too…


11 08 2008

Let’s all help each other help ourselves:

1. “What we as Black people need to do is hate back, especially the asians.” – what the french toast? you get automatic entrance to the “abuse of clinical priveleges list”.
2. “First, I’m white, and my wife is Taiwanese. No reason for that, it’s just how it is. It is another form of subtle racism to assume that she is with my because I am white, or I’m with her because she is asian. We simply love each other, and to pick into it looking for proof of racism…it’s insulting to both of us.” – ummmm… you really took that personal? also, i’ve actually had/heard the same types of conversations with asian women so 2+ instances to your 1 would probably swing the norm closer to the majority reported opinion and experience.
3. “Now i have to live my whole life with people making all kinds of assumptions about me, solely based on my being white and her being asian.
Like it’s impossible for us to be together without being labeled various things.”
– yeah it does suck. i know some things about this too because i’m black and…. well just because i’m black really.
4.) “I am not racist and I don’t think white people are better, I just have more of a attraction towards them. If I were gay then I would like men and there would be no stopping that and same goes with most people prefer certain people” – men are also of different races so how does this explain a preference for one race over another being like a personality trait preference?
5.)“seriously once again the ‘race card’ why do so many people have to pull that out. such as resident evil 5, they are in africa killing african zombies may seem racist at first but why do you have to just jump to conclusions without fully examining it? see the whole series they are been killing white people, latinos,and everything else they are just killing zombies and it goes from many places such as europe and so forth… ooh but since they are killing black people its racist even though they kill every race pretty much… oooh and of course us white people get blamed for this shit even though this game was the japanese for fuck sake all this racism shit is bullshit everyones racist so get over it for fuck sake.” – hahhahvawveawaklej! what? resident evil? what????!!!
6.)“While I found valid points on this blog, it is rather note-worthy that every blog I read, you mention a sly reference to Asians. It may be a cultural misunderstanding afterall– that is better Black and Asians. I don’t understand why it enrages you that they do subtle racism when you are being racist as well. What about those Black mothers who scold their sons for bringing home a non-Black girl? Yea, I suppose that’s alright” – this is absolute confusion? i don’t even know how being upset by racism is not allowed if other people in your race are prejudice. that’s the wildest generalization i’ve ever heard..
7.)“Yes, I have a shapely chest and small waist, no I don’t have a ghetto booty – ewe!
8.)“I prefer non-spine blacks, keeps from passing their stupidities along with their crack.” – sure….. um…. yeah sure… we got ya. what the hell is “stupidities”?
9.)“when I’m walking home late and I’m drunk and I’m in a bad/poorly lit/unpopulated area, I WILL cross the street if a guy is walking behind me, I will cross the street rather than pass a guy, and if it’s a group of guys I will do whatever to stay the hell away.” – hahahaeahahaaha4elgka! who walks home drunk in the middle of the night in badly lit areas? keep yo ass some cab fare please!

please people help yourselves.

12 08 2008

Can’t we all just get along?

13 08 2008

You wrote:

“No matter what any of the circumstances are about you and your life, you are a racist if any one of the following are true:

“You have a problem with your children marrying/dating a person outside of their own race, unless that person is white
You have a problem with yourself marrying/dating a person outside of your own race, unless that person is white ”

But what if the reason you wouldn’t date another race is that you aren’t attracted to them physically? Does that still make you a racist? Black women, to me, look like men or simians. All the pretty ones are on television and living somewhere else. Asian women are short and annoying and have flat faces. They are all fine HUMANS, but I don’t want to fuck them. Am I a racist for that sentiment?

What you are saying is like saying I’m a homophobe because I don’t feel I want to suck a man’s dick.

13 08 2008

“Black women, to me, look like men or simians” – darryl

this is why you are racist.

14 08 2008

Darryl, you are entitled to wanting to fuck whomever you please. However, you are putting people down so that makes you a racist in the general sense you pig-skin motherfucker (I’m racist too).

14 08 2008

Its such a shame that as people we all can’t get along,i went on this site to found out for myself why Asians date white people and not blacks and i can truly see it..blacks are crazy. I’m Native American and black,and one day i would love to be with a women no matter her skin color and marry her.I’m only 17 and i know for sure that black people would never wanna be taken from there homes once more to a unknown country just because of there race. You can actually say you want to kidnap a whole minority to another country,because of racism. Dr.King’s dream did come true we are no longer coloreds we have new founded hope and can do anything legal XD.

You see i wanna marry a Asian for my own reason’s to me their beautiful and unique thats why i like them so much. I don’t date the sista’s much because of their attitude and their mostly money hungry, I’m not saying that all Asians aren’t money hungry, but i mean they are nicer and have a lot more respect for you just like some people say white women are nicer to their husbands and its probably true. I just know thats my like and one is able to have likes and dislikes and doesn’t make you racist,its just your interests in someone you would like to meet one day thats all.

And to this racist stuff, man is that getting old i mean racists..that should be dieing we all as humans have other things to worry about then somebodies skin colors.We as people and a population need to know we are all the same inside,we all i have happy moments and sad ones,we all have the same organs and such to keep us alive and we all have a heart,some people need to figure out that sooner or later because that black/white/yellow/brown guy might just save your life. Do you think he/she was thinking of your color when the rescued you,no they wasn’t of course. Need to remind you what happen in 9/11..i thought so.

I’m just a kid to all you old people and i know better, i learned from Dr.King and you all should too..

19 08 2008

You know, I wasn’t able to scroll through all the comments, I wish I could. But this one, by Admiral Furious, caught my eye:

2) “Bahamma Mamma is Right. There NEEDS to be a blog specifying the degradation that flows from the lips of African and Carribean blacks against African-Americans. Because once there is… I will lavishly speak out in support of it.”

Let me preface by saying I agree with you 120%. For me, one of the most blood boiling, someone please wake me up from this flipping nightmare, is when we have discussions about how Africans are racist. Now, as a child born in America to immigrant parents from E. Africa, I feel I have a foot in two worlds. I’ve definitely heard some ignant mess come out the mouth of Africans, but I’ve also heard the most wild, straight from the Willie Lynch playbook ignant mess about Africans, trust me, memories of being called an African booty scratcher and trying to convince little black kids your parents did NOT swing from trees in elementary school stays with you. I feel African Americans, Africans and all Black people in the Diaspora should study their shared history. While African Americans were being rocked here, colonization was raping Africa…over and over again. From North, South, East and West Africa, the old adage that “the sun never sets on the crown” reigned supreme…damn pricks the Brits were. Anyways, I completely understand your sentiment, I feel the same way, but it irks the fuck outta me that white people can plant the seeds of discord (Rwanda, “war” on drugs etc) and have us arguing with each other.

Damn I’m blown now..and I believe that the past is only useful if we study it, recognize its consequences and try to move on. But I really feel that a number has been done on black people, I can remember the stories my grandmother would tell me about the propaganda sread about African Americans in Africa, and since Africans stepped foot in America the idea that they were spared from paganism and savagery was shoved down their throats.

Bottom line, I see we’re being played and its almost enough to make me wanna just say eff it all!

22 08 2008

That was very interesting, overit. That is why I believe that we should stop trying to get along with people that will always hate us.

A bit of information about me for all of those that wonder:

All of you jap-loving scoundrels can get off of my dick. I bring the truth. I am an OVERT Black Man and japanese hate Blacks. Just because one Black made it on TV or slept with one japanese girl (and yes, I have slept with a few japanese women) does not mean that japanese like Blacks. The rest of you that supposedly do well are half-breeds and mongrels that pass for other races.

Furthermore, I do not believe in “dick-riding” hispanics, native americans,arabs, or any other non-Black “minority”. I do not care for groups of people that for the most part do not care about me. I am sick of dumb coons always trying to solve the problems of hispanics when

a) Most hispanics hate Black People
b) Blacks have their own problems which we should solve first before trying to save the world.

I speak a lot of negativity, but the purpose of doing so is to inform and in the end, yield positive results (this does not mean getting along with other races necessarily, since it is up to THEM to choose whether they accept us or not; rather, I wish to see Blacks do well and solve their own problems).

I do not hate others for their race alone (although I am prejudice, especially with the knowledge that most people are prejudice against me). I do hate people that hate me however, and that is regardless of race. I don’t follow any philosophy that teaches a person to love those that hate you. In my opinion, that is a part of the reason why we are lagging behind as a race.

Avenger blatantly comes out with his hatred of Black people. I wish that more japs would do this so that people could see what I was talking about all along. I feel justified hating those that hate me. I am not a christian, so that does not make me a hypocrite.

24 08 2008

“see the whole series they are been killing white people, latinos,and everything else they are just killing zombies and it goes from many places such as europe and so forth… ooh but since they are killing black people its racist even though they kill every race pretty much”

Who cares about them killing other races and who wants to play a game like that. I am like maybe that’s the problem people fantasize about killing so much some psychos can’t seperate gaming from reality.

24 08 2008

“You see i wanna marry a Asian for my own reason’s to me their beautiful and unique thats why i like them so much. I don’t date the sista’s much because of their attitude and their mostly money hungry, I’m not saying that all Asians aren’t money hungry, but i mean they are nicer and have a lot more respect for you just like some people say white women are nicer to their husbands and its probably true.”

First of all which Asian women are you talking about and that’s probably why they don’t fool around with idiots because of that they are unique bull#$%%. You mean exotic? Also money hungry? if you don’t think it takes money to live and enjoy life you really are naive. Also if you think an Asian woman just wants you for love and you’re broke as hell keep telling yourself that.

Nevertheless whoever told you Asian women are nicer and have more respect for you is either on crack or is playing your azz. Also if white women were so nice to their husbands then the husbands wouldn’t be seeking Asian women now would they?

25 08 2008

That is why I believe that we should stop trying to get along with people that will always hate us.

i hear you, i’m all about fix home first.

26 08 2008

ViolentAJ, get coached by Wesley Snipes in how to date the Asians. He gets them to never say no to black.

2 09 2008

Where I’m from nobody’s racist against blacks. Its actually the opposite here. On the bus white people give up their seats for black people.


12 09 2008

I think that it’s all about how carry your self as a person (WITH CLASS AND DIGINTY), and if people are stuck on sterotipical bullcrap then that their loss. Because I believe that all people are beautiful regardless of race if you want to date asian people or any other race then that’s fine with me., however to those who hate back on the people who hate them your stooping yourself on their level because their ignorant foo…um people. Hate only brings more hate so people please stop with the hate it’s sooooo… depressing.

28 09 2008

i hate these type of girls.. they play with your head so much i wish they just would wear a patch that says :

I will not date you becuase i don’t like to date darker guys… period…

then everything would be more simple… all the other girls that don’t wear that patch or insignia then would be obviously more open about things.

this is not racism is selective dating….I hate it though… I have gotten my head messed around by many asian girls they come across as friendly but yet their intentions are not really all that true…and yet they wonder why I darker guy gets angry when they totally mess up with your feelings and they hurt your heart. We are all human and we do get hurt… the problem is that as a darker individual.. I have had to endure much more….so my heart is more harder now…. ahhh i fucking hate them.

30 09 2008

I would love to say that not everyone is racist but I think we all are, no matter how small. I grew up Irish Catholic, amongst British protestants, married a Turkish Muslim which didn’t work out and am now dating a Bahamian guy. When people say they have preferences I don’t get it. I suppose I have two preferences when it comes to guys, someone who is taller than me (I’m 5ft 3) so that’s not gonna be hard and someone who’s not ginger – sorry to all you fanta’s out there but I just don’t find gingers attractive. As for people’s skin colour and nationality, would it sound totally stupid of me to say I can’t ‘see’ it? I mean ofcourse I can see it but if I find someone attractive or we have a connection, it doesn’t matter to me if they’re black, chinese, native american or whatever and as for what my parents would think, well I’m 28 years old and a grown woman leading my own life, if I’m attracted to someone then I’m attracted to them, what my family think can’t come into it. I don’t live my life that way. I would never discourage my daugther from marrying any race and I dont see why people have a problem with interracial relationships, it’s a big world out there and we each have our own lives. I have experienced subtle racism as an Irish person living in England and getting dubed ‘stupid paddy’, I’ve aso had the misfortune of having to listen to white twatsters ask my boyfriend if he has a 12 inch dick! But equally heard my boyfriend who’s from the Bahamas say that Nigerians have a ‘funky smell’ now does the fact that my bf is black mean that comment wasn’t racist because if my white friend had have said it, I would have considered it to be. Life’s too short to get hung up on hating people but then that’s easy for me to say because I’m not black and I’ve never experienced the sort of racism that’s been discussed on this blog. I know how much my blood boiled when that twat asked my bf if he had a 12 inch cock and how embarassed I was for the Asian guy handing out leaflets who suddenly changed his accent when he seen me and my bf walking past and referred to him as ‘brother’. It was cringeworthy. Some people are just stupid and ignorant and don’t even know they’re being racist. I feel sorry for them because they live such a small minded existence. I find everyone beautiful (except ginger men lol) and feel bad for anyone who can’t see at least some beauty in everyone. And as for the ass who said all black women look like men or simians, you need your eyes checked, some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met were black.

8 10 2008
James Earl Ray

Figures….another typical “angry black man” just madder than shit he didn’t get his 40 acres and a mule. Racism happens. Life isn’t fair. And then we all die. Get over it and move on.

12 10 2008
get a clue

you know whats funny about all you pieces of crap that hates on other races, i laugh at you cause the more shit that you talk your kids are going to be the ones that marry a black guy, Asian, Mexican, or another race, not white guy or there own race, and its good for them so they don’t turn out to be like you sick twisted fucks, so keep talking shit! go on and when your grandchild doesn’t have straight hair accept the fact, keep your mouth fucking shut, don’t hate on the future before that kid begins hating you and kills your racists ass and for you really dumb fucks that agree with the clan, if they are so honest and cool I’d like to see what ever race you are, hang out with them, see if they don’t try to hang u unless your only pure white, stupid fucks you cant control people or race sooner or later we will break free as history has shown, why don’t you do some research first be for you post anything again,
now if you don’t agree with me, I’m sure that somebody in your family does. you just don’t know that because you are blind and cant see all races are here loving mixing just living life and if you don’t like it then kill yourself so we dont have to live with you.

17 10 2008
Keepin' It Real

I think that multiculturalism is a bunch of bullshit. Many asians (I exclude some indians and koreans) are racist but that is because they’re brainwashed. Some of them don’t even love themselves. I mean there are a lot of asians who have darker skin who are discriminated against by lighter skin asians. In india, even a ugly girl who is very light skinned is prized over a beautiful girl with darker skin in some cases. But why should black people care. I mean most of them their culture is waaaaaay too different for me to try to even think about getting with one of them (the exception is the indian guy with brown skin who is kind of black (culturally) they are usually muslim. But the rest, its like, you know I don’t see anything to really be impressed about. I mean these people think that they are better than they really are. I used to try to hang with these duchebags but they are sooooo intolerable that I just saw it wasn’t worth the effort. Now that I ignore them, they kill themselves to try and talk to me. That’s because black people are cool and some white people are cool too and some indians, but these comblination people are not and run black people down to try and learn about our culture because they think we are cool and they KNOW that they are not.

3 11 2008

welcome all to the brain wash capital of the world,you’r local mps’s.yes,thanks to selective and alturnitive teaching,someones harritage,one who will remain nullified,(did i say white)?,no,i didnt think so.any ways,hot coffee,racial problems still being abused by the nullified (white),i mean most callous of all racists,did i mention (white)?didnt think so.

1 12 2008
Asian Woman

God! This social engineering is getting much worse! Now you blacks want to infiltrate our (Asian women’s) sex lives? Who we date is none of your f*ckin’ business! For you nformation, it is INCREDIBLY DISHONORABLE to the family name to date blacks. In the Asian country of origin (doesn’t matter which one), the family is ostracized as a whole if an Asian dates a black. Only the bar whores near American military bases will do that. My God. Just BUTT out of our culture. It DOES NOT see blacks as even a factor.

1 12 2008
Asian Woman

Oh, and one more thing: It is INCREDIBLY ARROGANT for anyone to think that the American way is the right way—there is a world out there–different cultures that are FAR OLDER than this American “culture” of forced homogeny–cultures that DO have a caste system. The Far East and Southeast Asia have a big-time caste system that existed for thousands of years and will likely continue to exist. And in our caste systems, blacks don’t even configure! They are animals/curiosities to our families, especially those who live in our homelands and watch what they do from afar. Keep in mind–the American way of forced homogeny is all social engineering geared toward the lowest common denominator. Call me a racist all you want. Just know that blacks are the biggest racists–just look at the above posts! Ugh. Barf. I’m off to bed.

6 12 2008
Jon L

Do black women like white guys? I hear the dugout is firmer than frozen jello and I’d really like to find out for myself…


Curious in LA

26 12 2008

that’s stupid why would you pretend to be non-racist ??
i can’t imagine that someone who is a racist would act like a non-racist

wtf is wrong with you americans ?? i think you all want everybody to be racist because somebody isn’t racist you start with shit like no they are racist they are just pretending ?!?

glad to live in europe

1 02 2009
The Internet

Asian Woman is typical egotistical, chauvinistic, conceited, oriental mongoloid scum. Don’t flatter yourself whore, blacks don’t want your slant eyed, buck toothed, zipper headed ugly ass. Is it not the ultimate irony that this subhuman filth asserts someone else (‘Americans’) is guilty of arrogance? Typical gook monkey.

15 02 2009
hermine stover

Well, i have a list of things i find unatractive. and some of them happen to occur within a racial context.
very white skin with red hair, unless the person looks like Conan. One seldom sees this outside of Caucasians.
I find Japanese men as a group, irresistible in their sheer physical beauty.
You don’t find this PARTICULAR beauty outside of Japanese men.
However, the biggest sex organ in the body is the brain, and so, given opportunity, and i had or made lots of opportunity I managed to easily escape a doughy white redhead, but never found the Japanese Dream Man. I would say this was because they came from families like DYNASTIES and would have been cut off for all time from the FAMILY.

But kids, these are those odd physical/aesthetic preferences made deep in the psyche where the mating urge does battle with the crap we have been taught.

I do find white people as a group to be the most boring of all when i judge them as if they were “art objects”.

I think the palette of skin colours found in Black people to be the most beautiful on earth, and that skin holds up better with age. Also the variety of black african facial and body types is very interesting to me, AS OBJECTS OF ART DESIGN.

However, what with opportunities and realistic expectation, i married a pale blonde white person, which is really not my favourite abstraction of what can be beautiful in a caucasoid. I am paper white, must hide from the sun and am grateful for my skin colour mostly because it takes tattoo in most WONDERFULLY. Despite the horror of sunscreen and having to cover up like a Bedoin the moment the sun is marginally bright…

I have no idea why BLONDE is such a big fucking deal, my mother was a natural Jean Harlowe colour blonde, no bleach! HONEST! and it seemed ordinary to me. what is this obsession with blonde hair? I do it sometimes for FUN, for the fun of total change, but, i do not look like a “BLONDE” if you know what i mean. some of these preferences are just aesthetic. I know this for a fact, since i have them, and I know from where they spring.

8 05 2009

I was cracking up as I read this. SO TRUE! I knew a girl who was Guaminian (they don’t call themselves Asian, but it’s freaking close enough) who only dated white guys. And, yes, they were the goofiest looking, corniest, most shit-talking white guys I have ever encountered. She did, however, date one black guy. Here is the catch: he was half black, but he was extremely pale with bluish eyes and hair that was damn-near straight. The only thing black about this guy was his lips and his nose (sort-of). When I asked her about it, she said, “I KNOW! He’s not my type at all. I’m usually into white guys who dress preppie, but he’s hot!” HA!

1 06 2009
John Doe Gorilla

Asian woman is pretty much right on.

Don’t you ‘niggers’ get it? (And I know you love the word ‘nigger’.) You can do all this social engineering bullshit for even 1000’s of years… but you know what? Whoever it is, no matter where they are, they’re gonna hate black people.

It’s just nature. Blacks are like apes, monkeys, insert animal here. They will always smell, act the same (no matter how much classroom time, degrees, suits, nice care, whatever), and be the stench that they are.

And here’s why this will be so. You can brainwash a child and tell him/her that a black person is the greatest thing on the planet. But you know what? Sooner or later that child will come into contact with the savages and see how they act, think, smell…. and they’ll get the message… IN SPITE OF HOWEVER MUCH THEY WERE BRAINWASHED!!! So it wouldn’t matter if black people somehow rose up out of the shit (where they will forever be located) and started to run the planet and every nation on the planet… people will always hate black people. No matter what.

It’s just who black people are. They are stench, they are animals, that’s it. You can’t change nature.

If I’m 6’4″, there aint nothing in the world that’ll change that. That’s my genetic code.

If I’m a nigger, well, I’m a nigger.

Bottom-line advice for the negros: Do the best that you can to act civilized IN SPITE of your nature. Try not to walk crooked. Wear self-respecting clothes. Go thick on the perfume/cologne to cover up your smell. Pretend to be white for the benefit of society and the safety of others.

Sadly: In the end none of the above advice will work because blacks are simply blacks. You’re out of the cages where it would be best for you people to be and the rest of the world to have you. Anyways, always refer to my above advice. Hopefully this will result in less killing, stealing, raping, assaults, and the usual black activities that are in their daily gorilla planners.

God bless.

5 06 2009
R Kay

You know every body is racist!
I’m Indian and i have black, white and asian friends……………………but only on thier terms. They only see me when they aint got no one else to hang with, they rarley invite me to thier place, yet they feel they can visit me any time and stink out my house with a joint or two, yes I smoke too but that does not make my house a “coffe shop”! When they do invite me out, it’s allways to some lame drum & bass night thats full of men, but when they go out (with out) me it’s to some trendy club where apparently all the “fine ass ladys” where on thier case!
Thats just the attitude of my so called friends, …….. the black/white people who dont know me, they barge me when they walk passed like they’re trying to knock me over, eyeball me for no reason or worst of all call me a “paki”……………. I’m Indian not pakistani!
So to give you an answer…….. I aint racist I hate everybody, that includes black people.

6 06 2009

Hi all. I’m a Korean girl, 20, and here’s what I have to say regarding how I view black guys.

I think some are hot, some are not, like any other race, but for the most part I think they’re pretty attractive. I just figure they wouldn’t be interested in me because of how different we are — I get the feeling they’d back off once they realize I’m heavily into literary theory, etcetera, since guys of all races do that once they get to know me (I won’t be modest, I’m pretty smart).

I also don’t listen to RB/rap/jazz, which I feel like is something a lot of black guys would prefer. I also don’t listen to shitty indie rock like most skinny white guys do, or weird techno-trance like a lot of Asian guys do. Needless to say, I go for the slackers who listen to whatever floats their boat — mostly alt/punkish/metal/obscure rock stuff. Key word being slacker: I like the slackers.

But I also like good rap like Tribe Called Quest. I like the Boondocks. I went to an inner-city magnet school in Jacksonville for two years. I think Mugabe is a misunderstood victim of the media (even though I’m on the fence about his human rights abuses). I think I’m smart enough to look through the bullshit of race to determine who’s a good person and who’s not. Yeah, I have an inner racist in me, but I take it with a grain of salt. It’s a lie to say you’re colorblind, and I don’t trust anyone who says that.

Anyway, I view black guys as warily as I view white guys, because some black guys don’t seem to hide their Asian-girl fetishes at all. Don’t approach me and say shit like, “I love Asian girls/can you say something in Korean” and expect not to get a dirty WTF? look. You’re fuckin’ crazy if you think any girl would respond positively to that. That dude who says he gets rejected by Japanese chicks probably scared them off with his overt Asian fetish. Yeah, deal with it. Some Asian girls will take it from a white man because that’s how the world works. They don’t expect to get it from anyone else.

And also, black guys and a lot of other non-white guys are pretty racist, too. White guys are obviously racist, but the ones who are relevantly racist towards Asians are the overtly creepy ones with the blatant Asian Fetishes or skinheads. They are easily avoided. :-). Most average white guys are so used to white privilege that they don’t even think about race unless someone really forces them to (that’s when they usually find out that they have an inner racist).

But also, I know that as a non-black, Asian girl, blacks do judge me, and in a different way than how whites judge me. I had a black bank teller make me wait in line for 30 minutes while she let other blacks skip me and every other Asian customer (I threatened to complain to customer service, and she seemed awestruck that an Asian girl would take action against obvious racial discrimination). When I go to stores with my father, black salespeople are nice to me but noticeably rude to him because they probably think he is a racist liquor store owner (he’s a computer science professor who has never said a racist word about blacks).

So yeah. Asians usually pick up on how blacks regard them and react accordingly. Although, yes, there are those Asian assholes who are racist. But you can easily sniff one out and avoid him/her. They’re usually the ones who are either a) completely clueless as to how the world works (because believe it or not, most people do NOT like overt racism because it reinforces the idea that the world is inherently unequal, something even the dominant white culture is afraid of), or b) suffering from an inferiority complex.

Feel free to ask me any questions.

12 06 2009

Makes me fucking sick when people say that white people are superior because they have dominated the world. When white people where in the dark ages Andalucia ,Persia ,China ,India were at the forfront of civilisation. The ONLY thing that gave the white man the ability to take over was the GUN. My only defence for white people Ive put forward over the years is if the Aztecs, Shaka Zulu or the Chinese invented the gun a similar thing would of happened because it boils down to Human nature. Power corrupts. Also I found it interesting in reading Marco Pollos book(interesting book, GO the Mongols!!)Marco didnt talk in Racsist terms so much as in terms of Religious and Cultural prejudice. It seems that Racsism really kicked in with the expansion of the slave trade. What a tradigy!!!!!!

14 06 2009
Luc Luc

The bad thing about all of this is that in ancient times there was no racism, people were just people. It was only when the white man started invading the land of others and indoctrinating people that racism as we know it was founded, and ever since then the world has been racist in the white mans favour.
Black people have a very negative stereotypical image internationally and have since the days of slavery, and for the most part it was not black people who portrayed and sold this image to the world, it was the white man. And unfortunatly for black people its an image that sells like hot cakes.
I have noticed that asian people have a very bad view of black people (despite often having a common enemy) and it would be better for the world if people knew the truth rather than believing myths

15 06 2009
John Doe Gorilla

Asian people have a very bad view of black people?

It’s called common sense.

Without white people, this world would be full of savages eating thy neighbor’s carcuss. Hell, there wouldn’t even be ‘neighbors’ because societies wouldn’t even progress to that level… without the help of white people.

It is so ridiculously obvious that black people are savages.

Black people will be this way til the end of time. Feel free to convince yourself that you’re not a monkey or a gorilla… that you don’t have pubic hair on your head or smell like a gorilla… but the facts are the facts.

Blacks are animals. Always have been. Always will be.

17 06 2009
earn it

In the world we live in, we all need each other. In all cultures, there is ignorance but at least lets be less ignorant of each other, yellow, brown, black etc. We are more alike than we know.

21 06 2009

I’ll be brutally honest with you.

I am a White woman. I’m married now, but I have dated Hispanic men and White men, and would have dated Asian men if any had asked me. But no way in hell would I have dated a black man. Why?

Number one, I don’t find very dark skin appealing. I don’t find negroid features appealing (which is probably why I would find a mulatto more attractive than a fully black person, since they don’t usually have black features.)

Number two, in the community I grew up in, it was and is a stigma for any White woman to date any black man. Period. It meant you were too ugly to get a White man, or that you had something else about you that made White men (the preferred choice) not want you.

Number three, even if the black man who wants to date you (a White woman) is decent, chances are he’s got family members who are criminals, druggies or something along those lines. So its best not to be involved with any of them, because of the baggage that might come along with him.

Could I have made it any plainer?

21 06 2009

Oh, and if my previous post makes me a “racist”, then so be it. Funny thing…many white people don’t care anymore.

25 06 2009
John Doe Gorilla

Great job, Anita. Women aren’t know for their honesty, but that was an honest moment.

Not only was it your truth, it was the world’s truth.

25 06 2009

Black people might want to consider if they play any role, or have any responsibility, as far as how other races view them. The idea that history is made up of innocent victims and evil aggressors isn’t realistic an it does little to help the supposed victims.

If racism were merely stupidity, or merely an evil, without any coherent thought behind it, you wouldn’t see much divergence between racial stereotypes… each group would be equally anathema…. but this isn’t the case. It’s almost as if some truth leaks into the stereotypes. And who’s responsible for that? Just the historical aggressors?

26 06 2009

In response to hmmm’s post ” We should pity some of those Asian girls like filipino women who want to desperately marry an American man because that country’s so dirt poor.” I would first like to add that although the Philippines is a low income country, it is also a blanket statement to assume that Filipinas marry Americans because of money. My mom married an American, but she didn’t do it because she needed the money. My grandma was born in the Philippines into poverty and she lifted herself out of it by becoming a nurse both in the UK and United States. Thus, she had enough money to eventually provide my mom with the opportunity to attend a university to become a veterinarian. My mom then moved to the US because there is more of a market for vets in the US. So do not immediately label every Filipina you see with an American as someone who was pitifully desperate for money. My mom makes double the amount that her spouse does and she did not need a man or an American marriage to do that.

22 07 2009

I dunno but I feel you have a bit of an inferiority complex, sounds like you’re actually quite jealous of white guys. You know it’s not all that bad, you make it seem like the whole world is against blacks secretly now that’s what I call bullshit!

Yes, obviously there are people who are going to be racist both inwardly and outwardly but seriously that is the MINORITY! If the whole world was really SO racist against blacks we would not see mixed race kids everywhere. Now I’m not saying you’re lying about your stories but I feel you have exaggerated a tad, I’m pretty sure no one would come out and say a race that is not their own is superior, especially in America (?) I know for a fact it wouldn’t happen in Britain. In most cases, with Indian parents they’d hate it if their kids dated anyone outside of their own race not just blacks.

I think you need to stop basing your opinions on a whole race from a few life experiences because it sounds like you’re saying “you have a black friend good for yu but i know deep down you hate blacks” and that is absolute crap!

24 07 2009
Auntie Simyte

John Doe Gorilla:

You sound like an Israeli Mossad operative doing what your kind does best- stirring up racial divisions to distract from the crimes of your criminal syndicate. Won’t work, dearie. The world is catching on fast to Zionists criminals who set the races against each other as the criminal zionists rob the world’s wealth. Nice try, John Doe Goriilla. Chimpout and Niggermania called, they want their lame stereotypes back

24 07 2009
Auntie Simyte

p.s: to all of you latino and asian immigrants who just try to find someone to feel superior to as you figure out your role in the pecking order, you’d better remember who screwed you in the ass with no vaseline, hence the reason that you had to flee your country of origin. It wasn’t African Americans, you dumb asses. Your ignorance shows everytime you treat Blacks as lower than yourselves. Just remember this, all of you. The racist, right wing Zionists do not give a flying fuck that you are NOT Black, they are not gonna give you a pass. Just remember the way that you look down on Blacks, that is exactly the way the Zionists secretly feel about ALL NON-JEWS, no matter the color. You idiots.

27 07 2009

Asians are racists all the way around. I overheard a chinese woman tell her friend that ‘American people don’t love their children as much as we do.’

28 07 2009

you just described toronto canada, i should know i live there….

1 08 2009

I think there needs to be more of “Afrocentric movement” and conscious, as it is very damaging overall to be in the hostile and racist society that is a greatest part of caucasia/euro america and asia, which are both the same in the minds and hearts, which are most usually similarly warped, and downright genocidial and evil. And TRUE people of any race, would and should not unless they are VERY unusual, think about these “junk” races notwhistanding, to even think about procreation with one of them! In my day, we would never consider going with one the “master race”[snicker] types, as a really decent black man with white woman , would be considered trash, as 95% amount to nothing but hillbillies, moonshiners, slavers, slumlords, and animal sodomizers, drunks, wife beaters, just overall poor trash. Any of US, seen with one of these “creatures”, was automatically knocked down quite a few pegs. Most you would NEVER want as “family”, because of the fact that a majority, were sick, SICK individuals, and it would be better to procreate with a dog of a goat…which is by the way..sounds more appealing, then the easy, whorish caucasian female. As for asians, i have alot of contact with, and can about say the same things..most the women, if you study, only want the money..whence the caucasian/asian thing, and they are brainwashed, to even hate their own race, and accept whatever “euroamerica” programs into them. Over in their countries, they are mostly seen as low class whores, and throw aways, and could not think of themselves out the box! Even the men in their own countries, regard most as trash, and just replace them. The soldiers and men that frequent over there..and here too called many things, such as LBFM[little brown F***ing machines], “coolie C***ts”, “slanted slits”, and all were considered to be chinese, because all looked and talked and acted alike, even if they were low classed, dirty immigrants. They considered, ALL asians the same, no matter where they came from, or even if they are born here. I personally think, that trying to get with, and be such scum, is the very worst for the people of color and the afro/african based races….and contamination to us. I also consider much to the so called “spanish euro based” people too. Let those, and that includes latinos[mestizos are the euros call them] fight and argue among themselves, as any race touched with caucasian/asian, are going to suffer from racial and mental psychosis, which alot do here now. I could say much more..but that is enough. Now back to the real world, where real people do fight, and have the guts to do what is necessary to right the world and not a “humble dog”, or “cattle” , and “monkey see and monkey do”, like the vast amount of caucasian and asiatic trash that populate the world. I do NOT have a racist bone in my body..but a racial realization to reality!;-)

Have a nice day those in the world, that want what crap these “people” dish out. It is time and more then time, to start dishing it heaping double helpings!

17 08 2009

In my opinion, sometimes people are just physically attracted to certain types… be it a certain race, age, gender, height, weight etc. Men are naturally prone to like younger women, while women usually go for older, more masculine males from what I’ve read. Again – my opinion – but I think if a woman tells you she wouldn’t date a guy from a particular race because her parents are “old fashioned,” it could be (partially true) but I think she also might feel you/a certain race isn’t her physical preference. I mean… what Asian chick is dumb enough to tell some black guy that she simply thinks some white guys are really “cute??” Yes, it’s very racist but as far as dating… we all have our preferences. Look, I’m going to be totally honest… I’m 1/4 Filipino, 1/4 Irish, and half German… I recall a few years ago a black man asked me in a restaurant what my physical preferences were… I told him I liked brunettes. Ofcourse, he was furious and yelled at me. It was a scary experience, so sometimes people need to be (slightly) understanding when it seems like some of us women of other races are “lying” to you. Some of us don’t want to find out we’ve pissed off the wrong person. I’m mean let’s be a little real. Now, as far as me being attracted to some white men… honestly, you all can roll your eyes… but I grew up in a white bred neighborhood in the 80s, and most of the people in my family, and in pop culture (or from what I *personally* saw in the media/tv/movies/mags etc.) were caucasian. I really do think that had something to do with it. I know that not everyone who grew up in a eurocentric society is into white people, but we’re all different and turn out differently in various environments. I don’t know. That’s just what I think. (Not that this is fact, ofcourse) but I read in some article online that there was a study done in some Asian country where they found out (most people of various ethnicities) are more likely to find their own race attractive than any others (i.e. blacks like blacks, whites like whites, asians like asians etc.) Ofcourse, I don’t know if that study necessarily “holds any water” but it was interesting to read. I don’t expect anyone to understand or agree w/ what I’m ‘saying’ but it’s just an opinion.

18 08 2009

I agree but it works both ways hell I’ve met plenty of people who hate white people and will openly admit it which I find odd as I’m white and they seem to have no problem with me. I would guess every race has a certain type of person they hate in another race.

20 08 2009
Soo Hyun

You’re funny as hell but I can’t help but feel a little sad that the “divide and conquer” principle as set forth by the founders of this country is apparently working really well among us non-whites. It’s like we’re all living in this white supremacist world (and I don’t mean like the KKK, which is obvious, but the colonial/imperial whiteness that permeates everything, from beauty standards to militarization), and we’re fighting for a piece of the pie. Yeah, every group – EVERY group – has their prejudices and ignorance and on a daily basis it SUCKS because it alienates us from each other. But when you take a step back, it just comes down to people whose heritages lie in countries – here and elsewhere – that have been f***** by colonization, taking pot shots at each other. Playing right into the capitalist/imperialist objective that’s all about putting us to sleep and deadening us from the fact that if we don’t learn how to be bigger than the bullshit, we’re all screwed.

23 08 2009
Death Poet

I’m sorry that I’m the one who has to say this, but you get what your owed. Slavery has been over for 150 years and the government has given billions (YES BILLIONS!) in reparations. I am an Asian American who grew up in an economically poor neighborhood. The black families just didn’t put an emphasis on education or anything aside from “I got to get dat green from the government.” In fact, the majority of them don’t even know where the money comes from, and when told that the money could be coming from one of the many black families that makes over $50,000 dollars a year, they claimed them to be a halfbreed. There isn’t a nation in this world where black people don’t make up the lowest rung on the socioeconomic ladder, including Africa. It is time we just give up on the majority of the blacks. We should ship the ones in prison back to Africa and kick all of them off of welfare. I am sick of my tax dollars going to the welfare monkeys. There are good black people, but they make up less than 10% of your race. Please leave the US as your making it terrible. Not only do you act like welfare monkeys, but you treat other races like shit. It isn’t a surprise why all other races hate the black race. If you brought any random selection of 100 kids from Africa, and replaced them with 100 black kids in the US right now, they’d do something that has eluded the black population for years. They’d graduate from high school without any hand outs because they actually realize the value of education and just don’t “get dat green, nigga.” And don’t say Asian’s have never gotten shit on in America, my people were thrown into camps during WWII when the US was generally distrustful of all Asian people, even those not from Japan. Did we bitch and moan for years? No, we got back to work. Please take some fucking responsibility for yourselves. Other races will respect you when you earn it, and no, the whites deciding that you deserved to be free is not earning it.

17 09 2009
angelique mckinney

I am so happy that I do not have any racist thoughts in my heart, soul or body and I think everyone should feel the same way I do and we will all get along. I have several African friends, Black friends, some Mexician friends, white and other people who I do not bother to dwell or there ethnicity because I except them for who they are. I’m tired of white people and black people talking about race, race, race, race, lets just all work harder at being assholes by thinking you are better then anyone. When it comes to tragedies like 9/11, Katrina, Tsunami, columbine, or that earthquake in China that killed 10,000 people life is to short and we can die anytime and I would not want to be labeled when I die as a 1/2 racist or a lil racist.

17 09 2009
angelique mckinney

Damn I do not know any people who got billions in reparations I know none of my friends or family members received none of those billions either. But I do agree that we need to work harder as a people to gain more but that probably will never happened because of the fact that we started out separated YES DURING SLAVERY sorry can’t get past that. The fact that most house blacks where light skinned and dark skinned ppl where in the field this has made a lasting affected some 150 years later that is still around today. LOOK AT OUR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!! The fact that more white people get public aid then black people because there are more white people. Stop labeling and learn the history of all people not just black and white all ethnicity and cultures have shaped the U.S. Not just white and black. RACIST IS HERE TO STAY BECAUSE THE many many many many many many ignorant people that keep it going. Thank you all for a f…… up ass view as well as a f……. up as world. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!!!!!

26 09 2009

You know what the problem is….

Black genes are dominant….

I don’t know why this is the case, it’s probably because nature is trying to get rid of the modifications. anyway, my point is if white genes were dominant, then everyone would opt to be white, and everyone would be white. Unfortunately nobody likes black and nobody wants to be black because of the unattractive facial features. I truly feel sorry for blacks. They’re uglier than most and they have to live like that. sometimes I think that God punished the Nazis by making them black in another life(and other black people). anyway, this is just me ranting. However if God does exist, how many of you are willing to discuss your racism(or ignorance) to him.

3 10 2009

u know whats so from and every day my dad will tell me dont socialize with the black ppl.hearing that made me b/c i have lots of black friends and i hate racism

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