22 02 2008

Remember when Beyonce was black?


Figure 1: Who the fuck is this?

I’m trying to figure out exactly when Beyonce morphed from one of the most beautiful black women in the country into a beautiful big-assed corn fed white girl. The best way to do this, of course, is to examine the history of her public images. Please examine Figures 2 and 3 below, which examine the increasing whiteness of Beyonce as a member of Destiny’s Child and as a soloist:


Figure 2: The Inexplicable Whiteness of Beyonce – Destiny’s Child (click image for larger view)


Figure 3: The Inexplicable Whiteness of Beyonce – Solo Career (click image for larger view)

Given these timelines and images, we can safely conclude that Beyonce turned into a white woman sometime between November 15, 2004 (the release date of ‘Destiny Fulfilled’) and October 25, 2005 (the release of ‘#1s’). But when exactly did that happen, and why?

After about 30 seconds of in-depth research, I found the one and only possible source for the answer: Jay-Z.

Shawn Carter, a.k.a. Jay-Z, was born on December 4, 1969 and was Beyonce’s secret and not-so-secret lover at the time of her Caucasiafication. This leads to a conclusion as Earth-shattering as any Da Vinci code revelation:

Beyonce became white on December 4, 2004 as a birthday present to Jay-Z.

Well God damn. To anyone who thinks that’s a good thing, just remember:


Figure 4: Unacceptable




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22 02 2008


ill add ya on my blogroll.

and to add to your point about jay-z=caucasian-ing…

if course! it’s all those white folks at his concerts paying 150$+ a pop for a ticket, that are making him that uber-rich… he’s gonna stay on the money train…even if it’s a white bullet-train, headed straight towards cornyville.


1 03 2008

this actually isn’t that suprising considering white features are the standard of beauty in this “great” country we call America. quite saddening that this happens to not only our beautiful sisters, but women of all races in this country.

11 03 2008
Admiral Furious

Beyonce seems to have an attitude problem now that she’s reached… superstardom.

However, my cousin recently and quite eloquently pointed out that Beyonce “is just a chicken box” away from obesity.

I hope she chokes on a pickle during practice.

17 03 2008

I agree to an extent. I have come to the conclusion that Beyonce is lighter, not because of Jay, but because of Shakira.

It all started with the soft drink commercials. Beyonce had the ridiculous one where her hoping out of a truck and going to the vending machine rendered a young man speechless. Notable, but not very likely. Next up came the Shakira commercial. For 30 seconds or so audiences were captivated by her footwork and amazing ability to whine that waste. Beyonce wanted that! She convinced herself that she looked like the girl anyway and decided she just needed a little Ambi. A few years later she decided to test her theory doing a video with Shakira and trying to get audiences to confuse the two.

26 03 2008
Miss Cocoa Luv

I have laughed myself to tears yet again… I haven’t gotten this far in your blog and there is still more to read.

26 03 2008
u are too much

i just discovered your blog and think it is really funny, but this one is a bit too far fetched. Beyonce is light skinned. Her mother has green eyes. She was never dark. Even her braid were blonde, and finally, she is CREOLE. She looked the same in every photot. the only change is her hair style, but she has definantly NOT gotten lighter, or thinner for that matter. BTW look at her nephew, he is light as hell. Why do black people always hate on light skinned girls? And youre native american, so are CREOLE people. So you should know what yellow and red bones are. tisk tisk

27 03 2008

[…] you love Beyonce don’t click this [Stuff Black People Hate – – Thanks Cocoa […]

27 03 2008

Please keep up posts like this!! The more the better she gets!

P.S. Black people come in all colors and types.

27 03 2008
Seattle Slim

LOL Hilarious!!!

27 03 2008

Damn, who wrote this BS? Sandra Rose?
I have never pyrchased a Beyonce cd, nor am I a fan. stan, or anything else close to it. It shames me to no end to see the capacity of disdain for the sister with ZERO reasoning behind it.
Jealous much Losers?
Are you kidding me?
People actually sit up & make up shit about celeberties like
the whole world is blind. Then all the dumb ass readers who co-sign is a tell-tell sign that ignorance is a damn disease. the girl is & always had a light complextion. I don’t see the difference besides make-up, lighting, or being well tanned from taking million dollar vacations from time to time.
People are so quick to judge this girl. Ignorant black folks ain’t got shit because they don’t know how to uphold their own when they are on top. We love to see our people on a pedastal just so we can knock them down. That girl ain’t did shit but be way more talented than the rest of her group (you mad?)
And has a family that keeps the dough rising in their inner circle. If you wouldn’t do the same, then God bless you!
I have yet to see the girl do or say 1 sideways thing to cause such jealousy by people who don’t even know her. I know she probably don’t give a damn about you fools, but I bet the same mofo’s was shouting “2 the left, 2 the left” everytime that shit came on the radio.
Get real with yourself haters!
Their ain’t nothing wrong with appreciating a person who is more talented than you, prettier than you, got more talent than you, and a better man than you. A more constructive way to rid yourself of that festering poison called hate, is to get up, get out & do something your damn self. I swear if you try, Beyonce will nolonger be an obsession of the masses, nor yours.

Good Luck Haters!

27 03 2008

bigcitybillionaireess – (everyone else) = sense of humor

I’ve heard many defenses of celebrity worship in my time, and this is by far the worst. The implicit subtext of your argument is that the quality of a person can be cleaned from their income, net worth, and looks. Really? Einstein, Ghandi, and MLK would probably disagree, but then again you probably don’t know who these people are.

I suppose a valid point is too much to ask of someone called ‘bigcitybillionairess’. Arguing with you is like fishing with dynamite.

People like you are the reason Chuck fucking Norris’ endorsement of Mike Huckabee actually mattered to some people. There is no hope for the world, and it is all your fault. Congratulations.

27 03 2008

nicely put response to the large lady with the money that lives in the city..but cannot spell her own damn tag name..(i know i am doing it *sigh* but she really is talking shyte…)
bcb (really? you are?..) needs to realise how our kids are being brainwashed into thinking we should have long flowing blonde hair etc to be successful…
yes i know mary j b has been rocking that colour (or lack thereof) for a minute but her self belief is evident.. she created her look for herself.. not had some ic1 marketing ‘let’s push you to the mainstream world’ executive sucking her soul from her…
and the shakira comment is the best.. so true when you think about the timing…

27 03 2008

I dont think this makes sense. Beyonce is black and i think she acts it.

27 03 2008

“Beyonce became white as a present to Jay-Z”.
ROFL. I spit out my coffee.
Hilarious. I am emailing this is everyone.
Good job.

27 03 2008

beyonce is now a barbie doll…
moulded and airbrushed & peddled to our young ones as an ideal…
you must be able to see that for her to get that world-wide cross-over success she had to lose some flavour..
did jay-z have a part in it.. he’s a businessman… course he did…
& she still walks ten steps behind him…

27 03 2008

Rotex-she certainly talks like a stereotypical BW…

London-ALL successful mainstream diva’s are Barbie Dolls.

27 03 2008

i know that uhuru..
i was in someway still replying to bigcity.. but clarifying myself to rotex…
coffee had not kicked in and i was rambling…

27 03 2008
Mr. Smith

BCB missed the whole point of this article. It kind of disappoints me that the Admiral did not catch this.

27 03 2008

Substance vs. subterfuge. Style vs. Slutty. Beauty vs. idea of beauty.

Sadly, put an ass on it or some women looking slutty, with long light hair, light skin, light eyes and it sells.

Talent actually stands out! without gyrating (Mariah) and without being size 2 (JHud).

Thought I was only one who notice Beyonce was a made up product. Hope she sells, but truth is power.

27 03 2008

Talent stands out – but sex sells.

27 03 2008
If you are who you say you're a superstar...

User “bigcitybillionaireess ” you are a stan indeed. Users “london” and “Done2Death” i agree 100%.

27 03 2008

I think in the second group of albums, she was able to afford better lighting, weave and makeup… don’t hate.

27 03 2008

i think marketing men afforded and advised her on better lighting etc to sell more albums in the mainstream…
they then photoshopped her ass to hell to get the right shade of black…
i bet she has her own pantone reference….

27 03 2008

ROTFLOL @ as a present to Jay-Z and one chicken box away from obesity!!!

Found this blog through Crunk & Disorderly and I’ve bookmarked it. Love it!!

27 03 2008

HILARIOUS!!! I just found your site & will be sure to add this to my faves. This is funny indeed, but also touches upon a very ‘unfunny’ fact that the media/public only considers AA women to be beautiful when we transition from our ethnic ( natural hair, darker complexions, broader noses} features to European (fair skin, narrow noses, & most important- long flowing blonde hair) features.

27 03 2008

so when do you all think beyonce turned white… do we agree with 04/12/04? (or 12/04/04 for non brits…)
i propose a day of mourning..
the day bey went away day…

27 03 2008

lame post. good try, though

27 03 2008
Miss Cocoa Luv

Damn I am a fan of Bey, but some of these folks on here may have some serious stalker issues. LIGHTEN THE HELL UP folks

27 03 2008

Well I’ll be got-damned!

27 03 2008

lighten the hell up…
was that intended?
bwah ha ha ha ha….

27 03 2008

HA! Good one, london.

27 03 2008

This is Hilarious! Ironically, it was my most Bey-obsessed friend who sent me your blog link a few weeks ago. Wonder what she’ll have to say about this one!

I think you did forget to mention the fact that she’s been trying to persuade the public that she’s still only 25, 26 when she’s CLEARLY a few years older. 30???

Or what about the fact that she swears she’s so reiligious, yet is dating a man who calls himself God on every song?

She makes decent music, but she damn sure aint my idol!

27 03 2008

The writing isn’t funny. If you’re going to steal swag (Stuffwhitepeoplelike) then as least come better and harder. This site is wack. Seriously, you should stop. You are only making yourself look bad. Sorry.

27 03 2008
Admiral Furious

Kelly Rowland can do more with her voice than Beyonce can… yet does not have the production, promotion or marketing to back her up.

I think “yourmotheriscalling” should read the “why you shouldn’t read this blog” site

27 03 2008


“If you’re going to steal swag (Stuffwhitepeoplelike) then as least come better and harder.”

Why? White people didn’t have to come ‘better and harder’ when they stole hiphop…

27 03 2008

& you ain’t my mama..

27 03 2008

Admiral Furious has clearly been drinking the Kelly Kool-Aid. Kelly’s a pretty girl but she’s put out two albums where she’s yet to sing as well as you claim. There’s no way anyone is holding her back. The kid doesn’t have it. Face facts. As for Beyonce becoming white, you’re reaching here. I have the Beyonce Experience DVD and she’s rocking that lace wig and shaking it hard, but her speech which is decidedly Texas and her show all identify her as Black. And any celebrity is airbrushed in photos — that’s the whole business — fantasy. And how in the hell does someone think Beyonce became a Barbie for someone like Jay-Z who “Black Card” notwithstanding is just as ghetto as he ever was. He’s still bragging, putting other people down, and stuck in talking about what he has and what others don’t. To him, Beyonce is the “hottest chick” and that “about it.” If Beyonce wasn’t the big-booty girl she is, he wouldn’t be bothered. That’s my two cents.

27 03 2008

So Jay-Z likes White women??? Damn, I guess that’s why I haven’t been unsu
ccessful in landing a brother- I tell them I’m black. Seriously, though, I think this whole “white” conspiracy is just another way to jab at this young lady. I’m not a uber-fan, but she is talented and pretty. Let it alone and start hating on those sissies in the White House that have us paying over $3 for a gallon of regular unleaded.

27 03 2008

Wow, if only there could be a way to prevent people from commenting on entries until they’ve read “why you shouldn’t read this blog”

28 03 2008
Cause Problem

All ya’ll ma fuckas up here some serious dick ridin bitches. Fuck Beyonce. She ain’t got nothin on Shakira!

28 03 2008

LOL! yooooou stuuuuupid

28 03 2008
Admiral Furious

Ken = Uhura… I’m done with this person.

28 03 2008
The Devil

Damn Ken,

With three English degrees, two cents was your annual income…guess you should’ve saved it. Ken Kennerton III, PhD…What a douche.

– The Devil

28 03 2008
Mr. Smith

@ Msz.Bisonette and SBPH,

I agree full heartedly. Some of these whiners are seriously getting annoying. I’m starting to think “Why you shouldn’t read this blog” should be the home page OR there also needs to be a section “Don’t comment on this blog if…” for those special people.

28 03 2008

Yeah she’s been morphing into a white girl fasters than the speed of light. What is so irritating is how airheaded she appears as she gets whiter in image.

For all you bitchers and whinning ass punk take that shit to someone who gives a fuck. Or better yet, whine about some shit that matters.

28 03 2008

hey I love beyonce!

That “irreplacable” got me through a bad breakup dammit…

wait…ne-Yo wrote that shit…

carry on…

28 03 2008

To the person who got all but she’s creole. HER MOTHER IS CREOLE… I say this to say my mother is creole and my father is half-japanese/half-black and I am NOT light skinned. I was a lot lighter as a child but around 16 I began to get darker (still not sure why). All my siblings are light skinned and I’m the darkest person on BOTH sides of my family (except for one cousin on my mom’s side). Am I dark-skinned? Nope, but I’m not light skinned either. I have family members who are lighter than me who aren’t what people would consider light skinned. I can’t stand the logic that all creole people or mixed race people are light skinned. WHAT ABOUT THE HAITIANS? As for Beyonce, it’s clear to anyone who actually looks at her that she has gotten magically lighter over the years which is strange simply because people tend to get darker as they get older.

28 03 2008

Ken….The truth is that Kelly Rowland does have a GREAT voice, however she is unmistakingly BLACK! Not Creole, not questionably mixed, not “is that her real hair or an unweavable”? She’s BLACK! And because she is dark, mainstream media can’t lighten her up in pictures, can make her eyes seem green(ish), can’t put a curly weave in her hair and confuse her with some spanish, hip-rockin’ chick. Thanks for your $.2. Here’s your change. $.2.

yourmotheriscalling…..Ewww! Go away. You suck.

bigcitybillionaireess…..*sigh* Poor thing. You should just stop talking after watching BET.

And on that note…We all know that the spotlight makes you lighter in more ways than one.

29 03 2008

didn’t you know? the more famous you are, the better your photoshop program is.

29 03 2008
Mr. Smith

Good stuff jasmin flower. This is the society we live in among our stars

29 03 2008
Admiral Furious

Our entire society is a farce. They put the blonde haired blue eyed “beautiful” people in the forefront and leave the real talent to swath in the depths of the outcasts. I don’t just laugh at it… I find it pathetic.

29 03 2008

man, i love beyonce. i don’t feel she’s changed, she’s growing up. and man, don’t blame j!

29 03 2008

ON THE FLOOR!!!! Bounce became white on dec 4th!???????????????? at the end of the day– white is right.

30 03 2008

I love this blog! Hilarious!

30 03 2008

Kelly Rowland does not have the vocal range nor the vocal power that is present in Beyonce’s voice. Kelly has weak vocals like Ciara and Janet Jackson. The best she can hope for is a catchy beat to make breathless sounds over. Kelly is a beautiful girl and seems to be a very sweet human being. She does not have the vocal skills of “B”.

30 03 2008

OMG my stomach hurts from laughing so damn HARD!!!!! whew. Dude, you’re THE best!!!!!

31 03 2008

I think that some people get lighter when the grow older,i used to be darker when i was a kid,all day long in the sun i guess i don’t know why,now i’m much lighter.I’m white ,but people think i’m spanish,i used to stand out in all the pictures,i have dark hair dark eyes,I think Beyonce always had lighter hair,eyes and skin tone,its just the makeup and the hair i guess now,she used to have that pretty curly hair,”sigh”.I think she looks the same,except the blonde hair and the outfits she used to wear made by her mom.

2 04 2008
Just Saying

Just because her mother is Creole does not make this girl any less black. She has a black America father…. so she is even more black. I am of creole background so I know what I am talking about.
These topics always bring out the secretly phenotyped -obsessed biracial people that want to make it seem as if their apparent whiteness is something that they must announce on the loud-speakers.

2 04 2008

LOL-Yes…many American Kneegrows I meet state:

“I have a lil’ indian in me.”

I am like:
WTF???? Get him out!!

3 04 2008
New reader

“2006: wait a minute… 2007: Jesus fucking Christ.”

I don’t particularly follow Beyonce and have no real opinion about her ‘Caucasification’, but that caption/photo progression was hilarious.

8 04 2008

I do respect Beyonce and her talent..However I do believe that once black artists and celebrities get into positions of influence and power they are Europeanized. I am a firm believer that there is a reason for everything. There is a definitely a reason why her hair and skin got lighter as she got bigger. There is a history of this with artists, Look at Keyshia Cole, Lil Kim, Christina Milian, etc when they came out compared to now. All of their dark features have been concealed or removed..Sad…..

10 04 2008

I feel sorry for Beyonce she is overexposed, I think he managers should take her off the market for a year so that people might want more of her.

It was not a good move for her to dethrone Aretha by saying that Tina was queen, well let us face it Beyonce was never that clever, her Father should have been retracting the statement but he added fuel to the fire.

I think she is managed for short-term gain and not for the long-term. Why did the not allow other Destiny children to be in the centre? It reminded everyone of the Diane Ross Supremes saga and that was ugly.

I think it is not just Beyonce, I remember Bossip saying that the Knowles where the worst act of 2006.

The Knowles family need to hire proper PR people, like I said they are
Overexposed, Overpaid and over- everywhere.

Great site, love the photos baby! I look forward to interacting with you .

19 04 2008

Oh my goodness im cracking up!

Question though, Do you think she bathed in JIK to become white?

Wait, must’ve been Easy Off Bang… how does it go? Bang! and the black is gone!

30 04 2008
Ethiopians « Stuff Black People Hate

[…] 3: Beyonce could look like this, but instead she decided to be a sellout […]

30 04 2008

oh my god, why did i only find this post today?!

i never noticed the whitegirlafication of her but i am more disturbed by the whole monochrome presentation. hair/skin/eyes all the same color? come on that is against nature.

30 04 2008

2 words: self tanner

how do i know…i am beyonce’s complexion in the summer us light skinned folks catch a tan…and tadaa we get a little more blackness…now during those fall/winter days….we hit pasty again and thats where the whole tan thing comes in…not saying that i have ever done it but it may explain some things

8 05 2008

BCB (Urrrhhh?? Like Scooby…)

Let me say this… I am a Beyonce fan. But I also recognize the machine for what it is… Geesh lighten up…. When did one voicing their opinion in such a smart funny way (regardless of whether or not u agree) become all about “Ignorant black folks (Not Havin)….shit ” or the author of said opinion not doing anything but holding onto the “festering poison called hate” which in your OPINION is why his “personal blessings are being blocked”.

ZOIKES!!! I need you to turn on “Your Heart Light” and allow yourself to luv said Author as well as the rest of said Race (despite their inability to stop the “HATE” you too are spewing) over a difference in opinion since you include us all despite our not agreeing with your hole-y-ness on all the wisdom flowing forth from your fingertips. Remember like attracts like!!

Trust Bey is not gonna send you the appropriate “thank you” for defending her BLACKNESS or Lack there-of.

9 05 2008
Merri Lee

Another reason to hate Bey? What’s with this House of Derriere hokker clothers for prostitots collection? “Deep Christian values?” Oh yeah, it shows.

16 05 2008

Bey reminds me of my ex girlfriend of 20 years ago. I was never particularly into light skinned girls, and when I met this girl I was more into the fact that she had enormous waggers*. Anyways, come the bedroom antics and the first thing I noticed was that I could literally see her in the dark. This was indeed a shock to me, as I hadn’t realised that light skinned people and obviously white people, are so visible in the dark.

I must admit it did cross my mind at the time that this must be what it’s like to be with a white woman, and that thought kept on popping into my mind everytime we were together in the dark. Did this put me off light skinned women? Yeah I little bit I think, I haven’t been out with anyone that light since.

I am racist?

16 05 2008

British West Midlands slang translation

* waggers = breasts

31 05 2008

Amen! It’s about damn time somebody breaks it down like this. This is not hateration , because we are jealous, or vicious internet junkies who have no life and want to rag on this girl….this is truth. As, a , in her 20s, hardworkin mother of three with a life possibly much more fufilling than what Beyonce hips and Jay-z’s lips could ever pay money to have… I agree. It is much more than a talent, it’s much more than a brand. It is that society thinks long or wavy lacefront wigs, overexposure, and a creole heritage can do for you in terms of fame. All this slapped on a body that makes some Black women see it and say it’s normal for us it’s what we are used to, and some white women run. SMH @ how the last time I could relate to her was back in 1997. Beyonce , Her power hungry dad, her Mother and her brother Orlando Jones aka Solange, (Oh yeah I forgot they call him that!), can go sit down somewhere. Let me stop before I go on…..All I am saying is I guess when you have a certain amount of money you too can be white.


19 07 2008

Lol!! This blog was posted in a FB group I’m in and it’s frickin’ hilarious! I know you’re not doing it to entertain, but I’m entertained.

5 08 2008

I’m officially obsessed with this blog.

6 08 2008

from mediatakeout…


6 08 2008

Lord knows I love me some Beyonce…But have you seen the latest ad for Loreal (or whatever make up people she’s with)? Man, she did a complete Michael Jackson! Why Bey WHYYYYY!

7 08 2008

I just dont get how she does those LoReal commercials and that’s not her real hair. (You can’t dye weave) well you can but it’ll be stupid when you can just buy it in another color

8 08 2008
Hardy Hard Har

Out of 100 black people in a city bar how many think they are either thugs, actors, pimps or artists?

Answer, 99 of them, for #100 is Al Roeker…

8 08 2008

Beyonce was never black to begin with, lol she is mixed raced, black, french spanish and native american, she has been light skinned since she was a child, she has real hair, lol, and its long and tightly curled. She likes having lighter hair and straightening, not much different from the rest of the African American society. She has an appeal beyond just the African Americans and because she’s not dark black people hate that, honestly love yoselves, don’t wait for someone else to confirm your beauty for you, don’t do it by hating on others!

11 08 2008

^^^^^ haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaahahaakjlven ;alknvew;l!!!!!!!

25 08 2008

so beyonce having a lot of eyeliner on and brown long hair makes her a white girl?? i think not.

3 09 2008

People sometimes get thrown off by calling someone white. It’s not about someone’s skin getting lighter. It’s about the image changes they go through and the ways that the marketability of that image and talent change as a result of wanting them to appeal more to “white ideals”. Beyonce, like Hale, Toni Braxton, and many others – are perceived as being worthy enough to be pushed over into a more commerical image that appeals to the masses – and in this society, “commercial masses” = “white people”, making them “whiter” than they were when they first began their journey into the industry. You find a minority that it seems white people may get into and you manipulate that by making them more “presentable” to the white race by playing off of more caucasian features, more caucasian styles of dress, having them endorse products used primarily by caucasians, and in the case of actresses, finding every excuse to place them opposite white leads as an indirect “seal of approval”. Hey, everyone, this black chick is okay for whites to love because we dyed her hair blonde, straightened it, slapped red lipstick on her, threw her in a style of summer dress and hat that you would typically only see on a rich white woman with a poodle named “Jefferson”, and presented her to you as a Hugh Jackman love interest! It doesn’t happen to all of our black women. Just to the ones who have enough “non-black” appeal to morph them an extra 75% or to those who, like in the case of Lil’ Kim, are willing to go that extra mile to become more Barbie and less Ebony.

3 09 2008

… and for the record, Beyonce has a lot of thigh and a lot of hip, but her ass is is more of a combination of fat from other areas smooshed together than it is actually its own entity, so I’d hesitate to call her “big-assed”.

8 09 2008

I am so grateful that I wasn’t eating or drinking when I saw that final Jay-Z/Beyonce morph (Beyon-Z? Jayonce?). That made my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. Now I’d like to see a chronology of Mariah and Jennifer Lopez before they too, went blonde and straight-haired.

8 09 2008

I have to disagree…Beyonce is a country-fried Black woman…Her mom owned a salon and she wears homemade bejeweled outfits, she has hips and ass for days and preaches the gospel of Popeye’s Chicken (I believe that is somewhere between Psalms and Leviticus). As far as her hair…Wigs and Weaves are staples for Black women.

14 09 2008

What ass? The operative phrase is booty MEAT, not booty fat. That’s not a booty, it’s a LIE!

Gaze upon the flat, shapeless cheeks that have bamboozled you and led you astray!

22 09 2008

OK i understand whats being said about beyonce getting more Europeanized. It makes sense and lets face it, we have seen it before. The thing annoys me about this topic though, is that everyone seems to act like very light skin/mixed black people are somehow less black, or somehow they live this awesome easy street life style. I fit into that category, and i have had people tell me that i don’t count, that i am not “really” black, and my personal favorite “you don’t know the struggle”. I feel , just because most light skin or mixed people don’t go around all “whoa is me . . . . . . oh no the struggle be keepin me down” does not mean that they don’t experience it first hand. We feel the same strife, i just think we are more likely to make the best out of the situation we’re handed.

25 09 2008
jus askin

Shit, if Michael Jackson can do it why can’t Beyonce? I kid, I kid. Seriously though, I am light skinned and I read a post earlier where someone said they were light skinned as well, and that they get dark during the summer but light in the winter. This is true, but personally I never get so light that it is obvious even to other people. So even if this is happening to Beyonce, I don’t see how she would get 15 shades lighter just by changing seasons.

25 09 2008
jus askin


I agree 100%. But I also let people who say that shit know that their are white people who hate me because I’m too dark for their liking and black people who hate me because I’m too light for theirs. I tell them all (white and black) to go deal with their struggles and hangups and get the hell out of my face with that stupid shit.

28 09 2008

Re: thatdoode- Hey man (?), I’m caramel-ish colored, not that dark, but very noticeably Black (the hair and nose, ass, thighs, tits, that’s all Afro-Caribe!), and it is HARD to have to hear not just Black dudes, but white guys go on and on about mixed chicks (I’m from SoCal so maybe this is just one of our West Coast probs…), like to the point of saying “Mixed chicks are the hottest, their skin is perfect, their hair is blahblahblah…etc”; and say this is front of my proud Black ass like I’m not there in the room, so yeah, that shit is grating to us darker peeps. It’s not like we’re always “woe is me…”; we’ll be fine until we hear stupid ass shit like the comment I mentioned, how does that not fuck with you a little? Not to discount the “you ain’t Black..”comments, believe me, I get that just as much for “talking white”, and most of my “Black” friends are biracial b/c of that reason, so I guess I can kinda feel you, but I certainly don’t think biracial people are “less Black”, it SEEMS to be “easier” on ya’ll in regard to dealing with the rest of society; you’re “exotic” and “Special”, and I’m apparently “just Black”, there’s no “racial ambiguity” which is actually considered “good for business”…*sigh* I mean, even this blog, do you think women would react as strongly to Chris if he were a fine ass chocolate man, versus the pretty green-eyed biracial man that he is? Me personally, who cares, I LOVE all shades of all men really, but I guarantee if he was dark there would be at least one ignorant ass like “he’d be fine as hell if he wasn’t so dark”, what the fuck?!

28 09 2008

I’m just amused by how many folks really put forth the energy to talk about this.I personally don’t care…just amused to read the comments (you guys are FUNNY!)Criticism will always come once one is “uber-famous”.who cares how light she is.As a matter of act,Eyrkah Badu is just as light(so is her daughter).I’m no Beyonce fan but if we were to be erradicated…she’d be lynched too.

9 10 2008

I don’t think Beyonce is trying to get lighter or look lighter. I do think the Loreal people prob had something to do with it. There are too many photos of Beyonce and Jay lounging on the beach getting tans, and I think after one of their vacations her new bronze skin clashed with her Feria blond hair and the GA (graphic artist for those who don’t work in advertising) sought to compensate and got carried away. Her dumb butt tho, did not correct them cause she gotta get paid!!
I know she is still kicking herself for wanting to play the more glamorous role in dream girls and having to fast away, then gaining a couple pounds to play Effie. Now she is all over the Etta James chasing that little golden man Oscar. Well, we shall see…

13 10 2008

really, who gives a fuck…if you on here discussing that girl that much – only referring to those who are really HURT by the post – get a fucking life cause beyonce don’t give a ish if you like her or not – she living real good- where yall at………….

13 10 2008
26 10 2008

So, This was a crazy funny blog. Although I do completely agree I get it. N E who 2 thumbs up on this one! lol

27 10 2008


Who gives a fuck what Beyonce thinks?? Really. If her ass can’t take the negative comments as well as the positive then she’s in the wrong business. People are on here discussing her and so is your ass. So, you too would need to get a fucking life since that is what you are asking of the rest. BTW, since you think Beyonce wouldn’t give an ish what people think, why the fuck are you defending her. And who the fuck are you to tell people what to do with their time?

17 11 2008
Lil Crawford

i ain’t gonna front – it’s HELLA hard for successful lightskin niggaz to stay black – unless u’re a ‘docta-lawya’ nigga ‘cuz those REALLY the only self-contained power professions we got!! [i.e. Meharry, etc.] AIN’T no Black Art Schoolz, etc.

17 11 2008
Lil Crawford

So, beyond the traditional Black Power Structure, Light Skin Blacks [LSB’s] are “fair game” for White Supremacy. ~;/

18 11 2008

I dont like Beyonce!!!! She steals peoples music, and there are more talented entertainers! To read more about it, click here.

This is a good blog that exposes the truth!

20 11 2008

This is an anti-Beyonce site!!!!! Come support it, and expose this greedy trick!

1 12 2008

There is a hate on Beyonce site? OMG! It is so sad that people have nothing better to do than start a website we the words “hate on” in the title. Some people are so pathetic. Putting down others will not make u a better person. I think u are a wee bit jealous of homegirl to start a website with hate. I mean did she do something to you? Don’t you know that if something bothers u to ignore it and it will eventually go away? Do u sleep at night or do visions of Beyonce run in your head? Do u wish u were her? It’s one thing not to like someone’s work but to just put anthing out there about them? Isn’t there other things u could do with u time. Something productive because I guarantee u this is not going to make her stop making $$.

2 12 2008

I strongly agree with “bigcitybillionaireess”. Why are so much people commenting on Beyonce’s skin tone. It’s stupid, basically people need to mind their own because your making your selves seem jealous. I mean it’s nothing wrong with anyones skin tone but when you post stuff like that you seem stupid an personally i think that Beyoncve was always light skinned. And another thing that the person that wrote should learn for their own good is that african american does not define the color of your skin it represents your roots and also your culture so please stop trying to sopund like you know what your talking about because yuou sound like a dumbass.

3 12 2008
White Boy

Dark skin Blacks hate Light Skin Blacks and the Light Skin Blacks only want to be BLACK when they are not at work.

12 12 2008

Beyonce’s an obnoxious b***h!!!!I guess she’s hot,but like most black women,she believes herself a black man’s superior,and believes we should worship her
24/7/365!!!!!(or 366,as this is a Leap Year!!!!!!)

17 12 2008

You’ve hit yet another bullseye with this one. Wonderful.

I’d like to add that I love that she sings “put a ring on it”and you see all of these idiots saying how they are “empowered” by this message – and meanwhile her husband gets as much pussy as Sinatra did back in the day lol.

14 01 2009

Come check us out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know that your sick of this trick lol…..


26 02 2009

What is wrong that Beyonce acting White less she is making it Beyonce don’t worry about that still do your career they are nothing by Player Haters.

3 03 2009

I personaly don’t like beyonce because I feel she has no personality and she doesn’t speak well she never is seen doing anything good for someone else like why don’t she go to Africa or start something for teenage girls less fortunate and her attitude stinks she’s made up by mom and dad inhumane I can’t believe jayz would marry a fly ass country bumpkin she do her thing but she wack and miserable corny

14 03 2009

Beyonce wants to be Latina trying to speak spanish and immitating their look and all her other pathetic attempts. She’s only making herself look like a fool because EVERYONE KNOWS shes black and obviously ashamed of it.
She should be proud of what she is and REPRESENT her community.
She will never be Latina or mistaken by one. They are just laughing at her because shes desperate to be put it that Latina/exotic/sexy category.

Beyonce, be proud of what you are, black, and represent your people. Be a GOOD example.

26 03 2009

Just found your site and read the Beyonce article. It is hilarious, but true! It is not suprising though. If any African American female is to appeal to a mainstream audience she has to appear as Caucasian as possible. The same thing has happened to Queen Latifa. She looks good, but she is obviously much more Euro in appearance now than previously. Ditto Halle Berry even though she is half Caucasian. She is much more Euro looking now than at the beginning of her career.

23 04 2009

I”ts funny how a lot of black people complain about racism and come to a site like this one and see even more racism than I ever have with white people. Just the fact that this site exists is racist. A site like this catering to white people would be deemed racist without a second thought.

24 04 2009

To be fair to Beyonce, I have notice this strategy with many black stars. Some stars are much worse with wanting to look white in the white department than she is. At least with her, you do get the idea that she is trying to be creative or that she is trying to reach additional audiences to get money more than some stars. I also confess, I feel you go too hard on her because I *do* think she can sing- I understand you don’t agree though. I think she is very talented though. But I think that some fans and her dad when he used to be the manager gave her alot of attention. I also thing she can be a spotlight hog at times although many times I think that she just likes to perform and just has natural charisma on stage.

24 05 2009

this is bullshit. Beyonce was always light, and she aint got any lighter in any of those pics you posted. This blog makes no since.

1 06 2009
John Doe Gorilla

I love the media. They “TELL YOU” who is the most beautiful… puhlease.

Matt Damon the most handsome man in the world? LMFAO. Beyonce is a light skinned uneducated negress who is one banana short of chimpin’. Don’t ask me what that means because I don’t even know. Nothing in black culture makes sense except for bananas, buckets of chicken, and lots of crime. Oh wait, did I forget that infamous nigger stench? (Where do your people’s fumes come from? Do you have an extra hole in your black bodies that is like some kind of digestion exhaust for the fried chicken that emits that horrible stench? Good Lord!)

Anyways, it doesn’t matter which black bitch you’re talking about. A nigger is a nigger is a nigger. Pretty simple. A cat is a cat is a cat.

Need I go further? You dig?

24 06 2009

i agree she has had her skin bleached, she wears a booty pad, she has had liposuction on her stomach, boobs a and a nose job. it seems like alot of black people that are famous today dont want to look black and want to appear that they are mixed with something.

24 06 2009
Nuclear Polio Vaccination

[…] she ain’t a bitch, she’s actually really sweet and thoughtful, and besides you married Beyonce…… nuff […]

26 06 2009

Of course she turned “white.” How else did she become famous?
It’s a shame Beyonce’s black. She’s too slutty today.

16 07 2009

This bitch is GARBAGE!! Did u hear what this stanky cunt said aboutThe Jacksons? She needs her fake, bald headed, 59 pounds of weave wearin’, booty breathed ass beat into the ground and this Texas chick is ready to bomb on that bitch. I NEVER like this fucking ghetto trash bitch from the jump…Somebody needs to remind this bitch that she cannot even speak English and ho can’t act either….I pray that that bitch reads this shit to know what people REALLY think about her…BITCH ASS BEYONCE YOUR TIME IS UP, HO!

16 07 2009

to the bitch whitey John Doe Gorilla: and fucking crackers smell like 3 day old canned corn.. now what? wet dog smelling muthafuckas! and you are just mad because your wife left you little dicked pastey ass for some REAL dick in a black man….don’t be mad whitey, just go kill yourself like yall always do!

1 08 2009

I know this is random, but do you think the pop singer Micheal Jackson wore a wig. The singers hair was thought to be his own until a friend came out and explained jackson had been wearing a wig.

Who hasn’t imagined completely changing up their look, just to see how it would suit you? Luckily for you, lace front wigs allow you to attempt to change your look without having to worry about committing to the new look for a long time.

Please share your thoughts….




17 08 2009

omg I love beyonce
why are you guys sayin mean things about her?
she’s a beautiful black woman who is very talented…
she makes me proud to be a black woman…
and she has never denied her beautiful blackness…
eff jay-z tho…
he dont deserve a fine woman like herself…

18 08 2009
Rat Boy

Haha, funny man……but true.

27 08 2009
31 08 2009

So what? Beyonce wants to look more white and so do MOST black women. That’s why they straighten their hair and uses extensions. Black woman hair doesn’t look like that. When is the last time you seen a black woman with an afro? Exactly. Black men like white women and will only date a black if she’s “got her weave on right”. No perm, no love! Black females put all kinds of God awful chemicals in their hair every day just to look like the cute white chick next door. Black hair ain’t meant to blow in the wind! You all doing all you can to look like white people. Why shouldn’t Beyonce? Anyway only a piss poor businessperson would cater to blacks. Blacks don’t wanna pay for anything. They’d rather steal and bootleg everything they own. Look at all these rappers that gotta run drugs on the side just to keep up appearances. Every car and every piece of bling belongs to rent-a-center. You can’t make a living with mostly blacks as your fan base. Go head Beyonce! That white girl’s got a husband and some money in her pocket. Now all you “black and I’m proud” types pick up your food stamps and STFU. Chocolate don’t attract nothing but flies!

3 09 2009

What was Beyonce’s inspiration for writing the song EGO?

5 09 2009

fucking awesome dude

5 09 2009

love it dude

5 09 2009

fuck you “the truth” u aint nuthin but white shit
im black and im proud and at least black people arent racist unlike u white folk. u made us slaves and do we hate you? NO. FUCK YOU

5 09 2009


5 09 2009

i dnt think its racist but it is mean. and i agree about nbeyonce. lmao

17 09 2009
angelique mckinney

Ain’t nothing wrong with Beyonce back in the day she still looked yellow. Her hair does make her skin complexion look lighter but hell atleast she is not like some BW I know who are her complexion and have colored their hair BLEACHED BLONDE with ebrows that are still dark DAMN oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh I hate that.
Atleast she has not had any surgery’s as of yet and she is a good example for young girls. Respectful, tactful, and tasteful with the way she handles certain issues that come up.

I won’t mention any names………However, he was born a black man in Gary, Indiana on 8/29/58 and he died a white woman on 6/25/09.
I hope that his death is not in vain because his life wasn’t. I just wish he could have stayed the way he was on that thriller album.

26 09 2009

Seriously? We as black people are so confused and harbor so much self loathing. The only thing that seems constant is we know we have an identity but what that identity is, we argue about. On one hand we criticize Beyonce for being too light, wearing a weave, and exploiting a standard of beauty modeled by the majority, and on the other hand we are calling Michelle Obama unattractive, masculine, and in need of a weave. This is hurtful and defeatest. What is the girl supposed to do but work with her genetics? It is not her fault that she looks the way she does. We have such horrible double standards. Even in our own portrayal of ourselves in film, we hate seeing a much different image other than what we are accusing Beyonce of.

28 09 2009

Stop complaining about Black features vs. White beauty and embrase yuo color!!!!! You really need to stop, Black people are beautiful , stunning!!! And I say that being European . Everyone knows it and can see it except for their own people. WTF? Dont be blaming us for that..

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